Top 10 Safest Neighborhoods In Tampa (2023)

Tampa, in Florida is where people go to enjoy the sun, and to have fun. Imagine the fun one can have if he lives here all year round. The safest neighborhoods in Tampa represent the best options for young professionals, and also those who are established in their careers, but who want a change in environment.

One must understand that because Tampa is a fun area; it draws in people from all over the country; including drifters and the more unsavory types of people. However, the neighborhoods to be highlighted have largely kept the unsavory characters out, and have thus become havens of peace and security.

The Safest Neighborhoods In Tampa

1. Hunters Green

Population: 6,409

Violent Crimes Per 100k: 46

Property Crime Per 100k: 154

Hunters Green is a really green neighborhood in Tampa; it has a golf course, and an extensive green area. The neighborhood has around 6 thousand people calling it home, and the houses come in diverse shapes and sizes, including opulent mansions, and modern single family homes, most of which come with lawns and trees.

This neighborhood is somewhat exclusive; and there is very low foot traffic. This means that it is not very attractive to criminals. There were only 46 violent crimes recorded there per 100k people. Property crime is equally low in this neighborhood.

2. Tampa Palms

Population: 16,608

Violent Crimes Per 100k: 103

Property Crime Per 100k: 276

Tampa Palms is a quiet neighborhood in the Tampa Area of Florida. It is located north of USF along the Bruce B Downs corridor. This is an exclusive residential and commercial area that is well planned. It is complete with homes, shops, offices, churches, parks, schools and cafes and restaurants.

Tampa Palms recorded 103 violent crimes per 100k people; this makes it one of the safest neighborhoods in Tampa, Florida. The neighborhood is somewhat exclusive to the wealthy class who can afford to live there. This largely keeps criminal elements out of the neighborhood.

3. Belmar Gardens

Population: 1,578

Violent Crimes Per 100k: 105

Property Crime Per 100k: 280

Belmar Gardens is a secluded area that is heavily covered with Oak Trees. This neighborhood is populated by some of the wealthiest people in Florida; they live in big mansions, modern craftsman homes, and majestic duplexes. This neighborhood is exclusive; the cost of living is quite high.

Belmar Gardens is a safe and secure area; there were only 105 violent crimes per 100k people recorded in the neighborhood. People looking for a place to buy a house as a long term investment will find this neighborhood quite appealing; there are many adverts for homes in this area.

4. Palma Ceia

Population: 4,502

Violent Crimes Per 100k: 131

Property Crime Per 100k: 347

Palma Ceia is a neighborhood located in South Tampa. It is southwest of downtown Tampa, Florida. Surrounding areas include Miguel Street, Neptune Street, Bay to Bay Boulevard, and El Prado. This is a neighborhood which gets its street names from the popular streets in Havana, Cuba.

Residents enjoy a Country Club, Golf Course, High School, Boutiques and Cafes, as well as many fine restaurants.

5. West Meadows

Population: 10,690

Violent Crimes Per 100k: 112

Property Crime Per 100k: 453

West Meadows is a neighborhood in Tampa, Florida which is associated with big mansions and exquisitely crafted homes. West Meadows also has single family townhouses, and even smaller detached buildings for single families. This is an area that mixes rich people with people of modest means- the median income for the neighborhood is $67,183.

West Meadows is quiet and secure; 112 violent crimes were reported there per 100k people; and 453 property crimes were also reported in the neighborhood per 100k people.

6. Virginia Park

Population: 5,484

Violent Crimes Per 100k: 154

Property Crime Per 100k: 294

Virginia Park is a neighborhood located in Tampa; it has some beautiful mansions occupied by some of the oldest families in the neighborhood. Surrounding areas include Himes Avenue, Manhattan Avenue, Euclid Avenue, and Palmira Avenue. The neighborhood is very diverse in terms of ethnicity.

Virginia Park is a quiet neighborhood. It has been described as one of the best neighborhoods to live in Tampa. There were only 154 violent crimes per 100k people recorded in this neighborhood recently.

7. Beach Park

Population: 3,781

Violent Crimes Per 100k: 6

Property Crime Per 100k: 537

Beach Park is a neighborhood in the city of Tampa, Florida. Surrounding areas include Kennedy Blvd, Beachway Drive, Tampa Bay, and Lois Avenue. This used to be a plantation area where oranges were grown, and cattle were raised. Now it is a beautiful hosing development mostly for single families.

Beach Park should be the top choice for people who fear bodily harm; only 6 violent crimes were reported in this neighborhood per 100k people. But don’t forget to lock your doors; more than 500 break-ins per 100k people were reported within the same period.

8. Bayshore Beautiful

Population: 6,623

Violent Crimes Per 100k: 114

Property Crime Per 100k: 447

Bayshore Beautiful is a small suburban neighborhood in Tampa, Florida. The neighborhood is characterized by greenery; the roads are lined with trees, and most houses within the community also have lawns and trees. There are uniquely designed homes, housing single families, and the neighborhood is also very diverse in terms of ethnicity.

Bayshore Beautiful is also secure; only 114 violent crimes per 100k people were recorded in this neighborhood in recent times, and the neighborhood is well patrolled by police.

9. New Tampa

Population: 2,178

Violent Crimes Per 100k: 25

Property Crime Per 100k: 546

New Tampa is a neighborhood in that lies to the west of Florida. It is one of the largest neighborhoods in the city, and even more housing developments are underway. This used to be a rural suburb, but it is quickly growing into a large urban city. This could mean many real estate opportunities; or it could also be a turn off to those who prefer to live in small, suburban neighborhoods.

New Tampa is a safe area; in fact it so safe that only 25 violent crimes per 100k people were reported. However, there were also several property crimes reported during the same period; therefore it is a great idea to ensure that one takes appropriate steps to safeguard his property.

10. Ballast Point

Population: 5,721

Violent Crimes Per 100k: 111

Property Crime Per 100k: 475

Ballast Point is a neighborhood located in the city of Tampa, in Florida, USA. Surrounding areas include Gandy Blvd, MacDill Air Force Base, Hillsborough Bay, and S. MacDill Avenue. This neighborhood has grown into a residential and commercial area; with homes and businesses.

Ballast Point is relatively cool; there were only 111 violent crimes per 100k people recorded in the area; and 475 property crimes were also recorded in the neighborhood.



The safest neighborhoods in Tampa, Florida seem to be concentrated in the south. Whether this is merely a coincidence remains to be seen; but what is clear is that the weather and beaches will continue to draw in people to the city; making for a healthy real estate market.