Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In California Without A Degree (2022)

California is one of the 50 States in the United States of America, it’s a western state that is home to some of the world-known cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco amongst others. It is also one of America’s biggest states with a high population and top-notch infrastructure. What’s more, the state has an economy that is bigger than that of most countries.

And, yes, you can get a high-paying job in California without a degree. However, some jobs might require a diploma that signifies that you are eligible for the job. A certification from a vocational school or training college can get you a cool job that pays well. Some of these jobs offer training on the job if you don’t have any experience related to the job, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have any form of experience on a job of your choice.

Highest Paying Jobs In California Without A Degree

1. Air Traffic Controllers

Air traffic controllers are the personnel involved with monitoring and overseeing airplanes in an airport. The profession demands a lot of hard work and consistent alertness. A degree is not required to become an Air traffic controller, however, you will be required to undergo all-inclusive training on the job.¬†It’s the highest paying job in California without a degree with an annual income of $122,530.

2. Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are involved with helping clients buy or sell off residential and commercial assets. They also assist clients to set a good and reasonable price for properties that intend to be put up for sale. They furnish customers with recommendations on how to boost the price of their house and supervise property tours. It is a high-paying job with an annual income of $99,786.

3. Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling (HVAC) system supervisors

HVAC system supervisors are concerned with the installation and care of heating, ventilation, and cooling systems in homes and commercial places. They are concerned with buying working equipment, planning service trips, training HVAC employees, servicing installation equipment, and evaluating the excellence of a completed job are all the job descriptions of an HVAC system supervisor. They are also involved in assessing, allocating, and contracting subcontractors. They earn an average annual income of $86,000.

4. Tanker Drivers

Tanker drivers are truck drivers that work with outfits that convey liquid and gases such as propane and gasoline. They usually halt at checkpoints to fill up their tanks, travel for hours, assess the truck, and help out with offloading the shipment. A tanker driver earns an average income of $84,532 annually.

5. Massage Therapists

Massage therapists make therapeutic massages available to their customers to alleviate discomfort, boost leisure and lessen tension. They discuss the client’s massage expectations with them and talk about the body regions and muscle groups the customer wants to deal with and make impulse available to muscles and impetus points through massage treatment. They earn an average salary of $83,017 annually.

6. Electric Power Plant Operators

An individual is required to have a high school diploma to become an Electric Power Plant Operator in California. They are usually in charge of scheduling and administering power plant processes and making sure that the plant transmits power to the right locations.

The power plant distributes energy to the appropriate locations and carries out all other operations that are crucial to the successful operation of a power plant. An electric power plant operator in California earns an average of $83,020 annually.

7. Commercial Pilots

A college diploma is required for airline pilots but not for commercial pilots. All that you need to be a commercial pilot in California is a high school diploma and a pilot’s license which can be acquired within six and eight weeks. A commercial pilot earns an average income of $82,240 annually.

8. Brickmasons

Brickmasons are skilled workers who work hand in hand to construct buildings. A brick mason in California earns an average income of $79,960 annually.

9. Real Estate Brokers

A real estate broker either works for a real estate establishment or owns a real estate office where they handle real estate deals. They are also involved in retailing rented apartments and bargaining loans for them. A real estate broker earns an average remuneration of $78,470 yearly.

10. Distribution Managers

A distribution manager is tasked with the responsibility of supervising the logistics of shipments due for delivery at a warehouse. They are concerned with developing systems for handling stocks and transporting goods, placing orders, monitoring deliveries, and planning schedules for warehouse employees and drivers. A distribution manager is one of the highest paying jobs in California without a degree with a net salary of $78,244 yearly.

11. Front Desk Managers

Front desk managers oversee staff at the front desk and sustain guest comfort in hotels, guest houses, or other hospitality establishments. They are tasked with the responsibility of dealing with customer complaints, gathering client satisfaction reports, writing client’s service protocols, providing front desk allotments, and training front desk personnel. They earn an average salary of $78,244 annually.

12. Web developers

Web developers are tasked with the responsibility of building websites and composing codes for their outlook and operations. They also design the graphic interface for website pages, add pictures and ensigns, build site-integrated properties and software applications, update website content and offer solutions to users’ concerns. They earn a net income of $77,742 yearly.

13. Radiation Therapists

A radiation therapist is tasked with the responsibility of checking appliances, reporting sessions, and evaluating patients after treatments. You require an associate degree which can be obtained in two years to become a radiation therapist in California. A radiation therapist earns an average income of $77,560 annually.

14. Boilermakers 

Skilled workers who produce, install, and manage huge vats, containers, and other boiler structures usually for industries. They examine the building’s layout to ensure that they position the boiler in its exact location. They also trim metal sheets, weld the boiler parts in place, attach the boiler to pipes and mend spoilt boilers. Furthermore, they monitor the operation of the boiler and renovate the burners & trays to optimize their productivity. The average remuneration of boilermakers in California is $77,003 annually.

15. Elevator Technicians

Skilled personnel that installs, maintain, and overhaul elevators are called elevator technicians. To become an elevator technician in California, you are required to have a high school diploma and an internship for tech fittings and repairs. Elevator technicians earn a net salary of $76,650 yearly.

16. Electricians

Electricians are tasked with the responsibility of installing and repairing electrical fittings and wiring in a building. You are required to have an internship for electrical fittings and repairs to be an electrician in California. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in California without a degree with a net income of $77,470 annually.

17. Nuclear Power Reactor Operators

This category of skilled workers is tasked with the responsibility of utilizing control panels and tools to operate nuclear power systems, like generators, reactors, and turbines. They change levers, push buttons, input commands and utilize other control prompts to start and end the reactor, begin certain processes and confirm that the reactor produces the rightful amount of electricity. Nuclear power operators in California earn an average income of $73,649 annually.

18. Police Officers

They are tasked with the responsibility of maintaining law and order and protecting the community against crime. They are expected to watch specified areas and look out for suspicious movements, administer traffic quotations, question criminal suspects and crime casualties, and complete incident statements. 

Police officers are charged with the responsibility of acknowledging emergency calls and making quick aid available to those in need of it in the middle of a disagreement. Police officers in California earn an average income of $73,582 yearly.

19. Executive secretaries and assistants

Executive secretaries and assistants are tasked with the responsibility of conducting research, processing data requests, drafting emails, prepping conference calls, welcoming visitors, arranging meetings, and readying statistical information. The annual net income of executive secretaries and assistants in California is $72,690.

20. Freelance Copywriters

A content developer for businesses and organizations on a contractual purpose is called a freelance copywriter. They are tasked with the responsibility of writing blog posts for websites, drafting advertisements through email, crafting captivating social media posts, creating engaging website copy, and writing white papers. A freelance copywriter in California earns an average income of $71,456 yearly.



There is a vast array of high-paying jobs without a degree in California. So if you didn’t get the chance to complete your college degree or you couldn’t forward your education past your high school diploma, you can secure a high-paying job right here in California and proceed to obtain a college degree on a part-time basis. However, some of these jobs might require some internship to practice them.

The jobs outlined above are just a few out of the various jobs that don’t require a degree in California. Did one or two of them catch your fancy? If yes, please head over to the comment section below and tell me all about it. I will be waiting to read them. If it’s your comments or thoughts on the subject that you would love to share with me, you can drop it in the comment section below as well. I can’t wait to hear from you.