The ever increasing rate of food crisis and hunger in Africa and some other parts of the world is an issue of global concern. The top 20 main causes of food crisis are examined and stated below, don’t hesitate to share your views and probable solutions on this issue through the comment section.


1. FAMINE: The scarcity of food will definitely bring about the food crisis. This is one of the major causes of food insecurity.

2. DROUGHT: the presence of little or no water leads to difficulty in growing food and thus resulting in a food crisis in some parts of Africa.

3. CLIMATE CHANGE: climate change directly or indirectly links to food security. The changing atmospheric conditions make it difficult to grow food peculiar to that area.

4. DESERTIFICATION : this phenomenon is brought about through deforestation. Food can’t be grown in desert areas. Thus, the food crisis abounds.

5. OVERPOPULATION: when the population of a country is much more than its food supply, scarcity of food occurs.

6. GOVERNMENT POLICIES: some African country policies on prices of food can also lead to the food crisis in Africa. This can be due to inflated food prices.

7. CORRUPTION: embezzlement of public funds necessary for food security can lead to a food crisis resulting in hunger in Africa.

8. LAND TENURE SYSTEM: this is a system used in some countries. A citizen is given a small piece of land depending on the purpose for a specified time. This system doesn’t encourage commercial farming. Food is produced in small quantities using this system which may result in food crisis and hunger in Africa.

9. POOR STORAGE TECHNOLOGY: the poor storage techniques of perishable food items lead to food wastage. This leads to food crisis in Africa & Hunger in Africa.

10. The absence of an enabling environment for the development of small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) can cause hunger in Africa. Many people have ideas on how to establish a business of their own to sustain themselves. However when there is no enabling environment to start such businesses, unemployment sets in leading to an increase in hunger and food crisis.

11. CONFLICT: internal and external conflict in a country leads to food insecurity in the long run.

12. POOR INVESTMENT IN AGRICULTURE: The government in some countries fail to invest fully in agriculture which guarantees food security.

13. ATTITUDE OF YOUTHS TO AGRICULTURE : Youths nowadays prefer white-collar jobs to farm jobs. The absence of able-bodied youths in agricultural practices leads to decreased food production. This in turn may lead to food crisis in Africa & hunger in Africa .

14. HOARDING OF FOOD: This is done by the middlemen between the farmers and consumer. They hide food items meant to get to the consumers causing food scarcity in order to inflate prices.
They now sell at ridiculously high prices during these times.

15. TERRORISM: Terrorist attacks on a particular country does a lot of damage. Food becomes scarce as people are displaced from their homes.

16. CRUDE FARMING TECHNIQUES: Most farming techniques are old and outdated. This leads to low agricultural output. This contributes to food scarcity.

Causes of hunger in Africa / Causes of food crisis in Africa

17. PEST INFESTATION: locust’s invasion, as an example can bring about low harvest. Pests destroy and reduce agricultural produce.

18. DISEASES: widespread diseases of livestock meant for consumption contributes to food scarcity.

19. LACK OF INCENTIVES: incentives such as free fertilizers, flexible loans, and the likes, goes a long way to encourage farming among local farmers, and thus, food security is will be more guaranteed to buy lack of incentives may give an unwanted result.

20. OVER FARMING: In highly populated countries, there isn’t enough land for farming. This leads to excessive farming on a particular land. The soil of such land gets depleted and loses its nutrients over time leading to a reduction in agricultural produce and thus, Food insecurity or hunger in Africa.

So That’s all on “Top 20 Causes of Food Crisis in Africa & Hunger in Africa”, share your thoughts and suggestions with us through the comment box for probable solutions and other causes we may have left out. Also, like us on or follow us on

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