Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Albuquerque (2023)

Albuquerque is a city that is located in New Mexico, it is a popular city that has so many points of interest and sometimes a very popular area might be termed as not a very safe environment for some persons. Before moving to a new city there are so many considerations that one would have in mind and one of them is safety. Any area that is not safe is not an ideal one for an individual to stay in or even raise a family as there are so many consequences that will follow suit. This article will give you an insight into the safest neighbours in Albuquerque.

Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Albuquerque (2023)

1. Ventana Ranch

The Ventana Ranch has been declared the safest neighbourhood in Albuquerque to live and it is very popular with young families as well. This neighbourhood has affordable housing and a clean environment. It is a very detailed and planned community and this is one of the reasons it became popular. The available type of houses is expensive but when it comes to the safety of lives and properties I’m sure one is ready to pay for it.

2. Nob Hill

Nob Hill is a mixture of everything from clubs, t hookah bars, pubs, street food and so many amazing things to see and experience. Nob Hill is located just east of the University of New Mexico and it is known as Albuquerque’s vibrant and eclectic district. If you are a lover of entertainment and high-street fashion then Nob Hill is the best place that you can live. This is a town that visitors and locals enjoy from time to time as they engage in so many activities.

3. Taylor Ranch

Taylor Ranch is located on the Northwest side of Albuquerque and it has top-rated schools, restaurants, fam family-friendly door recreation and breweries. The houses in Taylor Ranch are at affordable pricing and it is very safe. There are so many outdoor activities that are available for family and this place is very unique it is one that you would love.

4. Greater Gardner

This is a place that has so much to offer as there are schools available for kids, the homes are affordable and there is so much that is meant for a family in this area. There are so many amenities and breathtaking activities that you could enjoy while living in this luxury environment and the environment is clean and tidy.

5. Huning Castle

This is one of the new neighbourhoods in Albuquerque that is termed to be luxury as they have so much to offer. There have been so many positive reviews from those that have lived in this environment in the past and I must say they all have been great. Huning Castle has a very clean environment and there are many activities or places that one can visit nearby includes; Grande Park, ABQ BioPark Zoo, New Mexico Museum, Petroglyph National Monument and many more.

6. Bear Canyon

This is one of the safest neighbourhoods in Albuquerque and it has so much and is meant for families. Housing is affordable in Bear Canyon and there are several amenities close by. This town is walkable as there are so many restaurants nearby, it is dog friendly, yards are well kept, the car is needed to move around though in some special cases, there are sidewalks and parking is very easy. Aside from recreational or outdoor activities inside the neighbourhoods, there are other things that you can do or even visit nearby.

7. Tanoan East

The Tanoan East is a lush gated golf course community that is located in North East heights of Albuquerque. This area offers so many exclusive activities all year round and it is a definition of luxury and safe apartments at the same time. It has 24 hours security and pristine golf where homeowners enjoy good views and clean neighbourhoods. Tanoan amenities include a 27-hole championship golf course designed by Delvin and Van Hagge featuring three nine-hole course’s, a driving range, a fully equipped clubhouse with men’s and women’s locker rooms, a pro shop, a Junior Olympic-size swimming pool, 14 tennis courts (10 lighted), a casual café and an elegant raised dining room with tremendous views of the golf course and the Sandia Mountains.

8. Heritage East

This neighbourhood is located in a great location where there are grocery stores available, restaurants, excellent schools and so many unique places that is ideal for kids and the family. The pricing of housing is affordable and it is known as one of the largest neighbourhoods in Albuquerque.

9. Eastside

The Eastside has been termed as one of the safest neighbourhoods in Albuquerque and it is located in Bernalillo County. Living in the Eastside offers the residents a suburban feel and most of them live in their own homes. There are so many restaurants, shops, average schools, parks, and coffee shops and there are many young professionals who live in that area with a different kind of political view as well.

10. Westside

Living in Westside in Albuquerque is very safe and there are so many things that you can participate in. There are affordable homes and luxury apartments, there are places that are available for the family to visit or even relax for a picnic. This town is one that anyone would love to stay in as it is very calm and has lots of fun activities to participate in.


Before choosing a home you have to be very sure of the surrounding environment and safety is one of the things that is needed before you can pick an environment not just for you but for your family as well. Staying in a safe environment has so many benefits and this is why we have given you a detailed article on the safest neighbourhoods in Albuquerque.