List of Tribes In Adamawa State

Adamawa State is a northern state in Nigeria filled with series of tribes or, in fact, say ethnic group, the tribes in Adamawa state are quite numerous, but nevertheless, we have got you covered on this one, in this our today’s article, we bring you the list of tribes in the state.

Meanwhile, speaking of tribes, have you ever wondered if Adamawa state was only filled with Hausas and none other tribes? Well, you will find out that later on in this article, chill out guys and ride along as we unveil the tribes in this State.

List Of  Tribes In Adamawa State Nigeria – All You Need To Know

  • Kanuri Tribe

Right here, we will discuss the Kanuri Tribe, the Kanuri tribe is somewhat like the tribe of the Hausas and Fulani in Adamawa state, meanwhile, the Kanuri tribe originated from Borno state Nigeria and hereby wandered into Adamawa state. Speaking of the colonial days, the tribe of the Kanuris played a major role in the ancient Borno-Kanem Empire, they were always at alert and ready for war, they were strong men of war and horsemen and were in possessions of the horses in the ancient empire.

The Kanuri’s major occupation is farming, and they majorly deal with millet, rice, and maize.

  • Babur Tribe

The Babur tribe discovered in  Adamawa state is believed to have originated from Yemen through the Sahara desert and Sudan. These people are majorly found to be settled down in the Gombi Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria. However, most of the Nigerians believe that the Babur tribe speaks Hausa Language but they are not in any way speaking the Hausa language but their language is rather described or called the Afro-Asiatic, Chadic, and Biu-Mandara.

The Babur people are easily noted and identified by their mother tongue intonation and independence, more also the food they eat, which is, Shaptang ka Dana, Kavila, and taraku, more also, they are known for their mode of dressing which is dressing in an Arabian like robes and turbans.

  • Bachama Tribe

The Bachama tribe is known to have originated from Sokoto state Nigeria, these people are also known as the Bwatiyes people which are majorly traced down to Lamurde Local Government in Adamawa state and known to be their settlement. The Bachama tribe is recorded as the only tribe that remained unconquered after the Fulani Jihadist invasion, which makes them one of the strongest tribes in Adamawa state, Nigeria.

Bachama people are also noted to have shrines where they worship just as other tribes in Africa before they finally came in contact with Islam, but still, after their contacts with Islam, the majority of the Bachama people are Christians while some practice Islam. However, the major occupations of these people are farming and fishing.

Speaking of meals, they majorly prefer millet, rice, sorghum, and maize.

  • Fulani Tribe

The Fulani tribe is an easily identified tribes all over Nigeria because they are known for cattle rearing, though, cattle rearing is not the Fulani tribe’s only cultural heritage, but just a major part of their culture. Meanwhile, nothing much is known about the Fulanis apart from the fact that they rear cattle.

The Fulani tribe is sometimes mistaken for the Hausa Tribe because they quite have a lot in common. Speaking of roots and origination, it is believed that the Fulani tribe originated from the Middle East and they are probably the first tribe to receive Islamic religion as their religion in Nigeria, more also, they are the tribe responsible for the widespread of Islamic religion in the northern states of Nigeria. Most people believe that the Fulanis are nomads whereas they are not.

The Fulani men are easily identified with their mode of dressing which is putting on a flowing gown referred to as the Babban Riga while their women are known to put on a blouse and tie wrappers. These people prefer meals made from rice, millets, and maize.

  • Banso Tribe

The Banso Tribe was formerly known as the Nso till they were conquered in the 17th century by the Fulani tribe; however, the Banso tribe is not only found in Adamawa state, Nigeria but also found in Cameroon, meanwhile, in Nigeria, the Banso tribe is found in the Local Government area of Sauduna. The Banso people do not speak the Hausa language, they speak a language called the Lamnso Language which is somewhat similar to the Hausa language.

  • Koma Tribe

The Koma tribe people are known to occupy the Atlantika Mountains, besides, the Koma tribe is known as a primitive tribe. The Koma tribe is made up of a total of eleven (11) villages. However, the Koma tribe currently is located in Jada LGA of Adamawa State, Nigeria. The Koma people in Population range to about 61, 000 people, and their mode of identification is mainly their mode of dressing which involve the men to put on Loincloths while the women of this tribe put on fresh leaves, moreover, they speak a language called the Koma language.

  • Gombi Tribe

Gombi is known as a tribe and also a local government area in Adamawa state, Nigeria. The Gombi Tribe people are majorly known as farmers and traders which are their main occupation, however, the Gombi people are known to be idol worshippers, though, very few numbers of them practice Islam.  However, the Gombi Local government has been under the Boko Haram Terrorist attacks which have hereby made the Gombi tribe vacate their home in Gombi Adamawa state.

  • Gude Tribe

The Gude people are currently present in Mubi local government of Adamawa State, the Gude people are majorly known to rear cattle. However, Islamic is their major religion. The Gude people are mostly identified with their men Babban Riga flowing gowns and head caps while the women with wrappers and blouse and hijab headcovers.

  • Bata Tribe

The Bata tribe is known to be in Mubi, Numan, and song local government area of Adamawa state. They are known to speak an Afro-Asiatic language with varieties of dialects; their main occupation is farming and rearing of cattle.

These people have things in common with other northerners such as mode of dresses which involves the men wearing flowing gowns and women tie wrappers alongside putting on blouses and hijab headcovers.

  • Baya Tribe

The Baya tribe is known to originate from Adamawa state, however, they are also found in Cameroon, Republic of Congo, and the Central African Republic. The Baya tribe people are mostly Christians, but, all the same, witchcraft is widely practiced in the Baya tribe. Farming is a major occupation for the Baya tribe; they cultivate yam, maize, rice, coffee, and tobacco. The Baya people are known to be good at throwing knives.

  • Bille Tribe

Bille is one of the tribes discovered in Adamawa state and also a town in North-east Nigeria, the language known to be spoken by the Bille people is termed the Bille language which was named after the tribe. The major occupation of the Bille tribe is making baskets and calabash as well as farming. In the Bille Tribe, Christianity is a dominant religion.

  • Botlere tribe

The origination of this tribe remains unknown, but they are located in Adama state and speak the Hausa language but are not Hausas. The people of the tribe are majorly Christians and they chose to farm as their main occupation.

  • Daka tribe

Speaking of tribes in Adamawa state, Daka is one, located in Adamawa as well as Cameroon. The Daka people are known for their skillful works of art and metal works. The Daka people are known not to be Christians or Muslims but they practice a religion known as Chamba.

  • Bura Tribe

The Bura people are discovered in Adamawa state, Gombi Local government precisely. Recently, the Bura people are noticed to have neglected their culture and as adopted the Hausa culture, so, there is no big deal mistaken them as Hausas or calling them Hausas as they have adopted the Hausa culture. The major occupation of this tribe is farming.


The tribes in Adamawa state has been unveiled and listed above, now I presume you now know the tribes in Adamawa state. The majority thinks that only the Hausa and Fulani tribe fills most of the northern state, but no, we have different tribes in the northern state apart from the Hausas and Fulanis.

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