Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Las Vegas (2023)

For a city that has lots of nightlife activities and gambling with major resorts and nightclubs, Las Vegas can be a bit unsafe if you do not find yourself in the right neighbourhood. Las Vegas is a popular destination for so many young people, it is a city in Nevada that is meant for young professionals as there are lots of opportunities there as well.

In a city like Las Vegas, there are lots of safe neighbourhoods that one can move into and even raise kids as well. There are so many things to do in Las Vegas and this is one city that anybody would fall in love with as so many exciting events take place yearly.

Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Las Vegas (2023)

1. City of Henderson

An exclusive neighbourhood with so much peace and quietness with a museum that exhibits the regional history and vintage homes is “The City of Henderson”. This neighbourhood is located in Clark County in Nevada and downtown Las Vegas. Henderson has been ranked as one of the top 50 best places to live in the U.S. and this is due to so many reasons. This neighbourhood is very safe and you have the luxury of having big city amenities in this area. There are so many things to do and so many points of interest.

2. Skye Cannon

For a new neighbourhood we would say a lot of effort has been put into Skye Cannon and it has been developed into what it is today. Skye Cannon is a safe neighbourhood that gives residents access to so many things, there is no nightlife available in this neighbourhood for now as so many things are still under construction but when it comes to safety this neighbourhood is very safe and it is a family-friendly environment that is meant for young families and professionals.

Skye Canyon offers several amenities for its residents including free access to their gym, pool, and community events. The events they offer range from fitness classes to sushi-making classes. Skye Canyon Park is where many of the amenities are located, but the park is still open to the public

3. Spring Valley

Located in Clark County is the Spring Valley which is known as one of the safest neighbourhoods in Las Vegas. This neighbourhood is family-friendly and it offers great schools and so many outdoor recreational activities for your kids. There is so much to do in Spring Valley and it prides itself in being safe there are well-patrolled city parks that you do not have anything to worry about. The homes in this neighbourhood are affordable compared to others in Las Vegas.

4. Summerlin

This is a residential neighbourhood that gives an urban feel. Summerlin is a much-planned community that lies on the edge of the Spring Mountains and Red Rock Canyon to the west. This neighbourhood has one of the most exclusive sections in towns and there are a host of celebrities that live here as well. It is a gated neighbourhood and there are private security patrol everywhere that is meant for boosting the security of this neighbourhood.

5. Rancho Charleston

This neighbourhood offers a quiet lifestyle and has great schools. This is one neighbourhood in Las Vegas that is great for raising kids and it is very safe. Rancho Charleston has a very low crime rate and the houses here are very affordable. There are great schools which are affordable as well and it is very family-friendly.

6. The Lake

The Lake is a planned neighbourhood that is located in the Western part of Las Vegas and it is known to have different manmade lakes. This neighbourhood is quiet and although the homes are older they are still very much in good shape.

7. Downtown East

This neighbourhood is entirely different from the Downtown Las Vegas as Downtown East offers a quieter place that is meant for raising kids and families. This neighbourhood is very safe and offers a more family-friendly environment, there are single-family homes that dominate this neighbourhood and many of the residents here are longtime residents whom most families tend to know each other.

8. Downtown Las Vegas

This neighbourhood is known as the heart of Las Vegas. Downtown Las Vegas offers so many things and it is preferably for younger folks that are still looking for opportunities in different sectors. This neighbourhood is known to be home to casinos like the Golden Nugget, plus the Mob Museum with its interactive exhibits on organized crime.

There are so many things that take place in this neighbourhood and this is one fun place to be in. it is very safe as well irrespective of what goes down in this place.

9. Sunrise Manor

Located on the western base of Frenchman Mountain, East of Las Vegas is this beautiful neighbourhood, ‘’Sunrise Manor’’. It is not yet incorporated and if it were to be it would be one of the largest neighbourhoods in Las Vegas. This neighbourhood is comprised of so many long-time residents and many know their neighbourhoods from looks and sight.

This is a friendly neighbourhood, one where you are sure that your kids can be looked out for and that your family is well taken care of and safe. Sunrise Manor is one of the safest neighbourhoods in Las Vegas as there is so much to do and it offers so many exciting opportunities for every resident living there.

10. Southern Highlands

If you are looking for a neighbourhood that is safe and one that provides you with luxury, then “Southern Highlands” is the place where you need to be. Everything in this neighbourhood is available and it just feels like you are in your world. This is one place that is very expensive to get home but if you can afford then it is worth every penny.


Las Vegas is a city that is always bubbling and has so much nightlife, this is a place that can be considered unsafe sometimes and it is important you have ideas about the safest neighbourhoods in Las Vegas.