Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria 2018

Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria 2018

A lot of online enthusiasts and web devs/designers are always asking what are the top 10 best web hosting companies in Nigeria. Well, its good to let you know that We have begun to see a shift in the ideology of people towards made in Nigeria products as people seem to now have positive views towards made in Nigeria products, unlike previous years. This is a general phenomenon not restricted to consumables alone. The internet as also been influenced by this and many Nigerians now prefer to host their website with a Nigerian hosting company.

There are so man reasons for this which include affordability, mode of payment and support. Nigerian hosting companies offer payment in naira, phone support when you have issues and also reasonable rates.

Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria , Best Web Hosting in Nigeria

The business of web hosting has seen a sharp boom and just like every other business, many unreliable web hosting companies also sprung up. This post is not meant as a promotional for any web hosting company in Nigeria but to serve as a guide for anyone who is looking to host his / her website with a Nigerian web hosting company. This post gives you info on the 10 best web hosting companies in the country though they might not be the cheapest.

Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

  • 1. WhoGoHost

This is one of the largest Nigerian web hosting providers. This company is unique and they offer both yearly and monthly plans, which is sure to make things easy for people working under a tight budget.

  • 2. Philmorehost

This web hosting company has one of the best server in Nigeria. The support of this web host is also cool as you get across to them via different means including Facebook, Live Chat, Phone and Ticket system.

  • 3. Utiware

This Nigerian web hosting company offers from 3GB to 50 GB storage depending on the package you subscribed for, with their packages ranging between N3,500 to N100,000.

  • 4. Web4Africa

Here is another top Nigerian web hosting company to make it on this list. This company offers monthly subscription packages which range from N8,000 to N30,000 yearly.

  • 5. Registeram

This company has a really good server, they have been around for some time now. This company is accredited by both ICANN and NIRA.

Best Web Hosting in Nigeria

  • 6. DomainKing

This is a new web hosting company in Nigeria though they have been able to cover ground and have a really strong customer base. DomainKing is both ICANN and Nira accredited.

  • 7. Smartweb

This is one of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria, which am sure you are going to like. Smartweb also has one of the best customer support and have been in the industry for some time now.

  • 8. HostNowNow

Here is another fast-growing Nigerian web hosting company. HostNowNow offers a number of hosting option which includes shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting. The rates of this company are also affordable.

  • 9. GlobalHosting247

This company also makes it on this list of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria. They have really good servers and are really affordable. With as low as N1,200, you can host your website with them for a year.

  • 10. Syskay

Here is one of the oldest web hosting company in Nigeria. This company has consistently offered reliable hosting services to their clients over the years.They have one of the best infrastructures and offer top services which give them a deserved spot on this list.

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  1. I have used more than 70% of these hosts in the past and some are still being used by me actively, and I must say non of them beats Is it free hosting or cheap wordpress hosting, with their own servers and not some Nigerian 1st or 2nd level referral hosting account you want to talk about. Abeg don’t waste time or money.

  2. Thanks I don’t I know we have reliable hosts in Nigeria. I will try to host some of my blogs with them. Thanks for review.

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