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List of African Countries and Their Capitals { Population } 2017

Names and List of African Countries and Their Capitals With Population 2017

Africa as a whole comprises of 54 officially recognised countries, here is the list of African countries and their capitals with the population of each of the countries. Africa is the second largest continent in the world with over 1.1 billion people living on the continent it is second only behind the highly populated Asian continent. Some people who haven’t been to Africa before still confuse this large continent as a country. Below is the list of the 54 countries in Africa and their capital cities with population;

54 Names , List of African Countries and Their Capitals With Population 2017

Names List of African countries and their capitals cities population

• Algeria: Capital city Algiers, population 40,100,000.
• Angola: Capital city Luanda, population 25,326,000.
• Benin: Capital city Porto-Novo, population 10,782,000.
• Botswana: Capital city Gaborone, population 2,176,000.
• Burkina Faso: Capital city Ouagadougou, population 18,450,000.
• Burundi: Capital city Bujumbura, population 9,824,000.
• Cameroon: Capital city Yaounde, population 21,918,000.
• The Republic of Cape Verde: Capital city Praia, population 525,000
• The Central African Republic: Capital city Bangui, population 4,900,000
• Chad: Capital city N’Djamena, population 13,675,000
• Comoros: Capital city Moroni, population 783,000
• Democratic Republic of Congo: Capital city Kinshasa, population 77,267,000
• Republic of Congo: Capital city Brazzaville, population 4,706,000
• Cote d’Ivoire: Capital city Yamoussoukro, population 23,126,000.
• Djibouti: Capital city Djibouti, population 961,000
• Egypt: Capital city Cairo, population 88,523,000.
• Equatorial Guinea: Capital city Malabo, population 1,996,000
• Eritrea: Capital city Asmara, population 6,895,000
• Ethiopia: Capital city Addis Ababa, population 99,391,000
• Gabon: Capital city Libreville, population 1,873,000
• Gambia: Capital city Banjul, population 2,022,000
• Ghana: Capital city Accra, population 27,414,000
• Guinea: Capital city Conakry, population 10,935,000.
• Guinea-Bissau: Capital city Bissau, population 1,788,000
• Kenya: Capital city Nairobi, population 45,533,000
• Lesotho: Capital city Maseru, population 1,908,000
• Liberia: Capital city Monrovia, population 4,046,000
• Libya: Capital city Tripoli, population 6,278,000
• Madagascar: Capital city Antananarivo, population 23,043,000.
• Malawi: Capital city Lilongwe, population 16,307,000.
• Mali: Capital city Bamako, population 17,796,000.
• Mauritania: Capital city Nouakchott, population 3,632,000.
• Mauritius: Capital city Port Louis, population 1,263,000
• Morocco: Capital city Rabat, population 34,380,000
• Mozambique: Capital city Maputo, population 28,013,000.
• Namibia: Capital city Windhoek, population 2,281,000.
• Niger: Capital city Niamey, population 18,880,000
• Nigeria: capital city Abuja, population 182,202,000
• Rwanda: Capital city Kigali, population 11,324,000
• Republic Arab Saharawi Democratic: Capital city Aauin, population 509,000
• Sao Tome and Principe: Capital city Sao Tome, population 194,000
• Senegal: Capital city Dakar, population 14,150,000.
• Seychelles: Capital city Victoria, population 97,000
• Sierra Leone: Capital city Freetown, population 6,513,000
• Somalia: Capital city Mogadishu, population 10,972,000
• South Africa: Capital City Pretoria (Executive), Bloemfontein (Judicial), CapeTown (Legislative), population 54,957,000
• South Sudan: Capital city Juba, population 12,519,000.
• Sudan: Capital city Khartoum, population 40,235,000.
• Swaziland: Capital Lobamba (royal and legislative) Mbabane (Administrative), population 1,119,000
• Tanzania: Capital Dar es Salaam (Traditional capital) Dodoma (Location of legislature), population 51,046,000
• Togo: Capital city Lomé, population 7,065,000.
• Tunisia: Capital city Tunis, population 11,118,000
• Uganda: Capital city Kampala, population 37,102,000.
• Zambia: Capital city Lusaka, population 15,474,000.
• Zimbabwe: Capital city Harare, population 13,503,000

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