Top 10 Smallest Active Volcanos in the World (2023)

A volcano is a rupture in the crust of a mass object. There are many volcanoes in the world today and not all of them are very active. The volcano erupts which allows hot lava, volcanic ash and gases to escape from a magma chamber below the surface. All volcanos cannot be of the same size and not all of them are active, some volcanos have not been active for years and some are always active.

Top 10 Smallest Active Volcanos in the World (2023)

1. Taal Volcano

The Taal volcano is located in the Philippines and it is regarded as the smallest active volcano in the world. Taal Volcano has had several violent eruptions in the past, causing deaths on the island and the populated areas surrounding the lake, with an overall death toll of about 6,000. This volcano has been called a decade volcano which is worthy of close study to prevent future natural disasters. This volcano has been active and it had over 45 eruptions between 1572 and 1977, between January 29 and 30, 2022, the volcano had nine phreatomagmatic bursts on its main crater.

2. Barren Island (Andaman Islands)

This is the only confirmed active volcano in the Indian sub-continent. The first eruption of this volcano takes place in 1787 and since then it has erupted more than fifteen (15) times. A team spotted the volcano erupting in 2017 and the head of the team said the volcano is erupting in episodes about five to ten minutes apart. During sundown, red lava splashes were spewing from the crater into the atmosphere and hot lava flowed streaming down its slopes. This island has large areas of barren landscapes which is uninhabited by humans, though there is a small population of goats, birds, pigeons, bats, rodents and rats and they have been surviving the hardship condition of the island. The goats were kept there by British sailors in 1891 and it was later found out that they were surviving by two fresh spring water on the island.

3. Cuexcomate Volcano

This volcano has been popularly called the world’s smallest volcano and it is located in Puebla, Mexico. The name Cuexcomate is derived from the Nahuatl Cuexcomac which means bowl or place for keeping things. This volcano has a spiral staircase inside it for tourists and there are cultural events that are being done inside it.

4. Whakaari / White Island

This is one of the smallest active volcanoes in the world. Its last eruption was in 2019 which resulted in 22 casualties which include two people that were missing and ruled to be dead by a coroner. Twenty-five survivors were seriously injured, many critically and suffering severe burns. Three survivors suffered minor injuries. Forty-seven people were reportedly on the island when it erupted. A second eruption closely followed the first.

5. Krakatoa

This is a Caldera that is between the Islands of Java and Sumatra in the Indonesian province of Lampung. Eruptions in the area since 1927 have built a new island at the same location, named Anak Krakatau (which is Indonesian for “Child of Krakatoa”). Periodic eruptions have continued since, with recent eruptions in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012, and a major collapse in 2018. In late 2011, this island had a radius of roughly 2 km, and the highest point of about 324 metres, above sea level, growing five metres (16 ft.) each year.

6. Kīlauea

This is one of the world’s smallest active volcanos. News reports have been flying around that the volcano might erupt again in 2023 and since then certain precautions are being taken to avoid that area. The eruption saw vigorous eruptive lava fountains that sent destructive rivers of molten rock into the ocean in three places. The eruption destroyed Hawaii’s largest natural freshwater lake, covered substantial portions of Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens, and completely inundated the communities of Kapoho, Vacationland Hawaii, and most of the Kapoho Beach Lots.

7. Mount Awu

This is one of the largest volcanoes in the Sanghie chain and one of the smallest active volcanos in the world. It is called a volcano in the ring of fire and it is found to be spitting flanks from the crater. Its last eruption killed about 39 lives and forced about 11,000 people to leave the area and since then there has been recent news of it erupting again with about four to five events per day in the area. There are reports of possible eruptions soonest and it is important that those in that area can avoid them.

8. Dukono

This is an active volcano and is known to be very small. It is located in the Northern part of Halmahera Island, Indonesia. Dukon has been erupting since till now, though smaller deaths have been recorded there was no definite amount but it is proven that people have fled from that environment due to its continuous eruption and cause of death.

9. Mount Pinatubo

This is an active stratovolcano which is located in the Zambales mountain. In 1991, its effects were felt worldwide as it erupted roughly 10 billion tonnes of magma and 20 million tonnes of SO This place was heavily eroded and obscure from view by dense forests which support a population of several thousand indigenous Aetas.

10. Erta Ale

This is the most active volcano in Ethiopia and it is known as a shield volcano. It is notable for holding the longest existing lava lake. There was a major eruption in 2005 which caused major residents to flee from the area and killed about 250 livestock, in 2007 another one took place and it forced hundreds to flee and two persons got missing. Another eruption was reported in 2017 as well.


We have given you information about the smallest active volcanos in the world. These volcanos have caused harm and have killed many, which has made many residents relocate from one island to another.