List Of Top Football Academies In Accra (2023)

A football academy is an institution that is created to train young football players. Through football academies, young football aspirants would have the opportunity to learn more professional and improvised football skills and techniques.

Ghana is a country that enjoys sports most especially, football. Although there are many cities in Ghana where you would find awesome football training centres, moreover, one of the best Ghanaian cities with professional football academies in Accra. In this article, the list of football academies in Accra would be provided.

List Of Football Academies In Accra

  • GreenGen Football Academy

GreenGen Football Academy was established in 2015. This sports academy is located in No 383, Ghana Head Office, 14, Odotei Tsui St, Accra, Ghana. This sports academy was created to support young aspiring football players in Ghana. Greengen is an efficient football academy with experienced coaches and improved facilities that will promote the development of young players.

  • One World Football Academy

One World Football Academy was created in 2016. It was designed to help and assist Ghanaian youth players to reach the peak of their career through facilitating various football events for them. Also, it was established to serve as a means of empowerment to Ghanaian youths.  One word football academy is located in Dzorwulu Cres, Accra, Ghana.

  • Jancole Football Academy Main Office

Jancole Football Academy is located in Darkuman, Accra, Ghana. This football academy was founded in 2009. Jancole was created to nurture junior players to become expert footballers. Furthermore, this academy organizes and participates in several competitions to boost the performance of its young players.

  • East Legon Football Academy (ELFA)

East Legon football academy is located at No 75 Boundary Rd, Accra. This football academy was created in 2019 by a successful Ghanaian businessman, Wilson Yeboah Danso. The main goal and objective of establishing this academy are to assist talented and potential football youngsters to reach the peak of their careers. East Legon football academy has a lot of trained and professional coaches who are ready to guide aspiring footballers to play like experts. This football academy also offers seminars to the players.

Through these seminars, various players in the academy will get to know about their flaws, learn, and develop new skills. East Legon football academy has modern and effective training facilities that would assist players to build quickly and easily. The goal of this academy is not just to promote football in Ghana, but also, Africa and the world as a whole.

  • Rising Stars of Africa Academy

Rising Stars Of Africa Academy is located at Greda Estate, 10th Ave, Accra. Rising Stars Of Africa was established in 2013 and has about 52 young Ghanaian footballers under it. This football academy works to develop not just only good football players. The academy also offers the young players good and standard education. The academy’s aim is to ensure that the aspiring football players flourish academically and also, in their sporting activities.

Most of the students in this academy come from poor homes. The teachers and coaches in this academy are always ready to instill the belief that they can be great and also, assist these students to discover their talents. Furthermore, this academy has good classrooms where students can learn conveniently.

  • Attram De Visser Soccer Academy

Attram De Visser is another awesome football academy in Ghana. The academy is located at Sowutoum, Accra. As a student of this football academy, you will have a chance to participate in various football competitions both nationally and internationally. The academy also has standard training facilities that would boost the development of its young players.

  • Astros Football Academy

Astros football academy is located at Kojo Ashong Avenue, Accra, Ghana. This football academy was established in 2014. It remains one of the best football academies in Accra because of its effective facilities and qualified coaches. This academy was created to nurture and professionally train upcoming footballers in Ghana. The academy started initially in 2014 with 60 kids.

Now, the Astros Football academy trains up to 150 kids. This academy also engages in various football competitions as a way to build and widen the kid’s football experience. Although Astros football academy has no hostel yet, moreover, the owner of the academy is planning on building a first-class hostel for the kids soon.



The top football academies in Accra are standard and efficient.  They train and ensure that young players attain greatness in their football careers. However, the list of football academies in Accra has been listed above.