Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Miami (2023)

Miami is known as a tourist attraction city. It has warm weather, pristine beaches, good diving sites and some of the most expensive homes when it comes to real estate. The speed at which Miami grew is shocking and everyone is wondering what this beautiful city will look like a few years from now.

The nightlife, the clubs, opportunities and so many more can be found in this city, not everyone would love this environment but this is a place that even with the crowd and noise there are places that are suitable for you to live in if you want to raise a family. Miami has a lot of safe places and here are the top 10 safest neighbourhoods in Miami.

Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Miami (2023)

1. Fisher Island

Fisher Island is known as the safest neighbourhood in Miami and it is located in Dade County Florida. This neighbourhood is so expensive that the median home price is about $3,000,000 and it comes with private security in the neighbourhood as well. This neighbourhood is safer than 97% of the neighbourhoods in Florida. There is so much history that is related to Fisher Island and today it has grown into becoming one of the safest neighbourhoods in Miami.

2. Star Island

This Island has a population of about 100 residents and homes here are being sold for tens of millions of dollars. Star Island is a planned residential neighbourhood located in Biscayne Bay, south of the Venetian Islands. There are so many celebrities that are residing here and as the name implies “Star Island”. This neighbourhood is very safe and this place is filled with so many opportunities. If you can afford it then you should.

3. Coral Way

Looking for a quiet neighbourhood in this busy city then Coral Way is known as one of the safest neighbourhoods in Miami. The homes here are not that expensive but this neighbourhood is very safe. It offers the 20th-century style of housing and there is old architecture in this neighbourhood.

It is safe raising kids here for average families and it is close to downtown Miami. This neighbourhood is good for young professionals that are just starting up and this is a place where you could get loads of opportunities as well.

4. Brickell

Brickell is an area in Miami that serves as Miami’s Financial District and is part of downtown. The crime rate here is very low compared to Florida’s average and the prices of homes there are on average.

There are so many amenities in this neighbourhood compared to others, young families, young professionals and singles can live in this neighbourhood as it presents itself with so many opportunities. There are restaurants and bars and it is family-friendly as well.

5. Sunny Isles Beach

If you are looking for one of the best options for Condo living, then Sunny Island beach is one of those places that are affordable and free from so many crime issues. Sunny Isles Beach has a population of 21,937 and a crime rate of 1,077 incidents per 100,000 people.

This neighbourhood provides you with so many amenities and you can get a good view of the beach and have easy access to them. There are a wide variety of restaurants, Yacht clubs and many private beaches available.

6. North Coconut Grove

Having close access to various beaches and a lower crime rate, North Coconut Grove is one of those neighbourhoods that has been considered to be very safe. The homes in this neighbourhood are expensive you might be seeing prices of half a million dollars or even more. But with so much exclusivity, fancy restaurants, clubs and good nightlife then this neighbourhood is worth every penny.

7. Key Biscayne

When you talk about safety, beautiful apartments and homes then key Biscayne is said to have it all. Key Biscayne is an extremely secure community, with the Rickenbacker Causeway being the only means of access to the neighbourhood.

The median home price in Key Biscayne is $1,034,800, and the median rent is $2,550. There are so many amenities that are available to residents in this neighbourhood, this neighbourhood offers the finest restaurants, clubs, amazing nightlife and so much more.

8. Flagami

Flagami is a middle-class neighbourhood but entirely safe. This place is family-friendly and it is affordable for middle-class income earners. If you are looking for a nice environment that still feels like home and family-friendly then Flagami is the right option for you.

This neighbourhood is designed with homes and various apartments that are affordable for buying and renting with the average median home price of about $254,000 and a median rent of about $1,090. Flagami has proven to be a safe place and it is incredible for anyone to live in as all the basic amenities are available.

9. Kendall

This is another safe neighbourhood to live in. Kendall is expensive but you have everything that is needed in that neighbourhood. The median home price is about $500,000 and the rent is way higher than the national average. There are many malls and dining options that are available in this neighbourhood and this should give you an idea of the place.

10. Doral

Another quiet neighbourhood that is located in Miami in Doral. It is located just close to the Miami international airport and Downtown Miami. Due to its location homes here are a bit expensive but it is affordable and there are so many shopping malls, restaurants, and bars. It’s quiet but there is fun in this neighbourhood. It is ideal for families and young professionals.


Aside from tourists enjoying this neighbourhood or even this big city. You can have a feel of it as well, Miami is one of those cities that comes with so much fun, and though it is expensive with proper planning you are sure of surviving.