There are lots of many untapped businesses in Nigeria. You should know that Nigeria is a country that has lots of untapped businesses and there are lots of ways to make money through all of this. One thing about these businesses is that many people have not flooded themselves into it. This article will be giving you lots of untapped business in Nigeria and different ideas and opportunities that you can use to make money.

Being an entrepreneur is one thing, having the capital and the right tools to start up a business is another. You should know that starting out a business and making huge profits from it cannot be done in one day, most times it takes years to achieve all of this. The unemployment rate in Nigeria is at a high rise, many youths are unemployed and they are looking for jobs at various companies and most times they get underpaid. The major issue which is at large is the cybercrime which many indulge in and leads to other wrong acts. Imagine finding out that there are lots of businesses that can give you huge amount of money apart from doing crime and this is true because this is what we will be talking about in this article. Apart from Oil or even working in Oil companies which most youths see as a pathway for them to earn cash, there are many untapped businesses in Nigeria which they can divert into that can even earn them even more money.

Untapped Businesses In Nigeria

When it comes to agriculture you should know that Nigeria is blessed with a fertile mass amount of land that can grow different types of crops or food. This is a big step towards alleviating ourselves from poverty. You should know that there is huge amount of money in agriculture. You should know that agriculture is not all about farming alone and there are different ways of doing it. Venturing into an untapped business is a good idea, as the business which will be listed in this article are not that popular, these are business that people even hardly talk about and few people do. I know you would love to do a business that has fewer competitors or no competitors at all as this will guarantee you profits in the long run. You should know that before venturing into an untapped business there are some things which you must have like passion, always startup with a good financial capability, skills, having a dedicated plan for your business. Venturing into untapped business, you don’t expect the profit to become as easy as possible, the profits come in slowly till you have been able to grow your brand.

List Of Untapped Businesses In Nigeria {Ideas & Opportunities}

The business which has been listed here will fetch you a good amount of money and this will help you broaden yourself into different sectors. Make sure that you have a passion for a particular business before jumping into it.

  • Rice Farming

Do you know that Ebonyi and Kebbi state are the top producers of rice in Nigeria? The Nigeria rice which is popularly called the local rice is slowly paving its way into the market and this has been made possible because of the unavailability of the foreign rice which most times the borders are being closed. This should be a perfect time to penetrate into the market as more people will be able to patronize you and get your rice. You can get the rice from the rice mills and then package them into bags to sell to people or even export it. Making sales for rice is not difficult as everyone in Nigeria loves rice, in fact, rice is a major food that people eat daily but the problem is that most times its cost so most people cannot afford it. Imagine making yours cheaper, you will have lots of people to patronize you.

  • Garri Production

Many times when we call Garri production as an untapped business many people fail to realize it. Garri is a major food in Nigeria just like rice, it can be eaten in so many ways. Everyone eats Garri and this is one business that does not need advertising to sell. We added it to this list because you can earn lots of money from it without even starting it out with huge capital. You have to go extra miles to make yours a brand so it will look better in the eyes of others and Nigerians will patronize you, trust me on that.

  • Palm Oil Production

This is a very profitable business because in less than a year you can be making millions of naira doing this. Palm oil production is a good way of making a huge amount of money as many do not know about this business in Nigeria, though it requires some start-up capital you will enjoy doing it. Marketing your palm oil should not be that difficult as many people will come to you once you sell at a cheaper price and trust me palm oil is used in cooking different Nigeria delicacies so it’s a must to have it in every home.

  • WallPaper Production

You must have entered into a house and you see the wall with wallpaper design, this is very common in many Nigerian homes as wallpaper is the new way of decorating or beautifying a home. You can go into the production of wallpaper and you will make lots of money from it because this is something that is constantly in demand and new designs are being appreciated on a daily basis,

  • Mini Importation

This is one business that many are hitting the market with. Mini importation is all bout importing goods online in bulk from online stores and selling it out to different individuals. There are lots of products that are in demand lately and importing it which will not take you time and energy is one sure way of earning a profit. Once you look at the market and you see a product that is hot right now, I advise you to rush down and get it and you will make good money out of it. You are advised to learn this before venturing into it, don’t just rush to get goods online.

  • Solar/Inverter Sales And Installation

Every home wants a solar power or even inverter. The light in Nigeria is not stable, so it is needed in every home to help make sure that there is constant electricity. Going into this business, you can make sales and fix up the solar panels in different houses and make sure your prices are affordable.

Other types of business which will generate profits and are still untapped are

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Vehicle Hiring
  • Waste recycling
  • Painting Company
  • Computer Programming
  • Freelance Writing
  • Bakery
  • Snail Farming
  • Rental Services

In conclusion, we have given you lots of untapped business in Nigeria that you can venture into and get lots of cash from it. You should make yours affordable so that others can benefit from it.


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