FCMB Airtime Recharge Code, How To Buy Airtime / Credit from FCMB (2023)

The USSD code acquired by FCMB, unlike other USSD code, do not require you to have any amount on your mobile phone, that is it is completely free. The only thing you need to have is the required amount of money you want to recharge on your account, then just dial the FCMB airtime recharge code USSD on your mobile phone. And also, whether you are using current or savings account, you are completely liable to use the service.

However, this service is also accessible through the FCMB mobile application, just that it requires internet which this one does not require. For you to be able to start enjoying the quick recharge offered by the bank, you have to activate your mobile number, which is of course the registration phase. To activate your mobile phone number, please follow the following steps:

How To Activate FCMB Airtime Recharge Code On Your Mobile Phone Number? 

  1. On your mobile phone, simply dial *329# and a list of options will come up on the screen asking you to select an option
  2. Select option number 1 to activate your mobile phone number.
  3. Enter your FCMB account number in order to link your account number with your mobile phone number
  4. Instantly, a message containing your PIN will come up and to change your PIN, just redial the code and select the option having “security”

How to Recharge your Mobile from Your FCMB Account? – FCMB Airtime Recharge Code

After the activation of your mobile phone number, you can now start enjoying the service. To recharge your mobile number, please follow the following steps

  1. Simply dial *329*amount of recharge you wish to recharge# for example, assuming you want to recharge a sum of 500 Naira on your registered mobile number, just dial *329*500# and your mobile phone will be instantly recharged.
  2. To recharge your friend, family or any other person’s number, dial *329*Amount*phone number of the beneficiary# e.g. you want to recharge a sum of 1000 to your friend with the mobile number 09096723456, simply dial *329*1000*09096723456# and the person will be recharged as soon as possible.

Please be informed that you have to be a registered account holder of FCMB before you can have access to the service. Also, that the minimum and maximum amount you can recharge from your phone is 5000 naira and fifty Naira respectively.

Recap On Using FCMB Airtime Recharge Code

To Recharge For Self

  • *329*Amount#

To Recharge For Others

  • *329*Amount*Phone Number#

History And Mobile Service

FCMB, First City Monument Bank, is a financial institution that deals with the retail and commercial banking since its inception. It was given birth to, in 1982 through the transformation of City Service Limited, which was founded by Oloye Subomi M. Balogun, the Otunba Tunwashe of Ijebu, who is a Yoruba tribal aristocrat in 1977. And since its inception, it has emerged to be among the leaders of financial services in Nigeria. FCMB is the only bank in Nigeria that was introduced without the support of Government or any foreign support. The Bank has its headquarter housed in Lagos with almost three hundred branches across the country. Apart from that, FCMB is also among the eight to lenders in Nigeria with subsidiaries that are leaders in their respective segment. On the 20th of April, it was formed as a Private Limited Company and was later given its banking license by the Central Bank of Nigeria a year later. As time goes on, the bank later transformed into a public limited liability company on the 15th, July 2004.

The bank currently provides financial services to over two million customers across the World through its representatives which are scattered all over the world. In February 2012, the bank acquired a hundred percent (100%) shareholding in Finbank, which is an undercapitalized commercial bank and since then, the bank has incorporated FinBank into its existing operations.

Since its aim is to be the main financial services group of African Origin, the bank has been providing commercial services to the populace since its inception. Before merging with FinBank, FCMB had almost two hundred branches in the world but after the merging, the branches increased to about four hundred branches. Currently, the bank has Jonathan Long has the chairman of the Board of Directors, which comprises of fifteen members.

The World has grown so well that almost all commercial banks are exploring the advantages offered by the technology in order to serve their customer well. One of the most explored parts of the technology is the introduction of mobile banking. As the number of people that uses mobile banking increased and due to its internet requirement, Banks including FCMB decided to find an easy platform for people that do not have access to the internet to utilize banking service. In view of this, the introduction of the mobile code for recharge card was given birth to. Guaranty Trust Bank was the bank that started the innovation which opened the eyes of others. The mobile recharge is possible through the acquisition a unique USSD for mobile recharge by liaising with the mobile network providers. Thus, each bank has its own USSD that will be made accessible to its customer in order for them to be able to recharge their mobile phone anywhere in the world.

The service is of high important most especially to those that use to go and queue on the ATM before they can be able to recharge their mobile phone. The service has however provided the solution to that as you can now recharge your phone from any part of the world that you may be at any point in time. What you just have to do as an FCMB account holder, is for you to register your mobile phone number with the bank in order for them to have it in their database. If you do not register, there is no chance you will be able to use the service.

Another beautiful thing about it is that irrespective of the type of phone or mobile network you are using, the USSD code can work on them so far you can dial the code from the phone. This is because the bank has linked up with all the mobile network provider for effective utilization of the service by its customer.

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