Man and all living beings need air to survive and in the absence of air, it means definitely death is inherent. Air is needed for respiration and also virtually in all of life’s activities. This article is targeted at ensuring that the reader understands or have a full knowledge of the air quality and countries that have the best air quality in the world.

According to the latest global air quality reports made by the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution causes about 7 million deaths in the world. That is to say, virtually all countries, cities, towns and villages of the world are experiencing the challenges of air pollution. This figure is very much alarming, as this particular figure is approximately the total population figure for some countries of the world.

In view of this, the CNN released a statement or report that says, Nine out of every 10 people on the planet breathe air that contains high levels of pollutants. If these challenges of aid pollution persist, in other words, the world is generally at risk of experiencing a high death rate in the nearest future.

Countries With The Best Air Quality In The World

Majorly, poor world countries are the ones who have a higher risk of air pollution as compared to the well-developed countries, for instance, countries in the continent of Asia have the world most polluted environment or ecosystem. However, about 90% of the air-related deaths occur in the continent of Africa and Asia.

Over the years, all nations of the world have come together under the same forum to discuss this issue called “Climate Change” under the auspices of World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations (UN) and her member countries. All nations of the world have highlighted and identified the various ways of ensuring that the climatic condition of the earth is regulated and controlled in other for the survival of man to be sustained. With the major players from European nations, Asian Nations and African nations respectively, all have contributed their quota to ensuring anything that will destroy the ozone layer covering the earth is absolutely avoided like, burning and cutting of trees, fumes from large industries and vehicles, cooking fuel, and other human activities.

Many of the world nations are endangering the lives of their citizens by not making laws and ensuring that such laws are enforced in regards to the safety of air in their nations. As such 91% of people live in places where the quality of the air exceeds the World Health Organization (WHO) standard or guidelines limits.

Some of the risks or health challenges involved with air pollution in the society are; asthma, stroke, lung cancer, heart disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), reddening of the eye and cardiac vascular diseases, etc.

Top 10 Countries With The Best Air Quality In The World 2019


Ranked as the cleanest air in the world. This country is situated in Europe and is geographical terrain in Iceland is nomadic, situated in the North Atlantic. It has a population of about 348,580. It is a mountainous island nation. It has strict environmental protection laws which guide against emissions that will affect the human population in the country.

ICELAND- Country With The Best Air Quality In The World

Defined by geysers, volcanoes, lava springs and the country’s population run on geothermal and hydropower. Although the country still operates in fossil fuel for agriculture and transportation.

  • 2. CANADA:

CANADA – Among The Countries With The Best Air Quality In The World

Canada, a special country with its rich atmospheric condition is situated in Europe. It is obvious that the European countries are better in terms of air quality, as compared to other continents. Canada

  • 3. FINLAND:


Finland celebrated as a top-ranked nation with the cleanest air in the world. This is not a dream but due to the fact that the country has put adequate efforts to see to the health safety of all, as seen in areas of air, water, and land. There is strict legislation to regulate the activities of all (both foreigners and her citizens). to this end, the parliament or the national law-making body has promulgated laws in line with the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure that harmful fuel and substances are not accepted in that country.

  • 4. BRUNEI:

BRUNEI- countries with best air quality

Brunei is a small Islamic nation with a small population size of about 500,000 people, located on the island of Borneo and is surrounded by Malaysia and southern China Sea. Also called the Nation of Brunei is fourthly ranked among the nations with the cleanest or safest air in the world. This country is located in Asia. Although it is on record that this small country called Brunei allows only one international oil called shell company to explore it land terrain for crude oil activities; this has made them be able to regulate the on-shore and off-shore activities of this company in other not to endanger the atmosphere for her citizens.

  • 5. ESTONIA:


A northern European country ranked among the countries with the best air quality in the world, engulfed around by the borders of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland. There is numerous island situated in it, as they are sites which are for tourist attraction, and through such visit, they generate financial support for their nation. Its location in the world has ensured that the air quality is safe for man’s consumption unlike many nations of the world with a high level of human activities within its environment.

  • 6. DENMARK:

Also known as the kingdom of Denmark. This ancient city is linked with Sweden and has its capital in Copenhagen. It is also a nomadic state that strives towards becoming a greenhouse gas friendly state. Little wonder the life expectancy rate of such nations is very high as the rate of mortality is drastically reduced to the barest minimum.


New Zealand is a South Western Pacific Ocean. It is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations made of 16 realms. It has two islands namely; North Island and South Island. New Zealand has a very strong presence in the Pacific Island countries; New Zealand is seen as a major player in the world’s Climate Change conference. This is because it has really ensured that it enforce all the treaties as contained in the membership of the World Health Organization (WHO).

This country operated with a centralized form of power that has delegated authority to the various councils that will look into all the various environmental threats in the nation such as air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, etc. These councils have fully regulated to control sewage and all human and industrial disposals through it laid out channels. It is into renewable mainly geothermal and hydroelectric power, of which are ecologically friendly.

  • 8. SWEDEN:

With various highlands (coastal and inland) in this country, Sweden is a Scandinavian country situated in Europe. With its capital in Stockholm, this is Sweden largest city with a population of about 800,000 people in it. Records have it that about 69% of the nation’s land is covered by forest, while only 3% of the land has been built upon. The environment in Sweden is really protected by all the environmental protection agencies already existing in the country that is why only 1% of solid waste goes to the land while others are recycled. Sweden is highly innovative to the existent that they have laid down plans for treatment of wastewater, vehicle fuel in the form of biogas, solar power, and energy generation.

  • 9. IRELAND:

Ninth on our list of countries with the best air quality in the world, Ireland, an island in Western Europe with a good atmospheric serenity and safety. It is recognized to be the third largest island in has good temperature and as well winter is usually milder while summers are cooler compared to other locations of the world. This has contributed to the safety of the atmosphere within that environment.

Ranked as the six developed nations in the world in 2015 according to the United Nations Human Development Index. With its fast-growing economy, the parliament has ensured that no stone is left unturned in regards to development hence the need to regulate and properly monitor the release and burning of fuel in the surrounding environment within the country. In other to avoid air pollution, the country operated in natural gas distribution with a pipeline linking the various receiving sites. All its gas exploration is fully monitored including the hydrocarbon exploration.


This small structure country in Europe is also surrounded by Belgium, France, and Germany. Bordered about by four great countries namely; by Belgium at the west and north, France at the south while Germany at the east. With its rich historical facts and sites, Luxembourg has a good transportation network which is not harmful to the air by producing fumes and other destructive emissions. In a bid to reduce the level of air pollution in the state, it had drawn out plans for the creation of light-railway lines which are to be in operation in the next couple of years.



It is the responsibility of all citizens and not only the government of nations of the world to ensure the safety of the greenhouse gases or ozone layers which are serving as covering to humans from the excessive heat from the sun. When this is outrightly neglected, there is a high risk of diseases which over the years will lead to the loss of lives in the human race, thereby reducing the life expectancy rate.

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