Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In Atlanta Without A Degree (2022)

Atlanta is the capital and biggest city of Georgia which is one of the 50 states of the United States of America. The city maintains its place as the economic and commercial capital of the Southeast the United States of America. The city is the center of operations of the 6th Federal Reserve District. Georgia’s capital city is also home to over 40 Colleges in the urban area.

You may wonder if you could get a high-paying job in Atlanta without a college degree, but contrary to popular belief, you can get a high-paying job in Atlanta without a degree. However, you could require a few professional certifications for some of these jobs but be rest assured that your High School Diploma would get you a high-paying job in Atlanta.

Highest Paying Jobs In Atlanta Without A Degree

1. Logistics Operations Manager

These are professionals that schedule and organize the transportation, storage, or distribution activities of warehouse staff. They oversee the operations of employees that are involved with receiving, packing, and delivering products. They scrutinize the physical surroundings of warehouses, vans and trucks, and other equipment. It is the highest paying job in Atlanta without a degree with an average annual income of $115,330.

2. Vehicle Inspectors

They are professionals that scrutinize vehicles for damage, mechanical issues, safety abuses, and emissions that pollute the environment. They make use of diagnostic devices to discover problems, conduct visual tests on automobiles, and scrutinize an automobile’s gauges to confirm that they are in good working conditions. They earn an annual average income of $104,370. 

3. Power distributors and dispatchers

They are personnel that is involved in regulating the flow of electricity traveling from producing stations to substations and the end-users. They redirect electric currents around locations that require maintenance or overhaul and avoid more damage during emergency outages. They earn an average income of $96,860 per annum. 

4. Substation Technician

These are personnel that scrutinizes, examine, or maintains electrical devices in generating stations, and substations. They also refer to guidebooks, diagrams, engineering staff, to solve equipment issues and to decide on the best equipment functioning. They earn a net annual income of $94,550. 

 5. Postmasters and Mail superintendents 

These are personnel that schedule, and organize functional, administrative, and maintenance services of a United States Post Office. They coordinate and oversee working operations such as processing incoming and outgoing mails and they also attend to clients’ complaints. They earn an average salary of $82,390 per annum. 

6. Sales Supervisor

These are sales personnel who directly oversee and organize the working operations of sales staff and make assistance to employees facing challenges in carrying out their responsibilities. They earn an average income of $79,010 per year. 

7. Industrial Hygiene Consultant

These are professionals that gather data on work environs for study by occupational health and safety specialists. They examine workplaces for environmental dangers like radiation or disproportionate noise and preserve all essential environmental registers and documents. They earn an average remuneration of $76,950 yearly in Atlanta. 

8. Police Captain

These are Police officers that directly oversee and organize the activities of the members of the Police force. They also expound police processes to subordinates to help them in carrying out their job duties. They also educate police staff on appropriate police operation processes. They earn an average income of $76,000 annually. 

9. Power plant Operators

A power plant operator is a professional that regulates the systems that produce and dispense electric power. They change pedals to control the flow of power and read meters and scales to observe voltage and electricity flows. They run periodic checks on devices and gauges to discover proof of operating issues. They earn an average salary of $74,490 per year. 

10. Maintenance Supervisors

They directly oversee and organize the operations of installers, repairers, and mechanics. They also scrutinize and observe work areas, assess tools and devices, and make worker safety training, available to avoid, discover, and make right hazardous situations. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in Atlanta without a degree with an average income of $73,850 per annum. 

11. Real Estate Sales Agents

These are licensed professionals who organize real estate deals, connecting buyers and sellers and representing them in negotiations. They usually major in either commercial or residential real estate, and they earn an average income of $72,950 annually in Atlanta.

12. Sales representative 

They are personnel who retail for manufacturers and wholesalers to companies or individuals. They also provide answers to clients’ questions concerning the products, costs, accessibility, and the use of the products. They earn an average income of $72,870 every year.

13. Hearing Aid Specialists

These are professionals that conduct hearing assessments and ear exams to decide on the hearing aid that will best suit a client’s hearing loss symptoms. They also make sure that the appropriate fit is produced for any hearing aid device and teach clients the way to maintain their hearing aids appropriately. They earn an average income of $72,550 annually in Atlanta.

14. Criminal Investigators 

These are police officers that perform investigations on criminal cases by gathering truths or statements from victims, suspects, and witnesses to solve crimes. They earn an average of $71,490 annually in Atlanta. 

15. Audio Engineers

They are professionals that put together and control sound equipment. They use this equipment to record, harmonize, revise, blend, or duplicate music, voices, or sound effects for video, films, television, podcasts, and other productions. Audio engineers in Atlanta earn an average income of $71,060 per annum.  

16. Claims adjusters and investigator

These are insurance personnel that examines the claims by questioning claimants and witnesses, revising hospital and police reports, assessing property damage, and approving the payments to claimants. Claim adjusters and investigators in Atlanta earn an average income of $70,660 annually.

17. Construction Supervisor 

They are personnel that directly oversee and organize the operations of construction or extraction workers. They read stipulations, like layout plans to decide on construction necessities or to schedule construction procedures. They scrutinize work advancement, devices, and construction locations to confirm that safety specifications are satisfied. Construction supervisors in Atlanta earn an average income of $70,580 per annum.

18. Gas plant Operators

They are personnel involved in the delivery or processing of gas for companies and individuals by regulating compressors to sustain indicated pressure on major pipes. They also supervise the fabrication, storage, and transportation of diverse types of gases. Gas Plant Operators in Atlanta earn an average income of $70,430 yearly. 

19. Sales representative of services

These are sales personnel that present and sell services to establishments, companies, or government establishments. They reach out to prospective buyers to present services, provide answers to questions and discuss pricing. Sales representatives of services in Atlanta earn an average income of $70,190 per year. 

20. Executive Secretaries and administrative assistants

This personnel makes top-notch assistance for an office and leading administrators of a business available. They are often tasked with the responsibility of dealing with multifaceted duties like revising incoming documents, performing research, organizing reports, and sometimes overseeing the clerical workforce. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in Atlanta without a degree with an income of $67,990 annually.



Atlanta, Georgia’s capital city has a vast array of high-paying jobs without a degree. You are required to have a minimum of a high school diploma to secure any of the high-paying jobs in Atlanta without a Degree. Some of the jobs will require experience that can be gathered in an internship program or at a vocational school. With these high-paying jobs, you can consider pursuing a college degree that will position you for better opportunities that will allow you to earn even more.

If any of the jobs outlined above interests you, tell me all about them in the comments section below. Your comments and thoughts are also welcome in the comment section, so feel free to drop them there.