The list of female prisons in Nigeria, Talking about Prisons, this is a place where no one wants to be. Prisons are known as a correctional facility, they are known as places where inmates are confined and denied access to the outside world or any form of freedom, many talks about the bad experience which they have had. Prison is not a place one should go to because only criminals are taken there, this article we will be giving you information about Female Prisons in Nigeria, the types and every other information which you need to know, you will enjoy this write up just keep reading.


You should know that from the onset, male and female can’t be kept together, due to so many reasons. That is why there is a separation among them, privacy and many other reasons. Even in universities, you can never see make or female hostel together, except those that stay off-campus or those that decide to cohabit together, but you can never compare that to prison as there will be lots of violence and abuse going on there, as both sexes are not in their right mind. There are only two female prisons in Nigeria, one of them is very popular due to a large number of criminal offenders in there while the other, you will get to find out about it in this article.


You must have heard about this prison somewhere which is located in Lagos State, Nigeria. The Kirikiri prison is known to be the biggest prison in Nigeria with a huge capacity containing both male and female crime offenders but they are being placed in different places. You should know that people who are kept here will serve longer jail time like 5 years and above and some are already being sentenced to life imprisonment. This place is like a dungeon zone or even classified as a dead zone because they fail to see the outside world, just tall fences surrounding them. Only females from the age of 18 years and above are allowed to be placed here. Many notable men and politicians have been placed here, the likes of Fela Anikulapo and others for crimes that they committed.


This prison is located in Adamawa. This prison has a total capacity of 400 female inmates and currently, there are not up to 20 female inmates in there. This prison is built since there was an insurgency in Nigeria due to book haram destroying lots of prisons in Nigeria.

For a country like Nigeria with a population of about 200 million people, you should know that there will be lots of crime ongoing and not just that lot of prisons’ should be available to keep in offenders. You should know that no matter what anyone tells you about prison, it’s not a good experience, as many have gotten lots of sickness through this and so many other things. There are 240 prisons in Nigeria and one of the prisons is able to accommodate about 50,000 people which is their official capacity but still many are overcrowded. You should know that the crime rate in Nigeria is on a high rise, so people are being put in prison daily, some are still awaiting trails and many others. Most of the prisoners are males which are about 74,000 and only about 2% are females which are about 1500, shocking right!. For every crime which is committed especially when it involves fraud or murder, kidnapping and others that person is being sent to jail either for life or a stipulated period of time which they are being denied lots of things which they had access to in the outside world. A criminal is not just going to the prison to get jailed but he/she is going to get corrected, that’s why its called a correctional facility.

Many complain about the poor state of prison yards and even inside where the inmates sleep, no good food, water or even where to bath. The same issue which affects the women, many of them are being infected with diseases from sexually transmitted diseases to others. Most of the female inmates in the prison get pregnant for the workers there and many of them are forced to go through the painful processes after delivering the baby as they will be forced to give up the child. Talking about how women are not being taken care of in the female prison, the environment and where they are being kept is not an ideal one for their health, women are not like men since their private body parts are termed to be open and they are quick to catch infections than the men, they should be taken care of closely. You should know that many of the prison inmates die of several infections even up to the ones who contract HIV/AIDS. No good food or even good water supply and good hygiene practices for the female. While in the prison, many things should be done to ensure good hygiene for the females since they are being separated from the males and overcrowding can also lead to infections that can spread around easily.

I know you must be wondering why the prison is being called a correctional facility even while people go there and spend a long period of time there. You should know that prison has lots of facilities to help the inmates while they are in there so that when they are out, they can be termed to be a better person. Many Nigerian prisons are known to have schools inside and other things that they teach prison inmates like learning how to hand and craft, barbing, tailoring even some are being taught how to read and write to help improve their vocabulary. These things which the inmates are being taught, the facilities which are being used are provided by the government so that everything will be easier for those in charge and even voluntary organizations support by going to the prisons to give them food, clothes, toiletries, and others, especially the female prisons where sanitary pads are being shared.

Conclusion On List Of Female Prison In Nigeria

In conclusion, we have given you details about female prisons in Nigeria and the types. You should know that prisons are not a good place to be, so you are expected to stay out of crimes at all times. Even if you are male or female, you are expected to have a good record.


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