When speaking of middle belt states in Nigeria,  which states cross your mind?, well, we have got you covered, in this article, we bring you the complete list of middle belt states in Nigeria. If you have been searching or want to know the middle belt states in Nigeria, then you have reached the end of your search because right here in this article will be revealed the answers to your questions.

Speaking of Middle belt, Middle belt is a human geographical term used to designate a belt region stretching longitudinally across the center of Nigeria and thereby forming a transition zone in between the South and North locations in Nigeria.

Middle Belt States In Nigeria – All You Need To Know

Right here in this section would be listed out the states which are termed as the middle belt state in Nigeria and all you absolutely need to know, but before we proceed, let us quickly take a look at what we mean by the middle belt.

The middle belt is a human geographical term as stated earlier used in the designation of a belt region stretching in a longitudinal form across central Nigeria and also forming what is termed a transition zone between the southern and northern Nigeria. The middle belt is characterized by its clear Majority ethnic group absence and is Nigeria’s Federal capital territory location. The Minority group’s eminence of manifolds, to certain levels, brings about an ethnolinguistic blockage or barrier in the country and hereby draws a separation between the North which practice Islamic and the south which practice Christianity manly.

Defining Middle belt areas are subjected to powerful debate because of the presence of a significant number of ethnic groups in Nigeria such as the Hausa, Fulani, and Kanuri Groups. Moreover, the Yoruba of Kwara state and Kogi state posses a strong bond with Majority of the Yoruba body and often prefers not to be identified with the Middle belt states. The total population of the people residing in the middle belt states is estimated to be over thirty-five million (35, 000, 000) or more of which majority are Christians and some few numbers of them are converted Muslims. The Middle belt area in no doubt has a significant number of Hausa and Fulani who are in approximation 20% of the total population. Using percentage calculations, Christians in the Middle belt area dominates the Muslim; Christians in that area are about 70-75 % of the total population, while the Muslim of the Middle belt takes the remaining 25-30% of the total population.

  • Abuja (FCT)

Speaking of Middle belt states in Nigeria, Abuja is termed as one of them. Abuja is referred to as the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, this title was formerly held by the commercial city known as Lagos. The federal capital territory “Abuja” is a place of attraction to tourist especially when it comes to visiting the popular Zuma rock. The Zuma rock is believed by many to have or possess healings forces or powers, apart from Zuma rock, Abuja has lots of amazing places of which can be visited for fun. Abuja is known to have a temperate climate.

  • Kwara state

Kwara state is also termed as a middle belt state in Nigeria. Kwara with its state capital Illorin is also known as a Northcentral state in Nigeria.

  • Kogi State

Kogi having the Lokoja has its capital city is referred to as a middle belt state. This state is also known as a confluence state, this state is the state where the two great rivers of Nigeria meets, the River Niger and River Benue meets in this great city hereby attracting tourist to the city. More also, this city is where two great hydroelectric power supply is located.

  • Benue State

As we all know, Benue state is a northern state and is as well referred to as one of Nigeria’s Middle belt state. The Capital city of Benue is Makurdi.

  • Taraba state

Taraba state is amongst the state also referred to as Nigeria’s middle belt states. The state of Taraba is located at the northern region of Nigeria. its capital city is called Jalingo.

  • Nasarawa State

Nasarawa with its state capital Lafia is a northern state and amongst the states termed as middle belt states in Nigeria.

  • Plateau State

Plateau state is known as a north-central state in Nigeria, according to its name is located in a Jos plateau in the northern part of Nigeria. Plateau state capital is known as Jos.

  • Niger State

Niger state is the home of the great River Niger which is termed one of the biggest or largest rivers in Africa. The capital city for Niger state is Minna.

  • Adamawa State

Adamawa with the capital city called Yola is a northern state and a home to many tribes which includes the Daka, Fulani, Bille, Dura, Kanuri tribe and lots more.


  • Kaduna state
  • Kebbi state
  • Bauchi state
  • Yobe state
  • Gombe state and
  • Borno state

Speaking of a middle belt, what is the list of middle belt states in Nigeria? The rightful answer to this question has been subjected to contention by a series of groups for lots of years now. Nigeria is divided into six different geopolitical zones which include the North West region, North East region, Southeast region, south-south region, southwest region, and the Nigeria middle belts which are widely termed the North Central.

These zones were not entirely established based on the geopolitical locations they were established based on their similarities in culture as well as shared history and ethnicity. But the Nigeria Middle belt region which is widely termed as the North-central of which there is a mixture of both minor and major ethnic group presence and coexisting together.

The middle belt region is mapped at the very center of Nigeria and stretches longitudinally from one of the map’s ends to the other, for instance, from west to east. Although the North Central is also the Middle belt, some groups from the Middle belt or North Central region have laid claims to the fact that they are not northern states or not part of Northern Nigeria.

Following the Nigeria map, the states which fall under the middle belt zone are the states listed above, but while following the geopolitical divisions of Nigeria, the Middle belt states are just seven in number which includes the following;

  • Benue state
  • Abuja (the federal capital territory)
  • Kwara state
  • Kogi state
  • Nasarawa state
  • Plateau state and
  • Niger state

Although, most people believe that the Middle belt zone of Nigeria is indeterminate because it does not possess an official or designated border.

Conclusion On The Middle Belt States In Nigeria

If you are asked to list out the idle belt states in Nigeria, you are advised to follow the list of seven (7) states above which is in accordance with the division of geopolitical zones n Nigeria. Meanwhile, on real terms, if we were to list the Middle belts states in Nigeria, we would follow up and list out the states that fall under the Middle belt zone on the map. Thanks for being there.

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