40 Powerful African Words And Meaning

Power and strength have long been an important part of African Culture, and that is because our Forefathers, lacking in technology, depending on sheer strength to get things done. Strength also kept the communities safe; driving back attackers and invaders.

The thousands of Cultures and Kingdoms of Africa still keep memories of their past achievements, including monuments, folklore, and names. These names become popular not just because of what they mean, but also because of the impact of historical figures who have gone by the names and gone on to achieve great things.

The following paragraphs are some of the African words of power, or names of power, as well as their meanings, and histories.

Powerful African Words And Meaning


Atu is a word/ name from the Fante language. The word/name means Powerful; Strong; and is given to baby boys, as a way of wishing them a life of greatness in which they will find the strength to overcome any challenges. 


Dike is a name or title from the Igbo language of the people of eastern Nigeria. The name means Powerful man or strong man. The name may also be a ceremonial title of a person who has been made a chief. In Igbo culture a powerful person is not necessary a man of war; he may be a man with a depth of wisdom and foresight or great financial strength. He may have merited this title by accomplishing any particularly difficult task to the benefit of the community.


Aziz, which is also spelled Azeez, is a name with Arabic origins which means Powerful. It can also mean Strong Friend. This name is popular in sub-Saharan Africa, in areas that are heavily influenced by Arab/Muslim culture. 


Ike is the literal word for Power in the Igbo language. From this word many names are derived such as Ikenna which means the Power of the Father, Ikechukwu which means the Power of God, and Ikedia which means ‘there is power.’


Jaja is a historic name among the people of Southern Nigeria, in the Niger Delta. This name means Powerful One, or Warrior, although it can also mean God’s Gift; or Honoured One. The name is made popular by the true story of Jaja of Opobo, who was a slave but later became a king.


Kani is an East African name that means Strength; Energy; Powerful. It is a male name and is usually given to a boy child as a way of wishing him the strength to overcome whatever obstacles he may face in life. 


Akbar is the Arabic word that translates to Powerful; Greatest; or Biggest. This name is quite popular among the North African countries, which are strongly influenced by Arabic/Islamic Culture. It is a male name. 


Azaan is an Arabic name that means Powerful; Strength; Allah’s Call. This name is quite popular among the desert tribes of Africa that are heavily influenced by Arabic/Islamic culture.


Chike is an Igbo name that means God of Power, or God of Strength, or Powerful God. Strangely this has become a name although not intended to deify the bearer. Chike is given to male children as a way of thanking the God of Strength for given them the child. 


This is an Igbo name which means God is Strength. The name is given to male children as a way of thanking the God of Strength for giving them the Child. 


Oluwatobi is a Yoruba name that means God is Big. When expanded, however, big can also mean God is Powerful. This is not just because a big person is powerful, but also because big in Yoruba can also mean great, powerful.


Dixon is an English name that means The Legend; Rich; Powerful Ruler. It is quite a popular name in much of English-speaking Africa. 


Imran is a name with roots in Arabia. It means Prosperity; Powerful; Prosperous. The name is popular in India and Pakistan, but in Africa, this name can mostly be found in the horn of Africa, including Algeria, Egypt, and neighboring countries.


Jaali is a male name coming out of the Swahili language. It means Powerful or strong. This name can be found in places like South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, and so on. This name has even made its way to Europe, as many Africans in Diaspora have taken a liking to it.


Mansa is a powerful male baby name. It means A King; Powerful, a Conqueror. The name comes from Mali and is popularized by the Keita Dynasty of Mali.


Zidan or Zidane is an Arabic name that means Endless Growth; Increasing Power. The name is quite popular in African countries that are strongly influenced by Arab culture. The name is popular among such countries as Algeria, Tunisia, and so on. This name is made popular by the French Footballer and Manager Zinedine Zidane.


Bavual is a male baby name with roots in Swahili that means Power, Force, or Strength. The name is quite popular among the Swahili-speaking people of East and Southern Africa including Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.


Carlos is a European name meaning Powerful; Free Man; or Strong. The name can be found in places like Angola, Ivory Coast, Benin Republic, and other such places that are influenced by European culture. 


Selassie or Selasie is an Ethiopian name that means Power of the Trinity, or Power of the Three. This has been the name of the Ethiopian monarch and was made popular by His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie II who defeated invading Europeans. The name is popular in Ethiopia, and may also be found in Jamaica.


Sultan is the Arabic title of a Ruler. It means King; Power; Governor; Ruler. In Sub-saharan Africa, you can find rulers with this title in places that are heavily influenced by Arabic/Muslim culture. 


Nwabudike is an Igbo name that is translated as the child that is Mighty or Strong. This name has several variants including Nwadike which means the Son of the Mighty One.


Jelani is an African name from Swahili which means Mighty One; Great One, Conqueror, Captor. The name is popular among the Peoples of East Africa, although it has become quite popular in Europe as well.

Other names that mean Power in Africa, even if some may not originate in Africa, include: 

Manuel, Reggie, Ronack, Saalim, Shinda, Terrel, Zuberi, Emenike, Ricardo, Armstrong, Chinweike, Chukwubuikem, Udo, Manu, Enzi, Hauli, Imara, Amri.



Africa seems to have an obsession with Power, and so there are so many words that mean power and have become popular names. Of course, some of these names are of foreign origin, and so many parents may not even know what the names mean; they only give them to the children because the names are popular.