Industrial Training Fund (ITF) has operated conscientiously and consistently within the ambient of operation as provided within the laws Decree 47 of 1971 as Amended in the 2011 ITF ACT. The aim of establishing the Industrial Training Fund has been vigorously and efficaciously pursued. ITF was established to promote, accelerate and encourage the acquisition of indigenous skills required in industry and commerce to meet the developmental needs of Nigeria. Since its existence, the ITF has helped in generating a corps of skilled indigenous manpower which has been manning and managing various sectors of the national economy aside from the training consciousness in the economy.

Over time, so as to meet up with its objectives and statutory responsibility, the ITF has developed training programmes, reviewed its strategies, expanded its structures, operations, and services in order to meet the increasing, and changing demands for skilled manpower in the economy. in 1971, the Industrial Training Fund began as a Parastatal “B”, headed by a Director, the ITF became a Parastatal “A” in 1981, with a Director-General as the Chief Executive of the Training Fund under the aegis of the Ministry of Industry.


  • 1. ITF Lekki Office
    • Corporate Office Address:  5 Remi Olowude way, 2nd roundabout, Marwa Bus-stop, Lekki Phase 1
    • Customer Care: 08031786095
  • 2. ITF Isolo Area Office
    • The training center in Lagos Address: 43, Osolo Way, Ajao Estate, Isolo, Lagos, Lagos, Isolo, Lagos
    • Customer Care: 08034732948
  • 3. ITF Apapa Area Office
    • District Government Office in Lagos Address: Ashanti Cl, Apapa Quays, Lagos.
    • Customer Careline: 08037032558
  • 4. ITF Ikeja Office
    • Industrial Training Fund Ikeja Area Office Address: Olorunfunmi behind Philips factory, Ojota, Lagos
    • Customer Care: 08062855916
  • 5. ITF Badagry Office
    • Badagry Area Office Address: 125/127 Olojo Drive (after Ojo Local Government Secretariat, Ojo, Lagos.)
    • Customer Care: 08034512536
  • 6. ITF Lagos Island
    • Address: 9th Floor, Elephant House 214, Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos.
    • Customer Care: 08037003754
  • 7. ITF Victoria Island
    • Address: 18A, Elsie Femi Pearse Street Off Kofo Abayomi, Victoria Island.

Vision Statement

The vision is the main Skills Training Development Organization in Nigeria and one of the best in the world.

Mission Statement

To set and bridle the standards of industrial training, offer direct training intervention in industrial and commercial skills training and development, using a corps of highly competent professional staff, modern techniques, and technology.

Functions Of Industrial Training Funds

  1. Encouraging greater involvement of employers, particularly small employers, in the organization and development of training programmes and facilities including the establishment of Group Training Schemes and Centres in certain areas of economic activity;
  2. The building of training facilities of its own, in identified areas of national need;
  3. Organizing research and studies into training as a support to other activities of the Fund;
  4. Establishing a uniform National Vocational Apprenticeship Training Scheme in the country;
  5. Seeking to harmonize ITF’s non-formal training programmes with the curricula of formal educational institutions;
  6. Bearing a proportion of the direct cost of on-the-job and off-the-job training of Nigerian employees.
Industrial Training Fund ITF Offices In Lagos

Employer’s Qualification To Contribute

The required contribution is 1% of payroll to be paid by the set date defined in respect of the year 2011, this means no later than the date which is not more than 3 months from the date of commencement of the Act. The term “Payroll” refers to the sum total of all basic pay allowances and other entitlements payable to an employee in an establishment within and outside Nigeria, which can be public or private. The term “employees” describe all persons employed in any establishment in return for salary, wages or other consideration, and whether employed full-time or part-time and includes temporary employees who work for periods of not less than thirty days.

Organizations lobbying or soliciting businesses from government and private organizations are now required to present any evidence of compliance with their statutory obligations with respect to the payment of training contribution to the Fund. All regulatory agencies associated with the Federal Government are required to ensure compliance with this provision. Organizations found in the free trade zone requiring approval for expatriate quota and/or utilizing custom services in matters of export and import are to show proof of compliance with the Act.

Still, On ITF Offices In Lagos State

Reimbursement And Grants Schemes

July 1973 was the establishment of the Reimbursement and Grants Scheme of the ITF was. Under this Scheme, the Fund covers a segment of the cost of workers/employees training and further education by providing grants for courses undertaken.

Variation of the rate of contribution will now be done following an order published in the Gazette by the Minister of Industry with the consent and approval of the Federal Executive Council. Previously The Minister may differ the rate of contribution with the consent and approval of the President by order published in the Federal Gazette. The maximum refund which an employee can claim has been reduced recently from 60% to 50% of the amount paid by such employer subject to the training program of the employer as stated in the Fund’s reimbursement schemes. This is not in line with all expectations, it would have been expected that the total fund available to the ITF should increase because of the numerical increase of employers now required to contribute, and therefore no justification for a reduction in the percentage of contribution available as refunds to complying employers.

The penalty meted out to employers who failed to provide adequate (documented) training for its indigenous staff or to accept students for industrial attachment purposes in their organization or providing false returns or information is vulnerable on conviction in the case of a body corporate to be fined N500,000 (previously N5,000) for the first breach and N1,000,000 (previously N10,000) for each breach in the future. If it is the Chief Executive, Secretary or another principal officer of the company to a fine of N50,000 (previously N1,000) or two years imprisonment for a first breach and two years’ imprisonment without the option of fine for each breach in the future.



Despite the operation of the Fund is to ensure that employees and student acquire the skill needed in industries in Nigeria by providing a fund for their program (if not fully but partly), yet this has not been carried out successfully. Not everyone is knowledgeable about the operation of the fund even though some persons might have heard of it.

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  1. Good morning… please I don’t know where else to table this matter and I need urgent urgent response to it. Please I did my IT back in 2017 and it came to my attention that the FG started paying the #15,000 on Thursday 18th July. But the issue is I couldn’t receive mine because the account I dropped back then was a student account which has long been closed down. No amount of funds can actually get into that account. So as it stands my money is still with the FG. I don’t know if there’s a way I can actually go about this so I can eventually get the money. Thanks a lot as I wait for swift response.

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