Major Landmark Rocks In Nigeria

 Check out the list of major landmark rocks in Nigeria. Nigeria is a country blessed with several mineral resources, wildlife, and human resources among others. The natural heavenly bodies which include the mountains and rocks cannot be ruled out. The country has some tourist attraction centers where mountains, mysterious caves, and rivers are observed. People with a fondness for mountains will like seeing the rocks in Nigeria.  Nigeria has several rocks but only five of all the rocks are the most visited because of their unique characteristics.

The list of the five major rocks in Nigeria includes;  

  1. Aso rock
  2. Zuma rock
  3. Olumo rock
  4. Wase rock
  5. Riyom rock

Some of the major hills in Nigeria include:

  1. Shere Hills
  2. Dalla Hills
  3. Idanre Hills
  4. Udi Hills
  5. Gibadi Hills
  6. Kufena Hills
  7. Kazaure Hills

Major Landmark Rocks In Nigeria

Aso Rocks
  • Aso Rock

Aso Rock is tagged as one of the most popular rocks in the country due to its location. The rock can be found in Abuja, which is the same location with the Presidential Villa where the President of the country resides, the Nigerian Supreme Court, and the Nigerian National Assembly. The Presidential Villa is sometimes regarded as the Rock Villa. The rock is tagged as the largest granitic rock formed among the rest. The precise location of the rock is on the outskirts of Abuja and cannot be missed when going to the complex of the President, the Supreme Court, or the A234 highway.

The rock has a height of 400 metre (1,300ft), hence, it can be regarded as the most noticeable feature that the city has. The rock was named after the Asokoro people and it means ‘’Victorious’’. Aso Rock is reportedly higher than the most famous pyramid. The Aso Rock Declaration in 2003 was held in Aso Rock and the effect of the declaration was that there was reiterated support in the principles of Commonwealth with ‘’promotion of democracy and development’’ as Commonwealth’s priorities. 

Zuma Rocks
  • Zuma Rock

Zuma rock is one of the largest rocks in the country, hence, it is tagged as one of the most popular rocks in Nigeria. The rock can be found in Niger state and it is an igneous rock composing of gabbro and granodiorite. The rock is situated immediately west of Abuja along the highway from the country’s capital to Kaduna and near Madala, hence, it earned the name ‘’Gateway to Abuja from Suleja’’. The rock can be seen on the N100 note.

According to history, the rock served as a defensive retreat for the people of Gbayi during the intertribal warring. The rock protected them from the invading neighboring tribes. Zuma rock has a height of 3,691 feet which is more than the Aso rock and Olumo rock even when put together. 

Olumo Rock
  • Olumo Rock  

The Olumo Rock is tagged as one of the most major landmark rocks in Nigeria, it is a center of attraction for tourists from all parts of the country and all over the world. It is located in the South-Western part of Nigeria in the city of Abeokuta in Ogun State. According to history, the Olumo rock was used as a fortified place by the Egba people. The rock served the purpose of revealing the enemy’s movements as they were able to monitor their enemies from the rock which led to their victory. 

The Gateway Hotel or the Olumo Guest House serves as a lodge for those who are willing to go for a visit to the Olumo rock and the lodges are just a few minutes away from the rock. In 2006, the Olumo rock was refurbished with the inclusion of a new museum, water fountain, the antiquated Itoku market, and restaurants. The Itoku market is known for the trade of local Adire which is also known as tie-and-dye. The Adire crafters which are mostly women can be seen alongside the road exhibiting their designs in their sheds. Other items sold along the road include the local beads, sculptures, bracelets, sekere, and talking drum. The appealing Ogun River is seen when descending from the rock. The river takes the form of a silver chain as it runs amidst a thick green forest with red corrugated roofs. 

Wase Rock
  • Wase Rock

The Wase rock can be found in Plateau state and is tagged as one of the not many volcanic rocks that are in Nigeria. Historically, the name of the rock was coined from the Wase town in Plateau state. Around the rock, 321 hectares of land were preserved as a bird sanctuary and also for wildlife development. The Wase rock is one of the five breeding grounds in the whole of Africa. The rock has a height of 350 metres. The rock has a gigantic dome-shaped inselberg which is one of five. The Wase rock isn’t popular but is known for the inselberg and also known as one excellent tourist attraction center. 

Riyom Rock
  • Riyom Rock

The Riyom rock can be found in Riyom town in Jos state. The rock was formed from an unusual rock formation and this got it the name Three rocks. The rocks are uniquely laid on top of one another in layers which makes it appealing. According to history, Riyom rock has been in that form for over a thousand years. The Riyom rock can best be visited during November when the level of rainfall is low and when the Nzem Berom festival is held in the town. The distance from Jos to the town is 25km and it takes almost one hour for the journey. 

Other appealing rock formations in the country include:

  • Gibadi Rock

The Gibadi rock can be found in Sokoto and is one of the tourist attraction centers in the country. 

  • Udi Hills 

The Udi hill was the first location of a coal mine. The Udi hill has little of rocks around it. Another tourist attraction there is the tunnel lying underneath where the coal is mined. The tunnel could either be explored or the hills climbed.

  • Shere Hills

The Shere hills are also formed in Plateau state which is the centre of rock formations. The height of the Shere hill is 1829 metres. The hill is also another tourist attraction in Plateau. In 1976, the First All African Scouts Jamboree was conducted in the state. 

  • Kazaure Hill

Kazaure hill can be found in Jigawa state precisely in the antiquated city of Kazaure. The people living around the hill are mostly farmers. Being the headquarters of the Emirate, the city is considered very important. Historically, the city of Kazaure is traced to Dan Tunku who is a Fulani warrior. Dan Tunku is a flag bearer for Usman Dan Fodio. 

  • Kufena Hills 

The Kufena hill is situated in Kaduna state. The properties which the state is well known for are the rugged terrain and the various landforms. The height of the hill is 825 metre. The hill comprises of metamorphic rocks.    


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