Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Mexico City (2023)

Mexico City is known as one of the oldest urban settlements in the western part of the world. Mexico City is the capital of Mexico, there is a lot of colonial architecture, iconic artwork, spicy cuisine, and a rich cultural heritage that offers visitors an endless array of activities that will satisfy any appetite. This city offers so many tourist attractions, there is so much to do and places to visit.

There are over 300 neighbourhoods in Mexico City and there are some neighbourhoods that are much safer than others whether for tourists or even residents. Knowing the safest neighbourhoods in a particular city can be quite difficult, this is why this article will give you information about the safest neighbourhoods in Mexico City.

Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Mexico City (2023)

1. Centro Histórico

This neighbourhood is also known as the “Historic Centre of Mexico”. As the name implies, there is so much history that lies in this neighbourhood, Centro Histórico is one neighbourhood that provides a safe environment for its resident and even visitors. It is the centre of the ancient Aztec Empire and the seat of power for the Spanish colony of New Spain, the Centro Historico contains most of the city’s historic sites from both eras as well as a large number of museums.

This has made it a World Heritage Site. Most of the historic buildings were constructed between the 16th and 20th This place is close to the city centre, the public transit system is easy to use and there are a whole lot of attractions over there.

2. Reforma

This is an open-minded neighbourhood in Mexico, this is one area that is known to accept people from all races and cultural backgrounds. There are so many places for sightseeing in this neighbourhood and it is full of various types of accommodation options. Reforma is home to one of the most important avenues in the world which are the Paseo de la Reforma.

3. Roma

Roma is a neighbourhood that is being separated into two which are the Roma Norte (North Roma) and the Roma Sur (South Roma), however, they are in the same area. This neighbourhood is unique and has green spaces available and it is ideal for young families and young professionals. There are lots of coffee shops, trendy bars and cafes that are located in this neighbourhood. Roma is also the neighbourhood that attracts hipsters and artists. This explains the Art Deco architecture throughout the area as well as its nickname, “Hipster Central.”

4. Condesa

This neighbourhood is filled with so many outdoor recreational activities and this is one place that is ideal for everybody. Condesa is a beautiful neighbourhood and there are wide sidewalks in the middle of all the major avenues which makes it easy for kids to ride a scooter or even do other activities. This is a place that is family-friendly and that kids will love and you could raise a family here as well. There are lots of restaurants, vintage shops, lined trees along the roadside and so many other interesting places.

5. Polanco

Polanco is known as one of the most lavish and safest neighbourhoods in Mexico with lots of designer shops, high-end boutiques, fancy restaurants and so many side attractions. There are so many prominent cultural institutions that are in this neighbourhood and there are world-famous brands and upscale international restaurants and so many points of interest in this neighbourhood. The cost of living in Polanco is high and the homes here are expensive but when it comes to safety nothing should be that pricey.

6. Coyoacán

This neighbourhood has lots of history and it is known as a borough in Mexico City. Coyoacán is one very safe neighbourhood and the standard of living is affordable. Some friendly kid activities can be found in this neighbourhood, it is an ideal place to raise the family and it is well known among the locals for its street food.

7. San Rafael

This is a neighbourhood that prides itself on history and culture. If you are looking for somewhere to live in Mexico City a bit far downtown then San Rafael is the best choice that you would have. There is so much old architecture in San Rafael and it is residential and quirky. This neighbourhood is safe and very affordable to reside in. this neighbourhood was known as the Broadway of Mexico as so many artists stay in this area and this gave it a bubbling nightlife.

8. Santa Maria La Ribera

A neighbourhood with so much history with fine-paced buildings that was built in the late 19th century prides itself to be among the safest neighbourhoods in Mexico City. This neighbourhood keeps developing and growing yearly and this is one place that is ideal for young people to stay in there are so many opportunities in this environment. There are so many budget-friendly restaurants in this neighbourhood and the food scene is great.

9. Benito Juarez

This neighbourhood has so many architectural homes that have been in existence for a very long time now. There have been so many revitalizations in this neighbourhood and this is one place that has so many points of interest and attractions. It is a very safe neighbourhood and it is ideal for the family and kids.

10. Navarte Poniente

This neighbourhood is still under construction, though some residents are there this is a very safe area that gives all the basic amenities that are needed. There are lots of traditional taco joints in this neighbourhood and so many exciting things to see. This place is ideal for everyone and once they are done with construction it is going to be beautiful.


Mexico City is a beautiful city to live in. There are so many neighbourhoods that are ideal for everybody and this city is open to so many endless opportunities.