Have you ever wondered who are the top richest women in Ghana? Do you feel excited when the thoughts cross your mind?

In the African society, women are expected to be well behaved, be good wives, be silent when their elders are talking while on the other hand their male counterparts, however, have an enormous amount of freedom. Even women who are trained academically are still seen as wasting their time because it is believed that she’ll make no judicious use of the qualification obtained and sit at home while only the man do the job and bring the money back home.

Presently, women are no more lagging behind in every sphere of influence and endeavors, as a matter of fact, they are rapidly climbing up the ladder and their influences in modern society cannot be played down. Women are not relegated to house jobs alone, by that I mean full-time housewife where a woman is not allowed or permitted to be educated or to seek employment by to remain at home caring for the home and children.

Top 5 Richest Women In Ghana 2020

  • 1. Patricia Poku-Diaby

    • Source of Wealth: Plot Enterprise (Cocoa & Commodities)
    • Net Worth: $720 Million
    • 8th in Ghana’s Overall Rank of Richest Position

Patricia is the number one on our list and she is the richest woman in Ghana, her wealth is estimated to be $720 million. And she is ranked the eighth richest person in Ghana. She is the CEO and founder of Plot Enterprise Group which is a Ghanaian cocoa processing company based in both the Ivory Coast and Ghana. Previously worked in the family business before she parted and went to start her own company. The company which is located in Tarkodi houses a state-of-the-art grinding facility is valued currently at $90 million and processes 32,000 metric tons of cocoa annually into butter, liquor, butter, and cake.

Theresa Oppong-Beeko
  • 2. Theresa Oppong-Beeko

    • Source of Wealth: Real Estate (Manet Group)
    • Net Worth: $420 Million
    • 24th in Ghana’s Overall Rank of Richest Position

The second wealthiest woman in Ghana is the CEO of Manet Group, a company that is 100% Ghanaian real estate development holding company, involved in developing the commercial and residential property. The company is the second-largest in the real estate industry.

The company was founded 18 years ago and has risen to the ranks of the top 20 listed companies in the country, placing her as the second richest woman as well as ranked the 24th richest person in Ghana. Theresa’s net worth is estimated at $420 million. Her group of companies includes Manet Paradise, a three-star hotel resort, Manet Housing, a real estate development firm, Manet Construction a civil engineering company and lastly, the Manet Towers.

  • 3. Kate Quartey Papafio

    • Source of Wealth: Cables (Reroy Cables Limited)
    • Net Worth: $250 Million
    • 48th in Ghana’s Overall Rank of Richest Position

Number third richest woman on our list is Kate Quartey Papafio and she is the first female cable manufacturer in the whole of West African sub-region. Not just that alone, she is the leading producer of electrical cables in the country. Her wealth is estimated net worth of $250 million and she is the 48th richest person in Ghana.

Reroy Power Limited is a subsidiary of the Reroy Group of companies which she founded in 1992 and includes the Reroy cables limited and Reroy Energy Limited. The company well established and recognized in the West African sub-region. Where it provides products and services to general investors, the private sector, and utilities throughout West Africa.

  • 4. Gifty Lamptey

    • Source of Wealth: Fertilizers (SIDALCO)
    • Net Worth: $135 Million
    • 69th in Ghana’s Overall Rank of Richest Position

Mrs. Gifty Lamptey, the 69th richest person in Ghana, is the CEO of Sidalco Group of Companies and she is the fourth richest woman in Ghana, also, the subsidiaries under her companies include; Del Estates; Sidalco Construction and Roads Ltd; Empire Concretes Ltd and Dominion International Petroleum Ltd. Her net worth is estimated at $135 million. In addition to her many activities, she is on several boards such as Ladies of the Cross International Ministries; an organization that focuses on giving as well as helping the needy, she is the chairperson of the board. Mrs. Lamptey is a widow blessed with three children.

  • 5. Grace Amey-Obeng

    • Source of Wealth: Cosmetics (FC Beauty Salon & Cosmetics)
    • Net Worth: $100 Million
    • 79th in Ghana’s Overall Rank of Richest Position

Grace Amey-Obeng is the CEO of Forever Clair and the fifth richest woman in Ghana. Her wealth is estimated at a net worth of $100 million and the major source is from the cosmetic industry. Mrs. Amey –Obeng was educated on beauty education at Croydon College, London. She later returned to Ghana and with $100 started her own business. Presently, the Forever Clair group of companies includes a firm that supplies salon equipment, a beauty clinic (FC Skin and Beauty Klinik), a and cosmetics (Forever Clair Skin Care) and a college (FC Beauty College). It has eight branches in Ghana and exports her products to other countries like Togo, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

A woman’s place has been inferior compared to that of the average man. Whatever is considered of more value in society is placed under the direction of men; whatever is considered less valuable or no value is given to women to care for – even when people assume they know better.

This has been highly debated and has birthed several feminine movements including feminism and equality agenda. This movement has raised awareness on the need to understand the place of a woman which to some extent has served as an eye-opener and has propelled a lot of women to wake up and take the bull by the horn.

The continent of the African as a whole and Ghana, in particular, are characterized by unequal distribution of wealth among its gender. The majority of women in Ghana face high rates of poverty because of how they are been placed on societal radar. Nonetheless, some of them are wealthy.

The present generation of Ghanaian women are highly ambitious and are desirous to reform societies, build industries and rewrite history in Ghana. Ghana has produced a few rich women who are influential in the Ghanaian society.

Since the advent of women in the corporate world, they have proven their worth and have continuously proved themselves worthy of the challenge by rising through the ranks and becoming rich. Amidst several biological and societal hindrances that may impede their efforts and progress. These women have braced themselves and defied the odds to prove themselves and desired to be an example to other women in the Ghanaian society. This article discussed the top richest women in Ghana who have broken the barrier and have joined the leagues of millionaires in Ghana. Below is the list of richest women in Ghana.



This list shows us how women are really making landmarks and taking a giant stride in Ghana. There you have it, the list of the five richest women in Ghana and they are still making more impact in their respective fields. It is important that the younger ladies should learn from these ones and also have it at the back of their minds that they’ll make it.

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