The 10 Most Expensive Cities In Nigeria 2016

The 10 Most Expensive Cities In Nigeria 2016

We researched the the top 10 most expensive cities in Nigeria, and here they are: Updating . . .

Central Bank of Nigeria Abuja

1. Abuja

Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, and the second most expensive city in Africa, is the most expensive city in Nigeria.

2. Lagos

Lagos the largest commercial hub in Nigeria, with a population of 21 million is also the largest metropolitan area in Africa, and the second fastest growing city in Africa. Lagos is also the Second most expensive city in Nigeria.

3. Portharcourt

Portharcourt, capital of Rivers State and Nigeria’s Oil capital is the 3rd most expensive city in Nigeria

4. Warri

5. Kaduna

6. Asaba

7. Owerri

8. Calabar

Capital of Cross River (seaport city) due to its tourist attraction, this has continue to drive in people, leading to increase in cost of living. Calabar ranked in 8th most expensive city in Nigeria.

9. Aba

Aba the main trading centre in Abia state south eastern Nigeria, famous for its handicraft, is surrounded by oil wells which seperate it from Portharcourt. Aba is ranked the ninth most expensive city in Nigeria

10. Enugu

Enugu the capital of Enugu state, formerly capital of the eastern region is the tenth most expensive city in Nigeria, The real estate boom, improved network, security, international airport which has affected its regional status and continues to attract wealthy retirees and returnees.

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