Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in London (2023)

London is a large city and a major tourist destination. It is the capital of England with a population of over 10 million residents. There are lots of crimes that this great city faces and not everyone would love to reside in a city that is filled with criminal activities like pickpocketing and all that.

There are still some neighbourhoods in London that have been tagged safe and family-friendly and they will still give you that city feel and vibe you are craving for. London has so many side attractions and there are so many places, restaurants, cafes, pubs and many more. This is a city anyone would enjoy and love to reside in, here are the top 10 safest neighbourhoods in London.

Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in London (2023)

1. Richmond upon the Thames

This is a neighbourhood that is located in South-west London and it is famous for its beautiful Royal Parks and gardens, historic houses, theatres, museums and galleries, exhibits and town centres bursting with life. There are several hidden in this neighbourhood and it is very popular with so many runners and fitness enthusiasts.

Richmond is ideal for families and this is one neighbourhood that has made its mark on pubs and cafes over the years. The homes here are affordable and there are so many attractions for you to see.

2. Walthamstow

There is so much in the neighbourhood of Walthamstow and this place is ideal for young professionals and families. If you want a place where the process is lower and free from crimes then this is one of the best neighbourhoods ever that you could come across. Walthamstow provides its residents with lots of art exhibitions and galleries, local foods, fast food joints and a few hip cafes along the streets.

3. Notting Hill

Notting Hill is known for being a cosmopolitan and multicultural neighbourhood, hosting the annual Notting Hill Carnival and Portobello Road Market. From around 1870, Notting Hill had an association with artists. This is a casual neighbourhood that has lots of cafes that are lining the road and it is also known to have busy markets that are selling antiques and vintage fashion. This neighbourhood is safe and you could find anything you are looking for within.

4. Bermondsey

Bermondsey is a neighbourhood that is located in Southeast London. It was the site of the second tunnel under the River Thames (completed in 1869), and it has been a railway terminus since the 1830s. Bermondsey Square hosts an antique market.

Gourmet food stalls and bars sit beneath Maltby Street Market’s railway arches. In the past years, the Bermondsey neighbourhood has been able to transform itself from a small neighbourhood and become one of the hottest parts of London.

5. Ealing

Ealing is a leading shopping destination in London and it is filled with some of the finest restaurants and broad streets fashion wear. Ealing has been popular with so many developments that have happened in recent years now and there is so much fun that you can have while you reside in this neighbourhood. This place has been transformed into a very nice small city-like neighbourhood and it is ideal for families and young professionals.

6. Highbury

This is a distinct part of London and it is famed as the home of the former Arsenal football club as well as a sports centre and a tennis club. There are easy connections to the rest of London when you reside in this neighbourhood and there are traffic improvements, reworking key roundabouts and prioritizing pedestrian access, which has made getting around much easier and a new focus on green space gives plenty of options for recreation seekers.

7. Muswell Hill

Muswell Hill is located in North London and it is one the safest neighbourhoods in London. This neighbourhood is lined with lots of fashion boutiques, pubs, cafes, shops and many places that will not make you miss the big city life.

The views here are fantastic but the only downside to this place is the lack of underground connection but it is home to excellent schools, beautiful architecture and plenty of green spaces. This is one place that is family-friendly and there is so much that you can do here.

8. Redbridge

If you are a lover of green spaces and you need somewhere that is far from the city hassle and bustle then this is the best place you could be. Redbridge is known to have lots of expanding schools and businesses and it is one of the safest boroughs in London. It has a perfect mix of both village and city living, Redbridge has several sports and leisure facilities including the road and off-road cycling tracks at Redbridge Cycling Centre.

9. Hillingdon

This is the largest and westernmost borough in West London. It was formed in 1965 from the district of Hayes and Harlington. There are lots of fantastic schools and universities in Hillingdon and this place is known to be one of the best neighbourhoods in London and this is as a result of so many reasons. There is a thriving cultural scene and transportation link in this neighbourhood.

10. Peckham

Peckham is a friendly neighbourhood in London. There are so many eateries and thriving businesses in this neighbourhood. There is a whole lot that goes down in this neighbourhood regularly especially when it clocks 6 pm. Peckham is always buzzing at night and it is very okay for young and single professionals to live there. There are transportation links all over and you are easily connected to other parts of London.


Safety means so many things to different people, some might look at the low crime rate while some will also look at how affordable the cost of living is in various neighbourhoods. Living in London is expensive but some neighbourhoods are worth every stress and this is due to the safety and the affordable homes that are being presented there.