Children are the leaders of tomorrow; but the richest kids in Nigeria are already leaders of today. It is not common to find people so well established at a young age; usually, even old people have a hard time establishing themselves to the point that they have secured their futures, and the futures of people who work with them.

While working out this list we have deliberately omitted the children of politicians and monarchs, and all those who cannot publicly declare their wealth, or sources of wealth.

Preferably, the young people on this list should have created some sort of income generating streams, whether or not they have received help from their parents in this regard is immaterial.

Top 10 Richest Kids In Nigeria 2022

1. Mompha Junior

Net worth: ₦500 million

Muhammed Lawal Mustapha, also known as Mompha Junior is usually listed as the richest kid in Nigeria. He is the son of famous Nigerian businessman Ismaila Mustapha, which means he lives in luxury. Mompha Junior is treated as a celebrity in Nigeria, he has several social media accounts with lots of followers.

While he is not yet actively using his social media clout to generate money; his images attract lots of likes and shares, and contribute to his parents’ popularity on social media, which may in turn boost business for mommy and daddy.

2. Ahmed StarBoy

Net worth:  ₦65 million

Ahmed StarBoy owes his celebrity status to Wizkid; he was discovered after he sang several of Wizkids songs, these covers became quite popular and were shared among Wizkid fans. Wizkid was then moved to do something for him, in the form of signing him on to his music label StarBoy Entertainment, and also giving him money in cash.

Ahmed StarBoy has therefore become a confirmed celebrity; popping up on news blogs from time to time, doing a few shows as well. Rumor has it that he is working on a music album, although there is no information about when it will be released.

The N65 Million estimate attributed to him may be grossly overstated though, information available in public domain stes that he received N10 million from Wizkid, and he may not be earning much from shows as yet.

3. Emmanuella Samuel

Net worth: ₦62 million

Emmanuella Samuel is without a doubt one of the youngest millionaires in Nigeria through her work as a comedienne and actress. When she started her career as a comedienne with Mark Angel Comedy she could hardly have imagined what the results would be.

Today, she has gone from short comedy skits with Mark Angel and Company to actual stand-up comedy with the pioneers of the industry, and now she is an actress, not only in Nollywood, but also on the international movie scene as well.

She has done promotional work for several brands, and she has established her face as a money making brand. As a matter of fact; there is no more monetized face of her age group in Nigeria. She bought a beautiful house for her mother recently, and she has several vehicles.

4. DJ Young Money

Net worth: ₦61 million

DJ Young Money is just a kid who loves to play music. Even he may not have known at the initial stage that his love for music would make him famous, and send a lot of money his way. As a talent, he knows how to arrange the songs in a particular order to as to suit the mood.

Believe it or not, this talent for arranging songs has made this very young lad, rich and famous. He has already secured patronage of record labels, show organizers and promoters, as well as artists.

He is already on the pay roll of K-Nation Entertainment as the in-house DJ of the Label; and his mixes are also popular in clubs, parties, and shows. He makes appearances for a handsome fee, and even his social media accounts are professionally managed.

5. Aunty Success

Net worth: ₦32 million

An obvious replacement for Emmanuelle Samuel in Mark Angel Comedy, Aunty Success is growing in fame and reputation as a comedienne and as a celebrity. She is already estimated to be worth around N32 million due to the fact that the Mark Angel Comedy brand pays her a very good compensation.

She is known for her wit, and her ability to provide answers to difficult questions which would even confound adults. She has established herself as a top comedian and a Youtube personality. Her brand is not just to make her audience laugh, but also to make them think.

She has done brand endorsement work for several brands, and she earns a good amount from her Youtube account, in addition to the income from Mark Angel Comedy. By diversifying her sources of income she has prepared herself for a solid future.

6. Amarachi Uyanne

Net worth: ₦31 million

Amarachi Uyanne has used her talent as a dancer to great effect. She was discovered after winning Nigeria’s Got Talent 2012 and was awarded 10 million Naira prize money. That was when she was just 8 years old. Since then she has blossomed as a singer, dander, actress and social media influencer. She also plays the violin.

She released her debut single; Amarachi’s Dance, and then Ova Sabi with Phyno, as well as two other singles to her name. Amarachi Uyanne has also received a nomination for the Best Video By A Minor for Ova Sabi with Phyno.

As a social media influencer she has done promotional work for brands through her instagram account; she is also seen as a classy role model for girls. Amarachi is studying at the Benson Idahosa University, Benin City, Edo State.

7. Ozzy Bosco

Net worth: ₦25 million

Ozzy Bosco is not a fringe player in the music industry; he is a fast-rising Nigerian musician who became a recording artist at a very young age. He became famous after he won the season 7 of the Nigerian kids got talent show. Since then he has grown as a music composer, dancer, and singer.

He has performed for heavy weights of the Nigerian society such as Senator Ike Ekweremadu, Ifeanyi Ubah, and Oba Rafiu Oluseegun Salami. He has also received several awards in recognition of his work as an entertainer, and he too has been a philanthropist.

Ozzy Bosco has collaborated with several top artists in the country including; Sound Sultan, MI, Olamide, Terry G, Yemi Sax, Lamboginny, and Flavour. He has received two traditional titles already; and is set to get more accolades.

8. Egypt Ify Ufele

Net worth: ₦18 million

Egypt Ify Ufele has done Nigeria proud. She is already an established designer with her work showcased at the New York Fashion Week. Ify Ufele, from her location in the United States, is therefore recognized as one of the richest and most influential kids in Nigeria, and she has put both her money and fame to great use.

Egypt Ify Ufele made fame with her designs; she is very good as designing clothes, and she has a special love for African fabrics which are quite uncommon in the American fashion industry. This novelty no doubt helped her case, and she took the New York Fashion Week by storm.

Having attained fame and secured her position as a designer, she started a foundation which is committed to stopping bullying, especially in schools. She is therefore a public figure, committed to making the world a better place, and providing an example for young girls to aspire to become something valuable.

9. Destiny Boy

Net worth: ₦17 million

Destiny Boy is a progeny of Davido. He is a young fan who caught Davido’s attention by performing covers of his songs. Davido then took him under his wings; signing him to his music label, and giving him a huge amount of money to get started.

Since then he has gone on to produce several songs of his own, he has featured Qdot, Kojo, and so on. His songs are available for download on the internet; and he also earns money from Youtube and social media.

Nevertheless, his greatest song till date is his cover of Davido’s song ‘IF.’

10. Marylove Edwards

Net worth: ₦15 million

Marylove Edwards is a talented tennis player. As a matter of fact, she is thought to be the greatest prospect in the sport as far as Nigeria is concerned.

Marylove is an excellent tennis player. She takes part tournaments and wins prize monies. She has already won several junior tournaments, and is ranked #4 by the Nigeria Tennis Federation for women singles. She may do Nigeria proud in the near future if she stays in the country.



So that’s it on the top ten richest kids in Nigeria. These young people are making waves in different areas of life ranging from sports to entertainment to fashion to business, these youngsters are everywhere, making marks that even adults can only dream of.