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It is no news that the commercial banks we have now exchange dollar to naira at the same rate obtainable in the parallel market otherwise known as black market and just as the price fluctuates, they follow the bandwagon despite the fact that the Central Bank of Nigeria exchange rate is pegged at a rate. For example, at the interbank market, CBN exchange rate of dollars is at a dynamic equilibrium of 307.5 Naira giving liberty to the banks to sell at higher price rate. One of such bank that we would discuss it dollar to naira exchange rate is that of GTBank Nigeria exchange rate  .

Gtbank exchange rate gtbank dollar exchange rate euro pounds

Gtbank exchange rate


GTBank dollar to naira exchange rate

  • 1 USD to Ngn — USD = Naira 374

GTBank Pounds Exchange Rate

  • 1 GBP to Ngn — GBP = Naira 484

GTBank Euro Exchange Rate

  • 1 Euro to Ngn — Euro = Naira 427

CAD Exchange Rate

  • 1 cad to naira — CAD = Naira 299

Ugandan Shillings Ugx to Naira Exchange Rate

  • 1 Ugx to Ngn — Ugx = Naira 10.8

India Inr to Naira Exchange Rate

  • 1 Inr to Ngn — Inr = Naira 6.2

 Malaysia Myr Exchange Rate

  • 1 Myr to Ngn — Myr = Naira 73

Russia Rub to Naira Fx Rate

  • 1 Rub to Naira — Rub = Ngn 7.1


  • 1 Try = Ngn 90

It is important to note that the amounts quoted above may likely not be the amount you will be charged. The reason is simple, exchange rate is very dynamic, depending on several factors to adjust.

Also, you should note that whenever you are making withdrawal and receiving payments, GTbank just like other banks will charge at rates even lesser than the official bank rate. This means you are made to pay more when the bank sells dollars to you while you get less naira equivalent when the bank buys dollars from you.

Conclusively, would like to know how much GTBANK charged you and your verdict on it through the comment box and like us on facebook @ or follow us on twitter @ Thanks.


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Updated: July 18, 2017 — 2:57 pm


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  1. I want to order for a package online using Gtbank master card. Some told me that they charges 315 official prize but I have not really confirmed what they charges. I would like to hear from people who have done transactions with them recently

    1. Hello Kingsley, I still made payment on seoclerks {dollar charges} with my gtb naira master card few days ago, what we have above in the post is the amount they charged not 315.
      {reply valid as at the time of this response}

      1. Abdulsamad Ahmed Ibrahim

        with gt naira master card they charge at N321 to a naira i did some transaction during the 11.11 Aliexpress sales.

    1. Thanks Temitope

  2. GT Bank rates charged on POS is at around 400/- but very unpredictable as transactions are declined often. As of now they have even stopped International transactions on Card.

    1. Thanks Deb, yeah guarantee trust bank is very unstable lately. and You are right, most major Nigerian banks have stopped international ATM withdrawal

  3. Pls what if I want to receive a foreign payment into my GTBANK? Whats the rate.

  4. Yes please I would also want to know, the money is in Euros like 40 euros, what would the nigerian amount be. thanks

  5. I’m finding it difficult to do foreign transaction with my gtb master card….ve they stopped foreign transaction like other banks too?

    1. No Stephanie, Gtbank did not stop foreign transaction with your gtbank naira master card. They only limited it to maximum of 100$ per month. If you want to carryout more fx transaction, you would need to get a dom gtbank master card

      1. A friend of mine actually tried to withdraw drom gtb debit mastercard from the uk but couldnt….

  6. pls i want to know how i can recieve my token from where i am now cos i just downloaded the gtbank internet application form and which website do i send or foward my request to cos i have an account with the bank but im not in nigeria now iam in the uae so how do i get this token and which site do i send my form to

    1. Hello Daniel
      Gto, check their contacts page for gtconnect or use their instant chat to get across them.

  7. Guy you are good

  8. my firstbank mastercard stopped paying since october. and i pay for services online with dollar including adverts. but my card is not working. How do i use the gtb card? then the dom account, does it require me to source the dollars myself? is ther no automated way?

  9. what is the way forward to carry out simple foreign transactions on online websites? Does anyone have any idea?

    1. Hello Synti
      You have two options
      1. Some banks still allow foreign transactions buh with monthly limit on their naira master card eg. GTBank – $100 , Access bank – $200
      2. Goto your bank, open a domiciliary account and request for the dom ATM card, you can make foreign transactions on that without limit.

      Hope that helps

  10. If i make an ATM withdrawal OF say USD100 from my GTB bank master card, what will be the amount of naira that will be debited from my Naija account

    1. Hello oliver
      Just multiply $100 with the current rate within the post

  11. Please At what rate does GTBank convert my naira to dollar when I’m paying into a dollar account?

  12. I want to buy dollars to settle my bill outside Nigeria, what can I do?

    1. CBN new policy will make things easier for us i guess but i am not sure yet since they are basically doing it for students overseas and businessess overseas. But for sure banks has been empowered to carry out forex activities with immediate effects not higher than N375/$.

  13. Please where is the safest place buy dollar @ good rate. I need contacts please.

  14. Now that dollar is N510, is this info updated sir?

  15. As at yesterday 23-05-2017, GTBank Dollar-Naira exchange was N399/$. I bought goods online and that’s what i was charged. i felt so bad because i though its still N320/$ as it was in march when i last initiate an international transaction.

    1. It is a pitty.

  16. God will help us in this country called Nigeria.

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