We would be giving you the full list of Ahmadu Bello University ABU Zaria Registration Fees. Without registration it is highly impossible to get into the higher institution and the registration process has never been stipulated for free, Ahmadu Bello University, located in Zaria has stipulated their registration fees for incoming students just as every other school has done, the ABU registration fees is purely meant for fresh or incoming students, they are to pay a certain amount of money as registration fees before the incoming students are allowed into the school to sit for the Post UTME examination to determine how capable and qualified the registered candidate is, without this said fee for payment a student would not be allowed into the school for study or exams, meanwhile, Abu Zaria is a federal school, and their registration fee can be sub-divided into various categories such as the same way other schools do theirs, the classification is as follows, the Post UTME registration fee for undergraduates and the school registration fee for postgraduates and master’s Degree candidates.


The Ahmadu Bello University Abu Zaria registration fee is the fee meant to be paid by every newly admitted student, depending on the program each student came for or passes through in the University. There are series of programs the higher institution offers to her candidates that includes; Masters degree diploma, postgraduate diploma, science diploma, and management science diploma, however for the aforementioned programs, there are certain amount to be paid after each student has been admitted or offered admission into the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. The said registration fee is to be paid after receiving a notification stating that you have been admitted and you should furthermore confirm on the school portal, then once your name is listed, then you can proceed for registration into the said higher institution (This Information is practically meant for the postgraduate students who intend to take their Master’s degree, doctoral degree and even post-doctoral degree). Below is stated the list of the program the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria offers her candidate each year and how much they are to pay for their registration, I mean the candidates;

  • Management science Diploma: for this program, every candidate is to pay the Abu Registration fee for this program which amounts to twenty-five thousand nairas (#25, 000).
  • Postgraduate Diploma: for candidates aspiring for this program, they are also meant to pay the registration fee of twenty-five thousand nairas (#25,000).
  • Master’s degree Diploma: I know most of us are very familiar with this said program, however, candidates aspiring for this program are as well going to pay the sum of twenty-five thousand Naira (#25, 000) to serve as the Abu Zaria Registration fee.
  • Science Diploma: the candidates of this program are also going to pay the sum of twenty-five thousand nairas (#25,000) to serve as the registration fee.
ABU Zaria Registration Fees

NOTE: This said registration fee is meant for Postgraduate students and master’s degree students who intend on having other programs in the school; it is not meant for undergraduate students. After the above-mentioned sum of money to serve as the registration fee for the Ahmadu Bello University, there are still other fees to be paid that include the following;

  • Application Form fees: Before you can apply for the aforementioned program you have to get an application form with the sum of ten thousand, five hundred nairas (#10,500).
  • Acceptance fees: as we all know all fresh students are to pay acceptance fee before they can be welcomed into the institution, for Abu Zaria’s case a candidate has to pay the sum of fifty thousand nairas (#50,000).
  • Tuition fee: the tuition fee otherwise known as school fees for postgraduates is the total sum of one hundred and fifty thousand naira (#150, 000), while for those into Master’s degree pay the sum of two hundred thousand to two hundred and fifty thousand naira (#200, 000 – #250,000) depending on their various field of study or course.
  • Developmental levy: this levy is meant compulsorily to be paid by every postgraduate student, which is a total sum of one hundred thousand nairas (#100, 000).
  • Health, Examination, Computer and Sports fee: this fee is also meant to be paid by all postgraduate student and Master’s degree students which amounts to a summed up total of one hundred and twenty thousand (#120,000).
  • Summary of fees payable at the end of the final semester:

for master’s degree students in the field of science you are to budget about five hundred and ten thousand nairas (#510,000), while does under management science are to set aside the sum of four hundred and fifty-five thousand nairas (#455,000), and lastly for the postgraduate student, they are to budget about four hundred and five thousand nairas (#405,000) in total.

ABU Zaria Registration Fees For UTME Students (Undergraduates)

The undergraduate student is only meant to pay the Abu Zaria registration fee for their Post UTME registration alone after which they are to pay the school’s acceptance fee and school fees. The registration fee is to be paid before you can be able to register for the Post UTME exam, which is a JAMB stipulated and mandated price for every school in Nigeria, a token of two thousand nairas only (#2,000), after which you would be entitled to register and write the Post UTME Exam, then, if you are being offered admission, you are to pay the acceptance fee and tuition fee.

NOTE: After the normal post UTME registration fee, there are other fees to be paid as said earlier, these fees are stated below.

Acceptance fees: The Acceptance fee is a mandated fee for payment after been granted admission into the University, for Abu Zaria’s case every Undergraduate admitted student or candidate is to pay the sum of fifty thousand nairas (#50, 000) as an acceptance fee.

Tuition fees: The tuition fees can as well be called the school fees, and as we all know, we can’t be regarded as a student without paying the institution’s tuition fee, The Abu Zaria as stipulated her tuition fee prices pertaining to the course candidates or aspirants opt-in for in the institution, this stipulated price is ranging from the sum of #39,500 as the minimum price and the sum of #44,500 as the maximum fee payable for the freshers. while that of the old students or returning students are minimum of #23, 000 and a maximum of #27,000 depending on their various courses.

NOTE: All payments must be done on the school’s official website by generating a RRR code and proceed to bank for payment and after the bank payment, go ahead to confirm your payment on the school’s website, for Post UTME registration and payment visit https://www.putme.abu.edu.ng while that of the school fee can be done on https://www.abu.edu.ng.


Conclusion on ABU Zaria Registration Fees

The Abu Zaria registration fee is classified into two different parts, which are the screening registration fee for undergraduate student (aspiring UTME candidates) and the registration fees for postgraduate and Master’s Degree candidates, meanwhile, the postgraduate and master’s degree student are to also pay an application form fee of ten thousand five hundred (#10,500) for registration, before their matter can be looked upon. Hope you all got what you are looking for?

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