Types Of Beans Grown In Nigeria

Beans are a type of food that gives protein and it’s healthy to eat. We will be giving you the type of beans grown in Nigeria in this article and you might be surprised by the types of beans we have.

Another name for beans is Cowpea, Cowpea is not the botanical name for Beans, so you will not get confused and it is eaten by everyone. Cowpea which is beans is very proteinous and it’s healthy for the body.  The name cowpea emerged in the United States and it is an annual herb which can grow in a bushy form, they can be erect or even climbing, it has dated back far into existence and it’s a high source of protein, they are so many different types of Beans in the world today but our major focus will be the types of Beans in Nigeria.

Beans are high in protein, complex carbohydrate, folate, iron, fiber. Growing kids are advised to be fed with beans as often as possible as it helps them a lot.  Consuming beans add a significant amount of fiber and soluble fiber to a diet and this is very good for the body and it helps in lowering blood cholesterol. Many people complain about heartburn after eating beans or even running stomach, all of this can be avoided if the beans can be prepared in the right way.

Beans are not supposed to affect anyone after eating but due to some chemicals which are used in preserving it and stopping weevils from attacking they might affect in one way or the other. As an individual who loves eating beans, you should make sure you wash well before preparation as this will enable you to avoid running stomach or heartburn, parboil the beans and pour the water out, wash again and use another water to prepare it to avoid any of the issues that will come up.

Another method is by soaking the beans with water overnight this will help to kill those chemical substances which are present, you should know that it will also help in making the beans soft so it will be easier to cook since we all know it takes time.

There are two major types of beans grown in Nigeria. Beans can be prepared in different ways like the Ewa Agonyi, Oily beans, Groundnut oil Beans, Fried beans, and so on. Nigeria is a place where a lot of tasty foods are being prepared so don’t be surprised when you see the beans in another form. Beans are being eaten with bread, Garri, rice, pap, custard, and others.

Types Of Beans Grown In Nigeria

  •  Honey Beans (Ewa Oloyin)

This is used in preparing the popular Ewa Agonyi we know today. The honey beans (Sweet beans) have a different taste that is why it called the honey beans. It has a type of feel in the mouth after preparation. Ewa Agonyi is prepared in such a way that the beans are very soft, it looks like mashed beans and it tastes differently. The honey beans is sold in the market and the most popular city where you can get Ewa Agonyi from is the city of Lagos, Nigeria, street hawkers do patrol round every morning, and if you have not eaten it before just try it someday and get a feel of what we talking about.

  • Brown Beans (Ewa Drum)

Many people prefer buying the brown beans because its more nutritious, the brown beans contain a higher concentration of protein and this has helped it improve the health benefits of many people. The brown beans is mostly prepared at home, as it is mostly sold at a costly rate, so many people who sell food, don’t buy it. They all go for the white beans which is cheaper. You are advised to go for the brown beans since it’s healthier.

  • White Beans

This type of beans is said to have extraordinary health benefits of acting as an anti-oxidant, regulates body fat, and has adequate amount of magnesium.

Importance of Beans to the Body

Beans is popularly known as a major source of protein to the body, there is also some other vital importance of beans, we will be dropping them here.

  • Beans help in reducing the rate of a heart attack in the human body. People who consume beans hardly die of heart attack or other cardiovascular problems so the elderly are advised to eat beans as often as possible, as this will help them in also reducing the cholesterol in the body.
  • Studies have shown that beans act as anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants in the body system and this helps in reducing the risk of cancer. Black beans were shown to have the highest antioxidant activity.
  • Beans help in stabilizing blood glucose levels and they even help in preventing diabetes and they help lower blood glucose and this was found in Soybeans and they also support the healthy functioning of the pancreatic cells.
  • Have you ever felt fuller after eating beans, well everyone definitely observes this; it’s because of the substances present that make us feel this way. Beans help us in controlling our appetite, if you are the type that eats too much, then beans is a good way for controlling your appetite.

There are some other risks factors for eating beans which we have highlighted towards the middle of this article, you should know that these risks factors affect some people who have bowel issues and this can be considered as a health issue to some individuals or those who find it difficult in passing out gas from their body, this can be considered a big issue also, it will take some time for those kinds of body system to adjust and it takes patience also, but overall beans is very healthy for the body system.

In conclusion, we have given you good information about Beans. Beans are good food which is needed for the body, especially for pregnant women and this is being helpful to them. Beans is good for the body and it’s very nutritious and it helps in some health issues which we have talked about above. We also talked about the types of beans which is grown in Nigeria and how they are prepared, there are some minor risks in eating beans but as time goes on, you will know how much benefits they give.

That’s all about the types of beans grown in Nigeria.


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