How To Deactivate Mtn Data plan

How To Deactivate Mtn Data Plan

Here is all you need to know about how to deactivate MTN data plan . MTN is one of the largest mobile network in Nigeria and they have the largest customer base in the country with active lines of over 40 million. In this article we would be giving you the full details on how to deactivate MTN data plan for Android, iPhone, laptops and BlackBerry phones. We would also teach you how to stop mtn data plan auto renewals , though auto renewal might be good for you as it helps you roll over unused data it might not be favourable if you have intended to use your available balance for calls or do something else.

how to deactivate mtn data plan

Though in some cases MTN would notify you when you have exceeded your data limit and inform your that your access to the internet has been suspended. In that text message you would see details on how to deactivate the data plan and continue using the internet. Not every one receives this text message making it necessary for you to know this codes as you might find yourself in an unwanted situation where you have exhausted the Megabyte (Mb) allocated to you based on your plan but the existing plan is still valid based on the validity period of your subscription. This can be very frustrating as your access to the internet would be suspended and you won’t be able to surf the internet even though you have enough credit on your phone. You would also be need to cancel your previous subscription first if you are planning to subscribe for a new data bundle on the MTN network. Below are the codes you can use to deactivate all MTN data plans and auto renewals.

How To Deactivate Your MTN Data Plan And Stop Auto Renewals

  • To cancel or deactivate the MTN BlackBerry plan also known as BIS subscription simply send NO to 21600 as a text message.
  •  To cancel or deactivate Mtn data plan for Android, iPhone, and laptop simply send the text RESET to 131 via SMS.
  •  To cancel Auto Renewals of your data subscription on your MTN line simply send the text NO to 131 via SMS.

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