Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Cleveland (2023)

Cleveland is known as one of the major cities in the Great Lake region. It ranks as the 54th largest city in the U.S. with a good population. Cleveland is a city that is located in the U.S. state of Ohio and is home to several major cultural institutions which include; the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, the Cleveland Orchestra, Playhouse Square, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Living in Cleveland gives you that suburban mixed feel and in this one city that there are lots of family-friendly neighbourhoods for young families and older persons. Looking for safe neighbourhoods in Cleveland can be quite difficult, this is why we have compiled this list to help you get the safest neighbourhoods in Cleveland because no matter what you do safety is considered first.

Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Cleveland (2023)

1. Tremont

Tremont is one of those neighbourhoods in Cleveland that has a hip scene and a set of more younger people and it offers the trendiest things available. This neighbourhood is very close and if you are a young professional that loves the arts and entertainment lifestyle then this is the best place for you to move into.

There are so many things to do in Tremont and various points of interest and lots of restaurants, Celebrity chef Michael Symon chose this area for his restaurant Lolita, and you can find a wide array of cuisines here, all close together.

2. Broadview Heights

In Broadview Heights, there is a variety of community events that is available for residents to enjoy, there are good schools and so many points of interest available and it is known as one of the safest neighbourhoods in Cleveland. There are so many different designs of homes available as the homes are known to have lots of characters and this place is suitable for young families.

3. Solon

Solon is located in the Southeastern side of the U.S. state of Ohio. It gives a suburban feel and it is part of the Cleveland metropolitan area. Most residents in this neighbourhood own their homes and it is a family-friendly environment.

This place has lots of restaurants, and shops that you won’t have any plan to travel far if you need to get something very tasty.

4. Chagrin Falls

This is a place that suits everyone’s style and type. Chagrin Falls is known for its historic architecture, vibrant restaurant scene, and variety of antique and art shops. There are public schools here that are highly rated, the residents who live in Chagrin Falls are known to be old, while some of them are retired as well. The neighbourhood says it all and it is far from the city as well.

The crime rate here is very low and you will feel like you stepped into a 1950s postcard, with a main street complete with a Popcorn Shop, boutique clothing stores and its classic namesake falls.

5. Lakewood

This neighbourhood is known as one of the best places to live in Cleveland as it has several stunning parks, the Rocky River reservation and the lakefront parks. There are sections in this neighbourhood that are strictly family-oriented while others are there which is meant for everyone and anything.

This is a neighbourhood that prides itself on being family-friendly and very welcoming. The homes here are older, some restaurants are open 24 hours a day and there is a decent amount of money in the area though.

6. Downtown

This is a residential neighbourhood and it is been rated as one of the places in Cleveland that has lots of attractions and fun activities to do. It is known for its Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Great Lakes Science Center, FirstEnergy Stadium, Steamship William G. Mather Maritime Museum and the USS Cod and many more. Downtown is known as the economic and symbolic centre of the city and this is one place where anyone would enjoy getting a home or an apartment.

7. Buckeye-Shaker

It is a neighbourhood that is located on the Eastside of Cleveland. It encompasses two sub neighbourhoods and this is why the name is like this. In its south and west is the old Buckeye neighbourhood and in its northeast the Shaker Square neighbourhood which is known for its historic shopping district and many more. This is a nice place to live in and it is considered very safe.

8. Kamm’s Corners

This is a neighbourhood that is located on the Westside of Cleveland and there are so many fancy restaurants and things to do nearby. Residents here are known to have their own homes and this is one place that anyone would to stay as it is far from the noise and different things happening in the city.

9. Old Brooklyn

This is a residential area and it is home to Cleveland Metroparks zoo. There is so much to do in this place and as the name implies ‘Old Brooklyn’ is one place that has been in existence for quite some time now. You can get a good home or an apartment here as residents here are known to have their own homes.

10. Willoughby

This is a neighbourhood that is a little more modest than other neighbourhoods and it is a cute place that is full of downtown bars and restaurants. If you are a lover of nightlife, then this is the perfect neighbourhood for you. fancy restaurants are available and it is very safe as you don’t have anything to worry about. Most of the homes or apartments in Willoughby, Cleveland tend to be smaller but they are very beautiful.


Cleveland is far from the city so there are so many safe neighbourhoods that are available for one to buy a home or even rent an apartment. It is important that as a young family, Cleveland can be a great choice or you can pick a neighbourhood that is family-friendly and one that you can easily reach the city centre from. We have given you information about the safest neighbourhoods in Cleveland in this article.