Top 10 Richest Men In Edo State 2021

The Richest Man In Edo State presently. We turn our spotlight on the Southern part of Nigeria, the south-south geopolitical zone to check the richest people there. This post is about the top 10 wealthiest men in Edo State. Starting from number 10 to number one on the list.

Top 10 Richest Men In Edo State

  • 10. Dr. Felix Omobude

Dr. Felix Omobude, the tenth richest man in Edo State, is the founder and general overseer of the New Covenant Bible Church and he is currently the National President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN). He is well respected and a very influential man of God. He has chains of businesses across Edo State.

  • 9. Chief Iduriase Osazuwa Aiwerioghene

Chief Iduriase Osazuwa Aiwerioghene is the Enogie of Eyaen of Edo State. He is the CEO of a very big hotel in Edo state. He is the owner of a multimillion Naira Education center in his hometown Eyaen located in Edo state and he also runs other high profit yielding businesses across the country.

  • 8. Matthew Okpevbholo

Matthew Okpevbholo is a native of Uromi, in Esan North-East LGA, Edo State. He is the owner of Ray Royal Asphalt Construction Company which expanded to form a small welding workshop known as Royal welding/steel workshop amongst other multimillion naira businesses across the nation that has been yielding much profit for him. Matthew was inspired and also mentored by the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa. Matthew is a bishop by calling and a business magnate. He once said “You can do some other business even while as a preacher. Gone are the days when preachers just sit down to preach only thereby become a burden to their member because by so doing, it’s just a display of laziness” Okpevbholo was consecrated as a Bishop under Church of God Mission Int’l CGMi recently and to grace the occasion was the president of the Christian Association of Nigeria CAN. He is blessed with 5 well-to-do female children and a male. His daughters have excelled in different fields, they occupy positions like the deputy manager with Zenith bank, a medical doctor, a chartered accountant, a lawyer, an M.SC in international business management.

  • 7. Chief Dr. John Osamede Adun

He is an extraordinary business visionary who is directly the Chairman, organizer, and CEO of the Bob Izua conglomerates comprising of a transport company, shopping complexes, water factories, petrol station, Schools spread all over the state. He lives in a mansion at the king’s square in Benin City. The mansion is renovated annually. He once served during Adam Oshomhole’s administration as the chairman of the small and medium scale enterprises. He always moves in the company of his bodyguards. As parts of his assets are about a hundred lands and houses all around Edo state and its environs. He is also known for his love for exotic cars as he has a rare collection of them in his mansion. It was even rumored that he uses each car once a week.

  • 6. Apostle Prof. Johnson Suleman

He is the founder and president of Omega Fire Ministry worldwide with its global head office in Auchi, Edo State Nigeria. Omega Ministries is spread across countries in Africa, America, and Europe with a large number of worshippers. He presides over 5,000 individuals on a single service at the congregation headquarter. He is one of Nigeria’s pioneers of the prophetic service. The Omega Fire ministry is as of now building a new church auditorium that will have a capacity of 70,000 (seventy thousand) individuals which will become the biggest in the world. He has a convoy of about seven vehicles with tight security and he lives in a mansion with a golden gate at Auchi Edo State. Individuals come from distant locations just to see the house.

  • 5. Comrade Tony Kabaka Adun

Comrade Tony Kabaka is an alleged billionaire in Edo state with different businesses spread across Edo state. He is the head of Akugbe Ventures. He has presidential protocol properties that are worth millions of naira.

  • 4. Dr. Mrs. Margaret E. Benson Idahosa, JP, GCON.

Dr. Margaret E. Benson-Idahosa is the Archbishop of Church of God Mission International CGMi with branches with over a hundred thousand worshippers around the world. Dr. Margaret Benson- Idahosa was born on the 29th of July, 1943. She has consecrated a bishop in 1998 after she was ordained into the ministry in 1983. She is the first female Pentecostal Archbishop in Africa. She pastors in Faith Miracle center, a church with about 5,000 capacity of worshippers at a single service. She is the proprietress of Word of Faith Group of Schools, one of the top schools nation-wide with about one hundred and eight (108) branches all over the nation. She also occupies the position of the chancellor of Benson Idahosa University (BIU). She is blessed with four biological children: Pastor Freda, Bishop Feb, Daisy, Ruth and three adopted children Precillia Osagie and Osasu. She is also a proud grandmother of seven.

  • 3. Oba Ewuare II

Oba Ewuare II is the customary ruler/king of the people of Edo and the leader of the Historic Eweka line of the Benin Kingdom. He is the host of the famous Igue festival at the end of each year where dignitaries, organizations, chiefs, and people from all works of life everywhere throughout the world go to the palace to pay respect to him. This brings in over a hundred millions of naira to the monarch whom he receives as gifts from his visitors and well-wishers.

  • 2. Captain HOSA OKUNBOR

Hosa Okumbo is a billionaire businessman who is a native of Edo state. He was born to a clergyman, teacher, and community leader, Reverend Robert Amos Okunbo. He went to Government Primary school in Benin, old Bendel State for his primary education before he proceeded to Federal Government College, Warri in 1971 for his secondary school. He then went to Nigeria Civil Aviation Training center Zaria, Kaduna state where he graduated as a professional commercial pilot. He has multi-millions naira businesses across Edo and neighboring states.

Sir Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion

  • 1. Sir Chief Dr. Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion

Sir Chief Dr. Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion is the richest man in Edo State Nigeria, the Esama of the Benin Kingdom, privileged Romanian representative to Edo and Delta conditions of Nigeria, and great patriarch of the house of Igbinedion. The title Esama customarily implies the “godfather of the people”, with obligations of helping the poor in the monetary, median, and other forms which have given him a world-class acknowledgment in all countries of the earth. Sir Igbinedion lives in a gigantic mansion that’s called the palatial Garden of Eden which has a collection of the world’s most exotic and expensive cars, flock, herds amongst other things. He has many business enterprises in and outside the Edo state. These include a radio station, private TV, private bank, oil refinery, a primary and secondary school, a private university (Igbinedion University, Okada). He is also the owner of Okada Air with over 40 aircraft. He has helped in the building of many churches including a Grand Catholic Cathedral.

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