Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in New Orleans (2023)

New Orleans is one beautiful city and it is known to have lots of tourist attractions. This city is said to have great music, Creole cuisine, unique dialects and its annual celebrations mostly notably Mardi Gas. There is so much history in New Orleans and the heart of the city is the French Quarter which is known for its French and Spanish architecture. It has a population of about 400,000 residents and so many side attractions and amenities in various neighbourhoods.

New Orleans can be a city that is filled with so many criminal activities but over the years they have been able to work on it to make it better for everyone. There are so many safe neighbourhoods in New Orleans that is family-friendly and have so many opportunities as well.

Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in New Orleans (2023)

1. Central Business District

This neighbourhood popularly known as the CBD is home to many American townhouses and New Orleans townhouses dating back to the 1800s. There are lots of high-rise office buildings, commercial business offices and retail shops. The best neighbourhood in New Orleans that can get you connected to so many opportunities out there. This neighbourhood is regarded as the safest in New Orleans and so many young professionals reside in this neighbourhood.

2. Gentilly Terrace

This is a large section in New Orleans that not so many visitors pay attention to. Gentilly was essentially rural, with a small village located three miles from the Vieux Carré, through the 19th century. There is so much about this neighbourhood and because no one is paying attention to it that much, it is known to be very safe and affordable.

It has a population of about 10,000 residents and the crime reduction in this neighbourhood is small compared to others. Living in Gentility Terrace gives you access to all the basic amenities that are needed to make life better in that neighbourhood.

3. Lakeview

One of the largest sailing and boating communities in New Orleans and it is dominated by two large parks. This neighbourhood is family-friendly and there is so much fun around there, the parks are meant for kids which they can use to play and the schools there are top-notch. The homes in this neighbourhood are very affordable and if you would want to raise a family, then this is the perfect neighbourhood to do so.

4. Old Aurora

This is a quiet and diverse neighbourhood that is very close to downtown. There are restaurants and shopping but this neighbourhood feels very quiet. The amenities that are needed can be gotten in this neighbourhood and the homes are very much affordable. There are lots of things to do nearby and many side attractions that you would enjoy.

5. West End

This neighbourhood is said to be a nationally renowned resort built between 1835 and 1876 and was named New Lake End the name was changed to West End due to the additions of hotels and other things of interest. This neighbourhood is now known as one of the safest in New Orleans with so much that is attached to it.

The population of this neighbourhood is very small and crime hardly takes place in this neighbourhood. Many of the residents here have lived for years and many of the folks here are retirees, though there are some young families but not compared to other neighbourhoods.

6. Garden District

This neighbourhood is known as one of the most expensive in New Orleans and it is filled with opulent mansions and Oak streets lined streets. There are a lot of things to do in the Garden District and there are so many amenities that are available because of the wealthy families that live in this neighbourhood.

There are so many grand historic mansions that are available in this neighbourhood, beautifully cultivated gardens, indie boutiques and so many amazing places of interest to visit.

7. Milneburg

This neighbourhood is a sub-district of the Gentility district area and there are boundaries which have been defined by the city planning. it has a much smaller population compared to other neighbourhoods in New Orleans. There is so much history in this neighbourhood and it was called a world-class resort in the old days.

8. Mid-City

This neighbourhood is very friendly and it is filled with so many tourists. Mid-City is one place that anyone would love to be in as there is so much to do. It is home to so many delicious foods, beautiful oak trees and so many things that you can explore like the museum, sculpture garden and other outdoor activities. Getting a home here can be a bit expensive because it is a popular tourist attraction but very safe and family-friendly.

9. Irish Channel

You must be wondering why this place is called the Irish channel, it is called the Irish Channel because it is home to lots of Irish workers that came during the 1830s to build the New Basin Canal which is a waterway to connect several lakes which helped in the development of business and industry in New Orleans. There are so many excellent restaurants in this area and the food tastes so good.

10. Uptown

This neighbourhood is known to have lots of history and so many facts guiding it. This neighbourhood may not be easily identifiable by tourists as they do not know the exact location the Uptown area starts from. This is a tourist destination though and it is populated, making anyone access to a variety of opportunities and making it a home for themselves and their family.


New Orleans might be a city that is populated and with so many neighbourhoods, but there are so many safe places around there and it is important you have an idea of the safe neighbourhoods. There are low crime rates/happenings in some parts of this neighbourhood so one is expected to be security conscious and stay alert at all times.