Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Nashville (2023)

If you are a lover of music and you would want to stay in a neighbourhood that has a thriving music scene and one that has a love for nightlife then Nashville is that neighbourhood you should reside in. The city of Nashville is located in Tennessee and it is known as the hometown of country music and the birthplace of bluegrass, with roots in R&B, and a thriving pop and rock scene. Nashville has been a place that is filled with so many tourist attractions and all thanks to country music and the exotic nightlife in this city.

The population of Nashville is over 700,000 people and this can breed crime in so many ways. There are still some safe areas where one can stay in Nashville and you can raise kids irrespective of whatever is happening.

Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Nashville (2023)

1. Green Hills

Green Hills has been declared the safest neighbourhood to live in in Nashville and it gives a suburban feel to the environment. Green Hills neighbourhood is home to lots of up-and-coming music songwriters and this is because Nashville has associated itself with music a lot and this is the sole purpose of tourist attractions in the city. There are shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, parks and many other interesting places one can find in this neighbourhood.

2. Belle Meade

Belle Meade is a wealthy neighbourhood and this is a result of old money that have been made years ago. This neighbourhood is considered one of the safest neighbourhoods in Nashville and they provide good security. There is not much nightlife in this neighbourhood, no clubs like in other places and there are only a few shops available in this neighbourhood. Residents in this neighbourhood comprise white-collar professionals and they take up roles in the higher sectors, they are also people working in the media and a few artists in this neighbourhood.

3. West End

Popularly called Midtown by the locals, West End is one neighbourhood that is meant for those that love a lively musical scene which includes bars and exclusive nightlife. This neighbourhood is filled with college students, young adults and young families. West End is quite expensive but with the security, you get it is worth it. Various homes are available to fit into your budget and there are so many opportunities for country music stars in this neighbourhood.

4. Hillsboro-Belmont

One of the quiet neighbourhoods in Nashville is the Hilsboro-Belmont and it is known to be family-friendly and much more secure. This neighbourhood is close to Vanderbilt University and this has made it popular among college students. The homes here are expensive, some of them could cost millions of dollars and they are all modern buildings. There are so many opportunities in this neighbourhood and you get to meet a lot of people this is one place to kick-start your career.

5. Inglewood

Inglewood gives you the benefit of both urban and suburban living and this is because it is close to downtown Nashville. This neighbourhood has so many restaurants and they prepare good and tasty meals. It is famous for so many things and it is safe and family-friendly. Many of the homes in Inglewood are not expensive, though some could fit your budget.

6. Historic Edgefield

Historic Edgefield as the name implies has so many beautiful historic homes and they are matched with urban amenities. Buying or even renting a home/apartment here will you value for your money. The security is top notch and this is in a neighbourhood that is great for raising kids. There are so many restaurants to check out and so many bars that are open to the public. This neighbourhood is fit for anyone to stay in and this is one place anyone would enjoy.

7. Bellevue

If you are a lover of hiking trails, and cycling and love playing in fields then the Bellevue neighbourhood is meant for you. This neighbourhood started with farming and it has grown to be one of the most peaceful, safest and charming neighbourhoods in Nashville. This neighbourhood is good for families and people with lower incomes. If you want to get away from the rowdiness of the city then this is the best neighbourhood you should be in right now.

8. West Meade

This neighbourhood is known to be very peaceful and there are so many basic amenities available here. West Meade is declared one of the safest neighbourhoods in Nashville. There are so many things to do nearby and it is perfectly stable to raise kids. The restaurants here are great and the residents are family-friendly. This place is calm and has few nightclubs, not a busy neighbourhood.

9. Oak Hill

Oak Hill is known as one of the safest neighbourhoods in Nashville. This neighbourhood is located in Davidson County and with a small population it has grown into a very beautiful neighbourhood over the years. The homes are affordable and amenities that are needed can be found within. It is safe and quiet as well.

10. Forest Hill

This neighbourhood is known to have so many amenities and is filled up with so many green spaces. Forest Hills is known for having a longstanding association with tennis: the Forest Hills Stadium hosted the U.S. Open until 1978 and the West Side Tennis Club offers grass courts for its members.

The area’s main commercial street, Austin Street, contains many restaurants and chain stores. There is so much that you can do here and so much for the family as well. Homes here are not that expensive.


Nashville is a great city to live in. if you are a lover of music and you would love to get connected then this is where you should be. The homes are affordable and the city is safe.