Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Dallas (2023)

A city that is famous for arts and museums, Dallas is one place that anyone would love to stay. Dallas is a city in Texas that keeps growing and often time this is a place that is not considered very safe due to the large population over the years.

Dallas has a population of over 1.3 million and even with the recent crime happenings that have been taking place in the city, there are still some neighbourhoods that are very safe and family-friendly. The Northern and Eastern part of Dallas is considered safer than any other parts of Dallas and this is due to some reasons.

Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Dallas (2023)

1. University Park

University Park is considered the safest place in Dallas at the moment. The crime rate is lower in this neighbourhood compared to any other place in the city and this is where Southern Methodist University is located.

This neighbourhood has a population of over 20,000 residents and it is an affluent and residential neighbourhood that is known for ‘The Meadows Museum’, which houses the largest collection of Spanish art in the United States, which can be found on the campus. The George W. Bush Presidential Center, the presidential library for George W. There is so much to enjoy in University Park, restaurants, bars, clubs and many more.

2. Highland Park

This is a neighbourhood that is located in Central Dallas county and it contains so many recreational areas like; Lakeside Park, Fairfax Park and Jester Park. It is known for its luxury home and beautiful residential streets. If you love a calm and family-friendly neighbourhood then ‘Highland Park’ is the best place to live in. The crime rate in Highland Park is 1,716 per 100,000 people, which is 27% lower than the national average.

3. Center City District

Filled with towering buildings, corporate offices, upscale hotels and public plazas ‘Center City District’ is the corporate heart of Dallas. This neighbourhood offers so many things to residents and non-residents and even with the hassle and puzzle of the day this place is still very safe you are a single professional then this is the best neighbourhood that you should stay in as it caters more to young professionals than families.

4. Main Street District

Main Street District is known to have a small size and one of the safest neighbourhoods in Dallas. This neighbourhood is a business hub and this is one place where there are lots of skyscrapers, business offices, companies and many commercial people. If you are young and vibrant then this is the perfect neighbourhood for you and this is one place that will help in realizing those dreams comes through as this neighbourhood has so much to offer.

5. Government District

Government District is a neighbourhood that is located in South-Central Dallas. There are regional government buildings, Dallas city hall and so many other places. The average age in this neighbourhood is 40 years old and they have 12% of homeowners that is available in this neighbourhood. This is a nice place to live in as there are so many apartments and homes and the population here is not very large.

6. Farmers Market District

The farmers Market District is a neighbourhood that is located in Southeastern Downtown Dallas. This district has been providing the people of Dallas with fresh fruits and vegetables for a long time now and it is known as the largest open-air market in the city. There is so much history or things that are associated with the ‘Farmers Market District’ and this neighbourhood houses the Harwood Street Historic District, a blend of architectural styles from the contemporary to the 1880s.

7. West End Historic District

This neighbourhood is part of downtown Dallas and there are so many new buildings that are available there as so much is always going on in this neighbourhood. West End Historic District makes it one of Dallas’s tourist city’s leading attractions. There is so much to see there and many points of interest available. This neighbourhood is known when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in a Presidential motorcade travelling through Dealey Plaza. This affected so many businesses for a long time, which made lots of people leave the neighbourhood and hindered the growth and development of the place.

8. Far North

This is a very large neighbourhood that is enough to contain other smaller neighbourhoods in Dallas. It is located in Northern Dallas with a population of over 150,000. It has ranch-style homes and trim lawns and there are lots of shopping centres that are scattered all over the neighbourhood. There are so many things to do nearby, so many points of interest and many activities that you can partake in this neighbourhood, the violent crime rate in the Far North is 299 and the property crime rate is 2,277 per 100,000 people and it is a family-friendly environment. It is considered one of the safest neighbourhoods in Dallas.

9. Bluffview

Bluffview is known as an affluent neighbourhood with a population of 15,000. This neighbourhood is so calm and if you want to shield yourself from the noise then this is the best part of the city to live in.

10. Winnetka Heights

Winnetka Heights is known as one of the largest historical districts in Dallas. This is an area that is family-friendly and much of the architecture has been preserved since the early 20th. This is a vibrant neighbourhood that has lots of beautiful homes and many points of interest that anyone would be interested in.


Before moving to any new neighbourhood in Dallas it is important that you ask questions and know more about the new environment you are moving to as this will help you to avoid unforeseen circumstances that might take place while you are already there. Dallas is an amazing city to live in and there are so many points of interest in that place.