Everywhere you go, you see Nigerians. They are every where all over the world, India, China, America, UK, Canada, South Africa, Ghana, etc. Wherever they are, there are certain things you can always use to identify them. In this article, I will examine the Top What is Nigeria known For.

Top 10 What Is Nigeria Known For About Nigeria Country

  • 10. Football

One of the top characteristics of a Nigerian is football. Wherever they go, they carry that love of football with them. That’s why we see at least 1 football viewing centre in all areas across the country. Every day there is a football match, you see people moving in and out of the viewing centres. So when you see a black guy that loves football so much, it’s okay to suspect he is one.

  • 9. Shortcut

Popularly known as great lovers of shortcuts. Citizens of Nigeria believe taking shortcuts is the best way to arrive at success. They always try all sort of ways to cut corners. So when you see a black lover of shortcuts, there is a huge probability.

  • 8. Music

Music is one of the first thing, you will observe in various homes and events, music blasting from different corners. That’s why we see rich musicians in the country. We have the musician for the unlettered people, we also have the musician for the educated people. While the unlettered people listen to Ayinla Omo Wura, the educated ones listens to Wizkid and the likes.

  • 7. Latest Electronic Gadgets

Currently on our number 7 for the post what is Nigerians known for are the latest electronic gadgets. This is even worse when it comes to smart phones, ever wondered why this country is the most mobile country in the world?. Both young and old want to use the latest smart phone. It is not surprising to see lots of citizens reading reviews of upcoming smart phones. The funniest thing is that, not everyone that reads those reviews have the money to buy new smart phone, they are only wishing.

  • 6. Religion

Wherever you find a Nigerian, they carry their religion along with them. Although some Muslims may not pray 5 times daily, and some Christians may not go to church for months, they always come back to claim their religion. Though we have the traditional worshippers too, Muslims and Christians are dominating.

  • 5. Travelling Out

Do you really want to know the top fans of travelling out? They are the top fans of travelling out of the country. That is why you see them in every part of the world.

  • 4. Social Media

As one of the highest users of social media. The love of social media knows no limit especially the youth, you seen them glued to their mobile phones chatting or reading friends messages.

  • 3. Parties

Every Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the air is filled with the various sounds and smell of foods, from different corners of the countries. We love to make the biggest parties in town. I know a woman that attends parties every Saturdays. There is nothing like ever get tired of parties.

  • 2. Money

Money is one the most valued things. You can confirm this. Get on a Nigeria street, and ask anyone, what do you want in this life?Before going out, let me tell you the response you will get, I want to be great, I want to have money, build houses, buy cars and be happy.

  • 1. Freebies

And our number one on the topic what is Nigeria known for about Nigeria Country is the home of freebies seekers. Quite a high number of youths in this generation are freebies seekers. The best way to attract crowd is to stand on the road and start distributing free things.

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