How To Activate Capitec Bank App Without Going To The Bank (2024)

The essence of having a bank app is reduce the need of going of appearing physically at the bank for every transaction. Therefore, knowing how to how to activate Capitec bank app without going to the bank is a valid, and important query.

Capitec, with over 20.1 million customers, Capitec is one the fastest growing banks in southern Africa; and at the core of its growth is the use of technology. Capitec bank is app is probably the most popular in the country; this is because it is very simple to use.

Therefore, it is not a surprise to see so many people downloading the Capitec Bank app every single day. After downloading the app however, they are faced with the challenge of activating it.

How To Activate Capitec Bank App Without Going To The Bank

Below are the requirements which one needs to go through in order to activate Capitec app without going to the bank. The steps are outlined from the beginning so as to make it clear.

You will need to have the following things handy before starting the process.

1 Your Capitec registered cellphone with you at hand to receive an SMS

2 Have your Global One card

3 Capitec Bank App

The item number 3 listed as Capitec Bank App is not different; it is the very same app you wish to activate. Before one can activate the app, one must first have it on his mobile phone. Whatever type of phone one uses, the Capitec Bank App is available on the app store of the various mobile phone platforms.

Apple users can download the latest version of the Capitec app from the App Store, while Android users can find the latest version of the Capitec app for android on the Google Play Store.

It is important to note that the key to this whole process is having your email address verified. Once this is done, customers can easily activate their Capitec apps right from their homes or offices, without having to go to the bank.

The following is a step by step presentation of how activate the Capitec app.

1 Download the Capitec Bank App

2 Open the App, and after it has been installed, click ‘Open’

3 the system will present a dialogue with options. From the options presented, click “I have a savings account.”

4 The system will then present a dialogue box to enter your savings account number. After entering your account number correctly (please check to ensure that the number you have entered is correct) then proceed by clicking “Continue”

5 after that, the next step is to enter your remote app PIN and when that is done, please click “Continue”

Capitec will send you an SMS with a code. If the phone number remains the same, but you have only changed mobile phones, this should be enough. You will need to either click the link in the SMS, or enter the code. This is time sensitive; it must be done immediately the SMS is sent; otherwise the system will automatically cancel the process.

If the phone number is new, it will need to be verified via email, which will be sent to the customer. That is if the customer already has a verified email on his profile with the bank.

6 Wait for activation. This should take a few seconds to execute, after which the activation will be done, and one can start to use the Capitec app.

After the Capitec Bank App is Verified

When the Capitec Bank App has been verified; one is open to a world of possibilities; the uses for this bank app is almost limitless; there are so many possible uses for which would be happy to have got this app.

The following are some of the uses for the Capitec Bank App. They include;

Open A New Bank Account

One may say “I already have a Capitec Account.” However, when one considers the many different types of accounts, and the unique benefits that each of them have, then one becomes grateful for the fact that there is the option to open accounts via the app.

The account opening process via the Capitec bank app is quite easy; the process is streamlined so as to avoid the need to go to the bank. It is therefore quite simple.

When one opens the Capitec Bank App, the system displays several account types, and by clicking on them one can choose the types of account to open. However, some account types may have different requirements from others.

However, one can open the accounts by filling in the required information, submitting scanned IDs and selfies online.

It Can Be Used To Reset The Remote App PIN.

This is an exceedingly useful feature; it ensures the integrity of customers’ accounts, and customers’ finances. Ordinarily one would have had to visit the bank, fill out forms, and then request that the remote pin be changed.

By adding this important feature to the app, Capitec is making life very easy for customers, and enabling them to protect their accounts.

Invest In Shares And Mutual Funds

The Capitec bank app enables one to invest and trade in equities directly from one’s mobile phone. This feature shows that Capitec Bank cares about its customers; while other banks only provide the options to allow customers spend money, Capitec allows customers secure their futures by investing in financial instruments such as shares and mutual funds.

Email E-Statements

In the past, customers needed to travel to their bank branches to request account statements, which was particularly inconvenient if they had to settle financial disputes. Now, however, customers can receive email statements just by clicking a button on their Capitec Bank Apps.

Pay Utility Bills, And Buy Electricity Units, As Well As Airtime And Data

From the Capitec App there is the option to pay bills; one just has to click on the option. Many of the utilities and even DSTV are preloaded into the system; one only has to select the particular bills, and then fill in the amount one wants to pay.

Airtime and Data are also easy to buy on the Capitec app; just when opens the app; the option becomes available and one can simply click on it.

Block Stolen Or Lost Cards

The Capitec bank app can be used to block stolen or lost cards; which is an added reason why one has to activate the Capitec bank app. in the past one would have to go to the bank in order to deactivate stolen bank cards; thus securing contained funds. This is very easy on the Capitec bank app; just open the app and look for the option to report stolen cards.

It Can Be Used To Activate Virtual Cards

The Capitec App can also be used to activate virtual cards; this is an additional layer of safety; if one shops online frequently, then there is a possibility that his bank details or bank cards can become compromised by submitting said details to an insecure or fraudulent website.

A virtual card is a card that only exists on your phone; it is just a set of numbers with some money in it. Rather than use your real card, one can now put a little money into the virtual card, and use that to make virtual payments instead.

Do SARS e-filing

Instead of having to pass through additional stress to meet up one’s obligations to the South African Revenue Service SARS, one can easily do the payments, and paperwork directly through the Capitec Bank App.

Aside from these important features, which can be called value added features, the Capitec Bank App, just like other bank apps in the country; the Capitec Bank App can also be used for the following applications.

It can be used for transactions like buying online, or paying for services, or sending money to friends and family.

It can be used to manage credit and debit cards.

It can be used to track ones spending habits and expenditures.



This is about all there is to know about how to activate Capitec bank app without going to the bank. It is a relatively easy process, especially when one has already previously verified his profile with Capitec Bank on a previous phone or app.

Activating this app opens one to a world of possibilities; there are so many benefits to be gained from using this app.