Youwin Nigeria Registration 2017 How To Apply

 Youwin Nigeria Registration 2017 How To Apply

The Youwin Nigeria Program also known as the Youth Enterprise with innovation in Nigeria started off during the regime of the previous Nigerian President, Dr Good luck Ebele JonathanIn collaboration with the Ministry of Finance,  Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. The scheme was put in place by the Federal Government in a bid to help create jobs and employment opportunities for Nigerian youths by providing them with funds to help them  set up or build on a business idea without having to depend on the Government for white collar jobs. { Youwin Nigeria Registration 2017 How To Apply}

How To Apply For Youwin Nigeria Registration 2017 

Applicants must have post secondary school qualifications and must be within the age of 18 – 40 years
Must be able to communicate effectively in English Language and must be a  citizen of Nigeria

How Do I Know IF Am Eligible To Apply?

The Youwin program is open to all Nigerians who wish to start up a business or build on an already existing business and are within the age of 18-40 years. Those who are under 18 or above 40 years of age are not eligible to apply for the program.

What Type Of Businesses Can Apply?

There are no restrictions as to the type or kind of business idea to apply. The Youwin program is open to all business types that is lucrative and has a high capacity to create jobs

How Can I Get To Change My Business Idea If I Have Already Submitted An Application?

There are no possible ways to do that, you are not allowed to change your business idea once you have already submitted an application. It’s advisable you go through your application properly before getting
to submit

How Many Business Ideas Am I Allowed To  Submit?

You are only entitled to submit one business idea. Any applicants who tend to submit more than one business proposal would be disqualified.

How Much Am I Required To Pay For The Registration?

Registration is free and has no hidden charges attached to it. All you have to do is submit a business idea and pray you get selected

How Do I Know If I Eventually Get Approved?

Once your business proposal has been approved and selected, you would be notified on the next steps to take.

I Submitted A Business Proposal And Wasn’t  Selected?

All business proposals submitted would be looked and worked upon. The Best business proposals get approved and all others who wasn’t selected would get a support fund from the program

How Much Can One Apply For?

Award recipients would be supported within the range of 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 depending on their business needs

Registration is ongoing and is to close on the 30th of August For those who are willing and interested to register, Visit  to register

You would be required to provide your details as follows

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Active Email address ( Use an active email as your password would be sent to you few minutes after registration)

A message like the one below would be sent to you via Email to show that you have been successfully registered.

Dear ****** ,
Thank you for registering on YouWiN! Connect web portal as an Applicant. NOTE: Your Pass Key for access to complete your registration process on our web portal is: ******. Please ensure you do not delete this mail as the pass key will be required to login. Thank you for choosing to register with us. Visit to login to the Youwin Nigeria website and access your application using your Email address and passkey sent to your email.


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