Ecobank Mobile App Download : How To Setup and Fuctions

Ecobank Mobile App Download : How To Setup and Fuctions

The Ecobank Mobile App is available on all smartphones and gives you full access to manage your bank account in a non stressful way outside the banking hall. The mobile banking app is safe, secure and available for you on the go as all you would be needing is an internet connected smartphone. The Ecobank mobile app gives you an Automatic access to an e-wallet account.

How To Download Ecobank Mobile Application

Ecobank mobile app on your smartphone is simple and easy. All you need to do is visit the official app-store of your mobile device and install the application on your phone. This free mobile banking application is available on all Android smartphone, Apple iOS, windows phone and BlackBerry phones.

How To Setup the Ecobank Mobile App

Setting up this cool banking application is straightforward all you need to do is follow the below steps.

For returning users, you would simply :

  • Lauch the Ecobank mobile app
  • To use the mobile banking app you would need to authenticate your smartphone by dialing *326# (If you are in Nigeria), *335# (if you are in Kenya) and *150*18# (if you are in Tanzania).
  • You would need to use your registered number { Number attached to your account}
  • Perform a PIN change
  • Log in to the app to start enjoying it.

Setting up the application is simple for new users :

all you have to do after downloading the app is to

  • click on, ‘New User’ so as to registered your account.
  • During registration fill the appropriate fields correctly
  • begin to enjoy the Ecobank Nigeria Mobile banking app.

Functions and What You Can Do With Ecobank Mobile Banking Application do?

The Ecobank mobile banking app can perform the following fuctions :

  • Purchase of airtime on any mobile phone and any network
  • Pay for your bills online and fast.
  • Get your account balance in realtime
  • As an agent and small businesses owner you can use the Ecobank mobile banking app to can make collections electronically
  • Send and receive money

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