Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Fort Worth (2023)

Fort Worth is a city that is located in North Central Texas and it is known as the 13th largest city in the United States. It is known as a modern city with so many things and for its rich and diverse cultural history. Not only is it home to the celebrated Stockyards National Historic District, but it’s also full of Old-West-themed entertainment and shopping.

There are lots of colleges and universities and several points of interest that can be found in Fort Worth, this is a place where one would enjoy city life and also the calmness that comes with most neighbourhoods.

Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Fort Worth (2023)

1. Arlington Heights

This is a nice and safe neighbourhood and it is known as one of the safest in Fort Worth. Families and young professionals have been able to flock to this place due to the nice space it offers and it maintains the perfect balance of a quiet and busy neighbourhood. The lands in Arlington Heights are known to be vast, filled with lined trees and it has so many prime real estates. There are so many small communities that are located in Arlington Heights and this place is known to be a very lovely neighbourhood.

2. Downtown

If you are a young professional then Downtown is the right place to kick start your life and this neighbourhood will give you the full Forth Worth experience. There are lots of buildings, ample business and many entertainment options once you decided to reside in this neighbourhood. There are lots of public events that are being held in Fort Worth and Downtown is the only neighbourhood that gives you access to those events easily.

3. TCU-Westcliff

This is a very popular neighbourhood in Fort Worth and it is known to have a very active nightlife. TCU-Westcliff is recommended for young single professionals as there are so many influential people that you could come across in this neighbourhood.

It has a rich football history and this one causes high traffic and congestion, a mixed selection of dining options and so many more. You can visit the green spaces that are located in this neighbourhood and the parks as well.

4. Wedgewood

Wedgewood is a neighbourhood that is perfect for comfortable living without the headache of inner-city hustle and bustle. This neighbourhood is affordable though not homes and was developed in the 1950s and 1960s. There are lots of homes that are available for sale in this neighbourhood, though a bit old can be renovated into something very likeable. There are so many points of interest that are available, and though very safe this neighbourhood is not recommended for young professionals.

5. Western Hills-Ridglea

A neighbourhood that is filled with so many races and has so many fancy restaurants and several points of interest. This is one place that anyone would love that is filled with so many fun activities and many points of interest. Western Hills-Ridglea neighbourhood has affordable housing and it is recommended for young professionals as it can fit their style. Families can also stay in this neighbourhood as it is a good one to raise kids.

6. Fairmount

This is a mix of local dive bars that is open to all races from every part of the world. From Tai food to Mexican cuisine, Fairmount is the typical neighbourhood that many would wish to reside in. when it comes to safety Fairmount is known to be a very safe place. This means residents of the neighbourhood can enjoy beautiful architecture, interesting landmarks, and well-kept streets.

Fairmount is home to many small businesses that have been operating for decades, like Old Home Supply, which offers architectural antiques like claw-foot bathtubs and Victorian doors.

7. Cultural District

If you are looking for a quiet and comfortable neighbourhood then Cultural District is one of the best places that you could be. It offers walkable stores and restaurants, there are lots of artistic spots and residents will never run out of options on what they are going to do or even attend as there is so much to live for over there.

8. Rivercrest

Rivercrest is known as one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Fort Worth. It is home to the Trinity River and the falls. Riverside is also home to some delicious restaurants like Clay Pigeon, as well as the beloved Rivercrest Country Club. There are luxury homes, spacious parks, and beautiful nature walks. This neighbourhood is very much suitable and ideal for those who would want to raise a family or if you are even a single professional.

9. North Richland Hills

North Richland Hills is known for having a low cost of living and this is one of those neighbourhoods where homes are very affordable than others. The median price of a home in North Richland Hills is $160,200, well below the national average of nearly $300,000.

It boasts of good public schools that are highly rated and this is known to be the best option for families. There are so many fun activities that the family can engage in in North Richland Hills and this is a very safe neighbourhood.

10. Echo Heights

This neighbourhood is known to have family homes and so many beautiful places and restaurants. If you are looking to raise a family then this is the place that is suitable for you. Echo heights are one neighbourhood that is recommended to get affordable housing and there are so many points of interest available there.


Safety is very paramount, it is important you have an idea of where you would like to stay in Texas and which neighbourhood suits best for you and your family. Not every neighbourhood is best or even suitable for kids and this is due to so many reasons. There are so many neighbourhoods in Fort Worth and this is why we have given you the top 10 safest neighbourhoods in Fort Worth as it would be easier to pick from this list.