UAE is the United Arab Emirates. It’s an Arabian Peninsula Nation which is located in the Arabian or the Persian Gulf. UAE is a combination of 7 Emirates which as follows: Abu Dhabi which is the Capital of the country, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al- Ouwain. All the United Arab Emirates citizens and passport holders that love to travel, here are the destinations you can visit without a visa.

List Of UAE Passport Visa Free Countries For Citizens And Passport Holders

The list of these nation below gives room for you to spread your tentacles and go on a new voyage to carry out any of your activities in any of these nations provided you are ready to start the adventures.

  1.    CHINA: United Arab Emirates citizens having a passport can stay up to 30 days on each visit to China.  This was signed by the assistant secretary for consular affairs at the ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation and Ni Jian, China’s ambassador to the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi.
  2.    GUINEA: The visa-free destination to Guinea was signed on 19 April 2018. The UAE nationals traveling to this country will no longer need to apply for a visa, instead, they will be granted visa when they arrive in the country. The national can stay up to 30 days on each visit.
  3.    PARAGUAY (SOUTH AMERICA): A waiver was signed on April 2018 which was announced by The UAE ministry of foreign affairs concerning citizens of UAE that have a passport can now travel to Paraguay without a visa, this can last for 30 days on each visit. This free visa will also allow tourists to stay in the country for not less than 30 days. The visa fee for tourists is $100.
  4.    URUGUAY: Signed on April 2018 by the UAE and the Eastern Uruguayan Republic, granting nationals free visa to the country. Travelers in UAE or Uruguay will easily be granted visa on arrival, and it lasts for 90 days.
  5.    IRELAND:  This European country has signed a waiver with UAE on January. A free visa access has been granted to the nationals traveling to Ireland.  
  6.    RWANDA(Africa):  UAE nationals were granted free Visa to Rwanda on December 2017. This was made official after the Ministers of the two-country signed for it.
  7.    UKRAINE (EUROPE): This was granted and became effective on December 31. The waiver was signed on November 2017, by Ukraine and UAE ministers. The visa will be issued on arrival and allow nationals with a passport to stay up to 30days on each visit.
  8.    PANAMA: FREE visa entry or arrival by nationals to Panama has been issued to Emiratis.  This visa is valid for 180 days, as it has been signed by both countries.
  9.    FIJI: FREE visa entry by Emiratis to this country has bee granted and signed by both countries.  This last for 4 months on arrival or entry.
  10.    EGYPT: Emirates citizens can visit Egypt for 3 months, using UAE free visa passport.
  11.    LEBANON can be visited with free entry or arrival UAE free visa passport by Emiratis, lasts for 3 months.
  12.    NEW ZEALAND, Emiratis are granted free Visa for arrival or entry for 3 months.
  13.    MORROCO, Malaysia, Kenya, and El Salvador have been signed for Emiratis to travel to Using their UAE free visa passport, it is valid for 3 months for each visit.
  14.    LEBANON, 3 months free visa on arrival or entry has been granted to Citizens with emirate passport.
  15.    Colombia, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Nicaragua have been signed for Emiratis to travel to with their free visa passport, this is valid for 90 days.
  16.    Hong Kong, Emiratis has been offered free one-month visa using the UAE passport, for any Emirate citizen Entering or arriving from Hong Kong.
  17.    South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and Brunei, free visa entry or arrival of one month has been granted to the Emiratis to any of the destinations
  18.    Dominica and the Philippines can only grant 21 days of free entry or arrival of visa Emiratis that have the UAE free visa passport.
UAE Passport Visa Free Countries

Some countries that are from Shenzhen area has granted 90 days in any 180-day period, entry or arrival visa to Emirates free visa passport owners,  you can decide to visit any of these nations to enjoy your vacation, catch fun, go on a tour or meet new friends and learn new culture and learn new things entirely from your country these countries include

  1.    AUSTRA
  2.    HUNGARY
  4.    BELGIUM
  5.    ICELAND
  6.    NORWAY
  7.    PORTUGAL
  9.    ITALY
  10.    POLAND
  11.    DENMARK
  12.    LATVIA
  13.    PORTUGAL
  14.    ESTONIA
  16.    SLOVAKIA
  17.    FRANCE
  18.    GERMANY
  19.    LITHUANIA
  20.    FINLAND
  21.    SLOVENIA
  23.    SPAIN
  24.    GREECE
  25.    MALTA
  26.    SWEDEN
  27.    MONACO
  29.    KUWAITI and BAHRAIN: Emiratis are allowed to enter and remain indefinitely.

Still On United Arab Emirates – UAE Passport Visa Free Countries


For every nation of the world, no immigrants or citizens from other country and continent are permitted to gain access to the shore of the nation without having some approved documents carrying the authority of the nation. So, a visa is a document or set of prepared documents by government of a certain country to grant access to immigrants of citizen of a nation not from theirs to carry out either vacation, business activities, tourism and other related activities even to permanent relocation without been sanctioned for staying the nation for the period of time that was given to him or her.

Also, there is the various purpose you can apply for a visa, either for a business transaction, to enjoy a vacation, to seek for a greener pasture, or to permanently relocate or retired to a specific country of one desired.

There is some nation who have a strong passport that their nation can travel to nearly all the nation in the world and they will be treated with utmost trust and give the citizens free access to enjoy everything they demand even employment. While there is some nation with a weaker passport that can hardly travel outside the shore of their country without a visa or stay permit. Today we will be writing on the United Arab Emirates and the nation the citizens of this nation can travel to without paying or applying for a visa to stay.


Conclusion On UAE Passport Visa Free Countries 2019

The very first thing you to know as a reader is, visa is not just a means of closing doors to immigrants from other nation but it is a means of monitoring the nation, salvaging from the hands of spies, preventing outbreak of epidemic diseases as a result of unquarantined immigrants and also accounting for specific number of citizens present in a country per time. We have in this write-up look at the meaning of a visa and how it is useful for a traveler or immigrants for any of his or her purpose, also, we have written on the location you can travel with the passport of United Arab Emirates country to without a visa. So, if you are citizen check through that list and start preparing your next adventure and start booking your flight to any of the aforementioned countries to enjoy your vacation or relocate.

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