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Pokemon Go : How To Make Money From Pokemon Go

Pokenmon Go : How To Make Money From Pokemon Go

As the trend and viral fever of Pokemon Go cut across various countries and geographical zone, the makers of the viral game “Niantic and Nintendo’ are currently having a bullish period, with their shares soaring high. Interestingly different Pokemon Go players are already asking how to make money from Pokemon Go .
Yeah!! as different players are searching and collecting Pikachu plus other cool pokemon creatures you can be making cool cash from them.

Top 4 Ways on How To Make Money From Pokemon Go

  • 1. Some couple of players are actually selling their account for cash to those that want to go up to higher level faster. So friends, what are you waiting for, If you are good at playing pokemon Go, then you can get some cool cash upto $600 while having fun collecting pokemon and in-game items

example of places you can sell you accounts include Craiglist, ebay playerup and more.

  • 2. with more people playing, you can be sure that souvenirs, cloths, gadgets etc having pokemon logo, design on them will be of interest to many people and children
  • 3. I won’t save word on this, GO AFTER HAVING A POKEMON STOP, Yeah, imagine how much you can make from having alot of people coming to your business environment. The remaining lies on your creativity

So if you can’t get a Pokemon stop in your area, Try and buy Pokemon Lures per hour, common it only cost $1.

  • 4. If you know tricks and better how to, in playing Pokémon Go, then you can offer training for a price.

That’s it on NaijaQuest’s Top 4 ways on how to make money from  Pokemon Go “, share your suggestions with us through the comment box and remember to like us on facebook @ or follow us on twitter @ .

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Updated: April 17, 2018 — 2:52 pm

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