28 List of Graphic Design Schools in Ghana [2023]

Graphic design schools in Ghana are many and diverse in size and structure. This is ideal because there is a lot of demand for this training; young people in the country have come to recognize the potential in graphic design as a career because it is a very rewarding endeavor.

Aside from entertainment purposes which graphic design can serve; it is also a very essential part of business. As Africa and the world turns to digital platforms as the focal point of commerce, and advertising and business continue to be taken online, graphic designers will continue to become more relevant as those who make messages appealing to the eyes of consumers.

Most people cannot just automatically gain this complex digital skill; it has to be taught meticulously. Ghana is very meticulous when it comes to teaching, which is why Ghanaian graphic design schools may be the best on the continent.

List of Graphic Design Schools in Ghana 

1. Accra International School Advertising and Design (AISAD)

AISAD has gained a reputation as a top place for the acquisition of digital skills. The school is quite vast; it covers a wide range of creative skills that are relevant in the world of digital content creation, as well as digital commerce.

AISAD has gained a lot of popularity in Ghana; this is no doubt helped by the fact that the school has produced several notable persons in Ghana society; including photographers, video makers,  animators, graphic designers, and so on.

AISAD selects its teaching staff from the best available hands; and many of them have actually won awards for their work, while others have gained recognition because they work practically; not as teachers. This practical know-how is one of the core reasons why AISAD stands out, and why it is very attractive to young people in the country.

You can contact them through:

Physical Location: No. 109 Avenue E Kofi Annan Avenue, North Legon, Accra

Telephone Contact: +233 (0) 303 935 943

Email Contact: info@aisad.edu.gh

Website: Accra International School Advertising and Design

2. Accra Film School

Accra Film School is a prestigious media institute in Accra, Ghana. The school is rated as one of the best in its field; it endeavors to instill the tenets of excellence in its students. As the name implies, the school is a great place to study the media arts; Photography, Film Making, Acting, Directing, and so on. However, this is a great place to learn graphic design, 2D and 3D Animation, Visual Publicity, and so on.

The school is recognized by the Ghana Education Service, and the approach of learning is very practical. This is also a great place to mix up with young persons who have a passion for the media and digital arts. One can build quite a network here.

For more information please contact them through:

Postal Address: PO Box KB595 Accra, Ghana West Africa

Email: info@accrafilmschool.com

Telephone numbers: +233 -303-934-588/+233-265-311-544/+233-264-253-165

3. Joyce Ababio College Of Creative Design

Joyce Ababio College Of Creative Design was established by Ghana’s renowned fashion designer by the same name. It has been in existence for about 20 years, and has gained a reputation as a top place for the study and application of creativity. Of course, a core subject of the college is fashion design; but then it takes visual designs to sell fashion.

Joyce Ababio College Of Creative Design is a great place to study visual designs; Graphic Designs, Digital Marketing, 3D Animation, Photography, and other creative courses.

For more information please contact them through:

Postal Address: PO Box CT 1097

Telephone Contact: 0302797471

Mobile Contact: 0235682600

4. Radford University College

Radford University College is accredited by the National Accreditation Board in Ghana. This is a college that aims to provide practical education to help young people gain practical skills and certification that will help them contribute to the economy and society of Ghana.

Available courses include Art, Graphics and Design, Applied Science, Information Communications Technology, Business, Hospitality and Event Management.

For more information please contact them through:

Physical Location: 83A Lagos avenue, East Legon, Accra Ghana.

Telephone Contact: +233 (0) 20 161 7584

Email: info@radforduc.edu.gh

5. IPMC College Of Technology

IPMC College comes with a bit of difference; at the core of this school is Information Technology and Computing. IPMC College is notable as a pioneer in IT education in Ghana.

This is a great place to study Graphic Design; 3D Animation, Web Design, Database Technology, Software Applications, Computer Programming, and other programs.  Studying at this college can give one the opportunity to network with the brightest minds in the country’ IT industry.

For more information:

Physical Address: Technology centre, Kwame Nkurumah centre.

Postal Address: PO Box AN 7617, Accra north, Ghana.

Phone Contact: +233 243585802

Email: training@ipmcghana.com

6. Rioh’s Originate

Rioh’s Originate was established in 2010; the core of the institution is critical thinking. The school endeavors to help people learn how to think outside the box; and to apply that critical thinking to their content creation, digital marketing, and Graphic Designs.

This is a great place to learn your way around the digital world; not just to create content, but also to stand out.

For more information contact them through:

Telephone Contact: 03 027 89434

Email: info@riohs.com

7. Bluecrest College

Bluecrest College was established in 1999, and has grown to be one of the top places to learn Graphic Design in Ghana. This is one of the earliest schools of graphic design in Ghana; it has a reputation which the managers will not like to fall below. The school is known for providing quality education, especially in the area of ICT.

For more information contact them via:

Physical location: Cola street, near ATTC, in front of Societe Generale head office.

Kokomele Postal Address: P.O Box AN18392 Accra

Telephone: 030-2250649

Email: contactus@bluecrest.edu.gh

8. DLI College Accra

The Dignified Life College is a school where practical skills are taught, and where students can learn the skills to live a dignified life, and so become contributing members of society.

Courses available include Graphic Design, Microsoft Office, Web Development, Hardware, and System Networking.

Physical Address: Amankani ave adenta, Accra, Ghana

Telephone Contact: 026 4516560

Email: info@dlicollege.org

9. Elite College

Elite College is one of the few places that started small, but has gone on to establish itself as a great place where quality education in the area of IT Skills, as well as digital content creation, and all the various facets of digital marketing can be learned.

The school was established in 2005, and has brought the learning process as close to the people as possible; it does this offering courses in the local languages including Twi, and other Ghanaian languages.

For information contact the school via:

Physical Location: Ayeduase just Opposite the chief’s palace. Box Address: P. O. Box 1229, KNUST, Kumasi

Email Contact: elitecollegeghana@gmail.com

Phone Contact: +233 24 308 446

10.  Intaleks School Of Design

Intaleks School Of Design is a school that offers Graphic Design, as well as other intricacies of the digital economy. This is also a great place to study Computer Science, Computer Networking, Digital Marketing, 3D Animation, and all things that help bring ideas to life.

For more information please contact them via:

Physical Location: Knust Ayeduase – Gate, Kumasi, Ghana.

Telephone Contact: +233 3222191072

11. Hanscia Graphics

Hanscia Graphics is a foremost graphic design establishment in Ghana. The company does all kinds of graphic arts and designs, not just for use in digital marketing, but also for use in physical products such as banners, handbills, bill boards, pamphlets, and other products to publicize products and events.

The company also trains young people with passion for creative designs; this helps to improve the quality of the work, and also to give back to society.

For more information:

Address: P O BOX BT 191, Tema, Accra, Ghana.

Phone Contact: 024 968 9931

12. Faculty Of Arts University Of Ghana

The Faculty of Arts at the University of Ghana is an illustrious part of the university. This is a great place to study courses such as Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Photography, Film Making, Film Directing, Acting, and so on. Aside from the practical education which is offered by the institution, one also has a chance to be part of vibrant academic community.

For more information please contact:

Postal Address: Post Office Box LG 1291. Legon. Accra.

Telephone: +233 (0) 303-937535

Email: sarts@ug.edu.gh

13. Deseret School Of Design

Deseret School Of Design is a foremost place for the study of design in Ghana. This institution has as its top priority the study of architecture; using the best digital programs available. Aside from designing beautiful buildings, other courses available include digital marketing, graphic designs, 3D animation, and many more.

For more information, please contact:

Phone Contact: 055 666 2426

14. Royal Media College Ghana

The Royal Media College of Ghana is a fully accredited institution by the Ghana Education Services. This is a great place to study digital marketing, graphic designs, digital content creation, and many other courses. This institution is a renown School of Journalism and Media Studies.

For more information, please contact:

Location: Kwashieman, Ghana;

Telephone Number: +233(0)244 611 055

15. M and J Institute, Accra

M and J Institute of creative designs, and fashion is a private institution in Accra that teaches students what it means to be digital content creators, and to work as graphic designs, 3D Animators, and so on.

For more information, please contact:

Physical Address: Mahogany Highway GT-039-5830 Lashibi Tema, Spintex Rd, Accra, Ghana

Phone Contact: +233 24 308 8407

16. Kodabs Institute

Kodabs Institute of Information Technology (KIIT) is a private institution which provides practical education in the area of digital content creation, Computer Systems Networking, Computer Programming, 3D Animation, and so on.

For more information, please contact:

Physical Address: Techiman, Bono, East of Ghana.

17. Initiative Technologies

Initiative Technologies is an Information Technology (IT) that has been operating in Ghana since 2009. This institution does not just train people to work as IT experts and digital marketers; it is one of the major firms engaged in providing these services to the Ghanaian public.

That way, the students can gain practical knowledge of the business, by watching it done first hand. They can also learn how to relate with clients, and how to work with deadlines.

For more information:

Physical Address: 114 Apple Avenue SOS Down Tema, Ghana.

Telephone Number: 0303 305664

18. Ambassadors (University) College

Ambassadors (University) College was established in May 2008. This institution is recognized by the Ghana Education Service. It is a great place to study graphic designs, as well as other practical courses like Information and Communication Technology, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Oil and Gas, and so on.

For more information please contact the college via:

Physical Location: Adjacent Abrantie Spot, Lapaz, Accra-Ghana.

Address: P O Box AM 252, Amasaman, Accra, Ghana –West Africa.

Telephone Number: (+233)244-228720

Email Address: info@ambassadorscollege.com

College Website: http://www.ambassadorscollege.org/

19. Netbase ICT

Netbase ICT is one of the graphic design schools in Ghana. The institute is a great place to gain practical skills that will help young ones establish themselves in the digital economy of Ghana.

Aside from the ICT Solutions such as Systems Networking, and Computer Programming, the institute also teaches graphic designs, Microsoft Office, and Computer Hardware Maintainance.

For more information please contact:

Physical Address: Circle, 00233 Accra, Ghana

Telephone Number: +233 26 714 1574

Email Address: netbaseict@gmail.com

20. Hope Life School Of Languages

Hope Life School of Languages is a private institution in Ghana. As the name implies; it is a great place for the study of languages such as German, Arabic, French, English, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

However, aside from communication, the institute also teaches Graphic Design, Computer Programing, Digital Marketing, and System Networking.

For more information, please Contact:

Physical Address: Near Accra Conference Centre Lokko Road, Osu, Accra, Ghana.

Telephone Number: +233-21931696

College Website: http://www.hopelifeschooloflanguages.net46.net/

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There are several graphic design schools in Ghana, and it may not be possible to cover them all. However, the top ones; contributing the most to the dissemination of this practical knowledge in Ghana are mostly the ones captured in this post. Another important determinant of a person’s success is the commitment he puts into the process of his learning.