Top 10 Best Defensive Midfielders In The World 2020

Midfield Position is one of the most important positions a football team must equip well in any match they wish to play. The position is like the central position of the field- just like the CPU of a computer. Between the forwards and backward (team’s defender) is their position and through this point, they disseminate balls to other players at any angle.

They are the play-makers. Managers usually assign players to the midfield either as a central, defensive midfielder depending on the skills of the player. Each of these has its own specific task. Defensive midfielders, however, are trained to prevent any goal from scoring by the opponent. At times they move to block a shot or a pass depending on the condition. They are the first line of defense for the team. Thus as long as the defensive midfielder is intact, the team is half-complete. Here, we present to you the top 10 best defensive midfielders in the world right now. I will start from the back to the front. Here they are:

Top 10 Best Defensive Midfielders In The World 2020 

  •  Sergio Busquets

The Barcelona man was actually trained by the team under its academy, La Masia after which he was recruited into Team A in 2008, and since then, he has been playing with balls on the pitch in order to achieve his goals. The Spanish man, who is just 28-years of age, has achieved a lot in the history of football and I know he will improve more on it in subsequent years to come. His uniqueness lies in his accuracy in the distribution of balls, strong ball tackling, and also his height. He is actually known as a tactical genius.

Also when you play alongside great players like Luis Suarez and the Living Legend Lionel Messi you tend to go unnoticed because they take all the spotlight. Sergio Busquets is actually a better player than many fans and pundits give him credit for.

Barcelona likes to dominate games from start to finish, so as to make their opponents desperate and helpless. In order to do this, they need to win back the ball as quickly as they lose it. And that is where they need Sergio Busquets. Without a midfielder who anchors the team like Busquets, how on earth would Suarez or Messi get the ball in opponents danger areas so as to create the wonderful memories and nightmares as they do?

  •  Wilfred Ndidi – Leicester City 

Nigerian midfielder Wilfred Ndidi comes next on our list. Powerful and dependable he is the most sought-after defensive midfielder in the English Premier League. Leicester city finds comfort in his ability to win aerial balls, trackback to help the defensive and actually win balls- a thing which he does better than anybody in England at the moment.

He can also be seen assuming the role of leader, as he verbally encourages teammates, point and shouting instructions. Going forward he is good at supplying diagonal long balls that put his teammates through on goal, or at least in attacking areas. He has certainly improved in his shooting ability and has a newfound ability to make assists, a thing that helps Leicester city as they continue to prove their arrival at the highest echelon of English football. The Nigerian recently won a bronze medal with his national team in the AFCON which was played. 

  •  Fabinho

When you win the champions league and then get yourself showered in more glory the next year you are definitely doing something correctly. Tall and menacing in appearance, Fabinho earns himself a place in this selection because of his contributions to the highflying Liverpool side that is probably the best team in the world at the moment. He is good with long diagonal balls that engage wing players and hard to beat when in a defensive position. For his efforts, he has the Ligue 1 winner’s medal which he won with Monaco in 2016-2017, as well as the UEFA champions league 2018-2019 winners medal and the UEFA Super Cup winner’s medal for 2019. 

  •  Casemiro 

Real Madrid’s Brazilian import Casemiro comes in next on our list of the best defensive midfielders. We were never in doubt of his talent, but he has not been very fortunate with injuries. Nevertheless, he is part of a resurgent real Madrid side that is gradually finding form and fitness. He is good at winning balls, surprisingly staying on his feet while doing so. Failing to win the ball he can at least force the attacker into wide areas, stifling the attack, and allowing teammates to fall back.

Casemiro is pivotal when it comes to turning defense into attack. He specializes in balls that capitalize on the opponent’s push forward to find space in their rear areas. This has earned him a place in the UEFA champion’s league squad of the season, not once but twice. Remember that he has won the  Champions League 3 times. He was a part of the Brazils Copa America winning side. 

  • Likay Gundogan

Likay Gundogan is the embodiment of grace even when playing a dirty role. He is a complete team player, who works for the team at all times. He sits just behind the attacking players in a central position and it gave the task of winning the ball if they should lose it. He actually defends in attacking or central position. This is not surprising because Manchester City likes to press their opponents high up the field. 

Likay Gundogan possesses immaculate passing ability, especially short passes that play in his teammates when they are on the counter-attack. He is good at shooting and is not afraid to try if he finds himself in attacking positions. Gundogan is a winner he has 2 Premier League winners medals, as well as one each for the fa cup and the EFL cups. When he was at Borussia Dortmund he won the Bundesliga in 2012.

  •  Thomas Partey

6ft 1, strong, and very mean- Thomas Partey of Athletico Madrid and Ghana is one of the best defensive midfielders in the world at the moment. He never claimed to be skillful, nor did he ever state that he had a superior vision. But what he can do is stop attackers before they can come too close to his goal. He will stop them legally, or by illegal means if necessary. He is very good in the air as well and can be a one-man wall, almost impossible to scale.

Thomas Partey possesses a very good passing ability and knows how to read balls like an old-time professional. He is a major part of Athletico Madrid, making regular first-team appearances, and a sure part of the club’s aspirations for the future. He has a Champion’s League silver medal,  Europa League winner’s medal, and a Super Cup 2018 winners’ medal.

  •  Frenkie De Jong

You probably know him as a Barcelona player but some of us know him from his outstanding displays with Ajax in the 2018-2019 Champions League where he marshaled a young Ajax side to demolish European powerhouses like Real Madrid and Juventus. Barcelona swooped soon after, as they could not believe their eyes as to the raw talent and energy that is embodied by the Dutchman called Frenkie De Jong.

For his effort, he earned himself a place in the Fifa Fifpro World11 and also Iffhs Men’s World Teams for 2019. With the Netherlands, he impressed so much that he found himself in the nations league finals team of the tournament in 2019. He was named the Dutch football talent of the year, as well as a midfielder of the season in the same year.

  •  Steven Nzonzi

Tall, lanky Frenchman with a shiny bald head Steven Nzonzi comes in next on our list. Good at winning the ball on the ground or in the air, Steven Nzonzi is an asset to any team in the world. He has a wealth of experience that comes from several years of sweating the shirt for many teams in many leagues.

Steven Nzonzi currently sits in the middle of the field for the Turkish giants Galatasaray and works hard for the French national team. He has shown himself capable in several teams, playing different formations, such as Amiens, Blackburn rovers, stoke city, Sevilla, and AS Roma. For his efforts, he has a FIFA world cup winner’s medal, and a  Europa League winners medal which he won with Sevilla in 2016. He also made it to the Europa League squad of the season in the 2015-2016 season.

  • Eric Dier

When you come in at 4th place (no medal) and then come second in the  Champion’s League in quick succession it can only mean that you are doing something right. Eric Dier has speed and dynamism on his side. He also has an impressive work rate to go with it. He is good at marking and winning the ball and is very good at turning the defense into an attack.

Eric Dier is a classic box-to-box midfielder who is ready to run back and forth from his box to the opponent’s box and back again, chasing the ball wherever it goes without tiring. He possesses a good passing ability and is very quick on the counter-attack. Eric dier is a part of the Tottenham side that is aiming for glory, and the England side that has proven themselves to be very capable. He has a Champions League silver medal to show for his efforts.

  •  Sergio Roberto

After Sergio Busquets, you have Sergio Roberto to thank you for the solid shape of this Barcelona outfit over the years. He is quite skilled at winning the ball, and can readily play as a box to box midfielder often showing up in attacking areas to lend a hand (or a foot) to the attackers. He is quite adept at ball distribution and is proficient at making short forward passes that play in his team-mates into attacking areas, as they look for a winning goal, or to consolidate a lead.


Strictly speaking, we are discussing Defensive Midfielders and not general player abilities. While we recognize the fact that player styles of play and their abilities differ, we must give recognition to players who do the actual defending.

That’s all about The Top 10 Best Defensive Midfielders In The World 2020.


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