Top 10 Smallest Airports in the World (2023)

Some airports have been able to receive massive applause for their sizes and this has made it look like small airports are not worthy to be recognized. There are small airports that you could not even imagine their sizes and they have been functioning well for a long period. However, not all airports have fancy architecture, yet still, see flights taking off and landing with ease. We also have airports that are so small in size that they might look like just landing strips.

Top 10 Smallest Airports in the World (2023)

1. Juancho E Yrausquin Airport

This airport is named after the Aruban minister and it is known to have the shortest commercial runway in the world, the runway is only slightly longer than a typical aircraft carrier and is so short that jet aircraft cannot land due to fears they might overshoot the strip and land in the ocean. This airport services the small Dutch island of Saba in the Caribbean and it only operates on Windair airline which operates two daily flights to nearby Saint Eustatius and Saint Martin.

2. Charles Kirkconnell International Airport

This airport is also known as the Gerrad Smith international airport. It is an airport that is serving the Cayman Islands and it is one of the hubs for Cayman airways. In this airport, approaches and departures are over the water and it is known as the only airport on the Cayman Brac. It operates on three different airlines which are Cayman airways, Cayman Express and Island Air. Cayman Airways operate Boeing 737 MAX jetliner service into the airport with limited flights operated on a less than daily basis nonstop to Grand Cayman and Miami while other airlines go to different destinations.

3. Moshoeshoe International Airport

This is an airport that is serving the capital of Lesotho. The airport was initially designed to be an international airport but the only non-domestic flights taking off are to Johannesburg. It only has two runways and it operates on two airlines South African Airways and the Mission Aviation Fellowship. It offers so many relaxing places that one can relax before taking up and being considered small it is a very beautiful place.

4. Luang Prabang International Airport

This airport serves domestic and international flights from one terminal building. They have several international and domestic airlines that operate flights which include Bangkok Airways, Lao Airlines and Vietnam Airlines. They provide a host of services that are needed by everyone in the airport, though small but is beautiful.

5. Morgantown Municipal Airport

The Morgantown Municipal Airport is among the list of smallest airports in the world due to its size and so many other factors. This airport runway cannot handle larger aeroplanes which have even made them file a report with the Federal Aviation Administrator to lengthen their runway. The airport offers flights to Pittsburgh and Washington Dulles. It offers to park, Free Wi-Fi, a restaurant and many more.

6. Barra Airport

This is a short runway airport that is located in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. This airport has three runways and one of them is the only beach runway in the world that is capable of handling scheduled flights the airport is served by Flybe. This airport is so small that it resembles a little hut on a beach but it offers all the basic amenities that an airport is supposed to offer. One thing you should understand is that this airport is very different and the flight time is solely based on the tides which makes the airport to be open for about 2.5 hours each day between Mondays through Saturdays.

7. Tenzing-Hillary Airport, Nepal

This is a domestic airport and altiport in the town of Lukla. This airport gained fame as it was rated as the most dangerous airport in the world for more than 20 years. The airport operates on three airlines which are known as the Sita Air, Summit Air and Tara Air and they all go to one destination which is Kathmandu and Manthali.

8. John A. Osborne/ Gerald’s Airport

This is a very small airport that is located in the village of Gerald’s on the Island of Montserrat, a British Overseas territory in the Caribbean Sea. It features a 600-metre runway, a restaurant, modern air traffic control technology, and immigration facilities. It is the only airport in the Caribbean with a public tunnel under its runway and the total cost of construction was approximately US$18.5 million.

9. Svalbard Airport

This is the main airport this is serving Svalbard in Norway. It was first used as occasional flights but should only be used a few months a year. The airport allows so many amenities and it is being well structured as it specifies that no military installations are permitted on the archipelago. There are 200 outdoor free parking spaces at the airports, there are available taxis for rentals, a shuttle bus operates to guest houses and hotels around and Scandinavian airlines is in charge of providing handling services.

10. Dawson Community Airport

This airport is located in Dawson county in Montana, in the United States. It is known to have only one airline and it goes to only one destination which is known as Billings. The airport is not that being used at the moment, it has two asphalt runways and it has lots of amenities that passengers and non-passengers can enjoy.


We have given you information about the top 10 smallest airports in the world. These airports that are listed in this article are very much working and they offer a wide range of services to so many people. These airports are considered small for so many reasons, including runway, land size and so many other factors. One major thing is that they can provide the services that you can enjoy in bigger airports as well and these airports are beautiful and they have good structures.