Top 20 Solar Energy Companies In Nigeria (2023)

UP NEPA! is a national phrase that excites every Nigerian irrespective of tribe and language because it signifies the restoration of electric power. Kerosene Lamps, Candles, Generator sets, rechargeable lamps, and dry cell battery-powered Flashlights must be familiar to you as a Nigerian. You will find one or a combo of these sources of electricity in every Nigerian home.

Solar Energy is fast becoming the new normal when it comes to an alternative source of power supply in Nigeria, and it rightly lives up to its claim of providing a constant source of power supply at an affordable price. Join me as I take you through an exciting unveiling of the top solar energy companies in Nigeria.

Nigeria, the most populous country in West Africa, has long been plagued with epileptic power supply, and a huge number of Nigerians have resorted to helping themselves by exploring other sources of power supply. However, this piece is not to lament the nation’s epileptic state of power supply but to keep you updated on the less expensive and durable source of power supply that is available for your use.

Let’s get into it!

Top 20 Solar Energy Companies in Nigeria

1. Astrum Energy Solutions

Astrum Energy Solutions is an Enugu-based solar energy company with branch offices in Lagos, Jos, and Port Harcourt. It was established in 2007, making the company one of the trailblazers of Solar Energy products in Nigeria. 

With over two decades of operation under their belt, Astrum Energy is one of the most credible and inexpensive solar energy companies to contract for your solar energy solutions. The solar company caters to the energy needs of residential and commercial areas.

Astrum Energy provides solar products like central servo motorized stabilizers, DC & AC submersible pumps, wind generators, solar panels, solar charge controllers, etc.

2. Wavetra Energy

Wavetra Energy is a Lagos-based solar energy company and one of the pioneer solar companies in Nigeria. The solar company owns Nigeria’s first Solar training academy that trained many qualified professionals in the Solar energy business. 

Wavetra Energy won the award of the Most Efficient Renewable Energy Brand in Nigeria in 2018, making it a top-notch solar company. They cater to the energy needs of their numerous residential and commercial consumers.

Wavetra Energy provides its several clients with solar products such as solar charge controllers, deep cycle batteries, solar panels, LEDs, Wind Turbines, and Solar street lights.

3. Ecozar Technologies

Located in the prestigious Lekki environs of the populous city in West Africa, Ecozar technologies is another prominent solar energy company in Nigeria. Founded over a decade ago, the stellar solar company is dedicated to catering to the energy needs of Nigerian homes and corporate establishments.

The solar company is renowned for its excellent customer and maintenance services and durable products, all at affordable prices nationwide. Ecozar technologies handle the professional blueprints, securing, building, and fixing solar energy products. They also deal in several solar products like solar panels, inverters, and batteries.

4. Leks Environmental Limited

This solar company is another respectable solar energy provider that has earned a name in the solar energy business. Since its establishment in 2011, the company has been renowned for its secure and renewable energy products, innovations and ideas.

They provide solar energy products, services, and solutions to residential and commercial areas. As a renewable energy company, they also provide recyclable waste appliances, environmental tools, medical emergency apparatus, and health products. They also build energy and environmental infrastructures for their clients.

5. Solar Force Nigeria Limited

Founded in 2007, Solar Force is yet another top-notch solar company in Nigeria. Solar Force Nigeria Plc is a subsidiary of Solar Force Corporation, a US-based solar company. The solar company is committed and are experts in providing solar energy to their numerous clients.

The Abuja-based solar company is renowned for providing genuine solar products such as Solar Borehole, Mini Grid, Solar street lights, commercial and home systems, etc.

Solar Force can also be contracted for repairs of already installed solar systems, and the solar company remains one of the Top 20 Solar energy companies in Nigeria.

6. Rubitec 

Located in the center of excellence, Rubitec is one of the most credible solar energy companies in Nigeria. The company was founded in 2004 to provide quality and professional expertise in solar technology. They also have an academy where they train professionals in the solar energy industry.

Rubitec handles the installation of solar systems in homes commercial and industrial facilities. They offer various solar systems with varying energy capacities to suit the energy needs of their clients. Rubitec is experienced in providing solar products like Mini-grid systems, Agro solar, solar backup system, and solar inverters.

7. Green Power Overseas Limited

Founded In 2006 and located in Lagos, Green Power Overseas Ltd is an engineering and solar company. The Lagos-based company functions with experienced professionals devoted to customer contentment, analysis, and advancement of solar technology.

Green Power overseas provides top-notch solar, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing products and services to several sectors across Nigeria. The company modifies its products and services to conserve power, expenses, and the green environment.

8. Hians Technology Limited

Hians Technology Limited is an Enugu-based electrical and solar energy company. Founded in 2010, the company specializes in Alternative power solutions, energy analysis and advancement, electrical wiring installation, renovations, solar power consultancy, inverters, UPS merchandise, and installations.

Their crew of professionals and specialists are devoted to ensuring that you get top-notch delivery of all the services that they offer when you contact them.

9. Infinite Solar Solutions Limited

Located in the Federal Capital Territory, this company is an award recipient specializing in the importation, bulk and retail sales, and installation of solar products.

They are renowned for excellent customer service, affordable prices, and prompt product delivery. Infinite Solar Solutions Limited provides and installs hybrid and independent inverters, LEDs lamps, solar refrigerators, solar panels and lights, and solar batteries.

10. Powertech Solar Energy Limited

This solar company Is yet another prominent solar energy company established in 2010 to outweigh other solar companies in the solar energy business. They are committed to providing top-notch solar products to residential, commercial, and industrial areas. 

This solar company deals in wholesale supply and installation of thermal power systems, solar power systems, big-scale appliances, wind power systems, movable composite rooftop systems, and on/off-grid solar structures. In addition, they also provide prompt delivery nationwide.

11. Arthur Energy Technology Limited

Arthur energy tech Ltd is an Isolo based solar company. It is a solar company that has gained significance in the solar energy industry from preceding executed projects. They also administer their services all over Lagos. 

They are renowned for supplying and installing solar panels with unit specifications for street lamps, farm lamps, boreholes, homes, schools, and workplaces.

12. Energy Excel Systems and Solutions Limited

Energy Excel systems and solutions Ltd is an Abuja-based company that specializes in the sales, maintenance, and installations of Deep cycle batteries, solar inverters, and UPS.

The Abuja-based company also sells, installs, and maintains unit-specific solar products like solar traffic lights, solar street lamps, and solar submersible water pumps.

13. Enerplaz Renewable Energy

This Port Harcourt-based solar company specializes in solar products and services. They sell, disperse and install solar inverters, solar batteries, and panels in homes, industries, enterprises, and commercial areas.

14. Novel Power Systems

Located in the ancient city with brown rooftops, Ibadan, Novel power systems is a leading solar company in the ancient city and Oyo state. 

The Ibadan-based solar company specializes in the sales, installation, and sustenance of solar inverters and batteries for homes, schools, industries, and commercial areas.

15. Pamtronics Nigeria Limited

The Ikeja-based solar company handles sales, consultations, and installations of solar energy pieces of equipment. They are primarily concentrated on the installation of solar thermal systems and PVs.

16. Protergia Energy

Protergia Energy is an Abuja-based solar company that offers solar energy consultations, sales, and installations to its clients. 

The Abuja-based solar company also develops custom-made and affordable solar energy resolutions for homes, schools, industries, commercial and rural areas.

17. BETSAM Engineering

Located in the world-famous Ikeja Computer Village, BETSAM engineering is a solar company that handles the sales, installation, and maintenance of solar energy products within and beyond Lagos.

The Ikeja-based solar company specializes in selling and installing solar panels, backup systems, solar batteries for homes, workplaces, ATMs, security lamps, and Data servers.

18. Rose top Nigeria Limited

Rose top Nig. Ltd is a Lagos-based solar company specializing in the consultation, sales, installations, and servicing solar energy products for private and public clients.

The Lagos-based company is also into installing, refining, and servicing petrol and diesel generating sets. Likewise, the company rents out generators to people.

19. Solex Energy Service Limited

Located in the high brow Victoria Island area of Lagos, Solex energy handles the setup, installation, and servicing of solar energy products for residential, industrial, and commercial areas. 

Solex Energy service Limited is yet another solar company amongst the Top 20 solar companies in Nigeria.

20. PSC Industries Limited

This Lagos-based solar company offers consultation, sales, installation, and servicing of solar products and services. 

They cater to the energy needs of residential, commercial, and industrial areas. PSC industries further offer renewable energy resolutions.



Just as it is with anything in life, solar energy sure has its advantages and disadvantages, but one thing is sure, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages in the end. Apart from the fact that solar power helps you cut down on electricity bills, it also provides a constant power supply at any time of the day. 

The remedy to our epileptic power woes in Nigeria is no doubt the Solar power system, and it sure is a smart money choice to invest in getting a solar system installed in your home or workplace to ensure a consistent power supply.

I am confident that this piece about the top solar energy companies in Nigeria will inform your choice of a solar company when installing a solar system in your home or workplace. Don’t forget to drop your thoughts and comments in the comment section below, as I am itching to hear from you.