Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Illinois (2023)

Illinois is a great place to move to and if you are planning on relocating then this is one of the best cities in the U.S. that is safe for you and your family. Illinois is known for abolishing slavery and its role in the Underground Railroad, this city has also contributed to the American Automotive industry and so many other incredible things that have been done.

The cost of living in Illinois is cheap and the housing is 14% lower than the national average when it comes to necessities like food and clothing it is 4% lower than the national average. There are so many neighbourhoods

Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Illinois (2023)

1. Village of Homer Glen

Village of Homer Glen has been ranked to be one of the safest neighbourhoods in Illinois. This neighbourhood is family-friendly and this is a small town where everyone knows everyone and this is great as it is good for family bonding and friendship. This place had no murders, no rapes, and four robberies per 100,000 people in 2012. There were 21 assaults, 176 burglaries, 578 thefts, and only eight vehicle thefts per 100,000 that year as well and this is a good record that has been kept over the years.

2. City of Geneva

Geneva is a very beautiful neighbourhood and this is one of those places that has a very small population of residents living in this neighbourhood. This is one neighbourhood that does not have any violent crime in years and no rape cases or even murders. Geneva is a place that is family oriented and this is a place that is safe for families or even raising kids.

3. Village of Buffalo Grove

If you are looking for a place that has more population then the Village of Buffalo Grove is one of those neighbourhoods you would choose to stay in Illinois. It has fabulous public amenities such as well-appointed parks, nature preserves and golf facilities, as well as one of the top summer farmers’ markets in the area. This place is family-friendly and the crime rate in this neighbourhood is very low compared to the national average.

4. Village of Lisle

Village of Lisle is located in Dupage County Illinois. It has a population of over 20,000 residents and most of the families here own their homes. It features so many attractions that are suitable for kids as well. It is known for having so many famous colleges and universities like; Benedictine University, formerly known as Illinois Benedictine College, which has its 108-acre (44 ha) campus in Lisle. National Louis University is located on Warrenville Road in Lisle. The Center for Entrepreneurship of the College of DuPage is located in the One Corporate Lakes building in Lisle.

5. Village of Roselle

Roselle has a population of over 20,000 and it is located in Dupage County as well. There are so many events that take place yearly in the Village of Roselle and the transportation is great. Bicycle trails link the nearby neighbourhoods and it has a station on Metra’s Milwaukee District/West Line, which provides daily rail service between Elgin and Chicago Union Station.

6. Village of Bartlett

Village of Bartlett has a high population count it is known for maintaining a well-structured neighbourhood and careful planning. It is often called a small town and many residents in this neighbourhood own their own homes here. This neighbourhood is safer than many larger and smaller cities and it is known to have lots of shops, bars, restaurants and parks for outdoor recreation. Other points of interest are located in the Village of Bartlett. The climate in this neighbourhood is a bit harsh so you might want to check that out and if you are good with it you can decide to move in.

7. Village of Glen Ellyn

Glen Ellyn is popularly called the village of the volunteers. This neighbourhood boasts over 25,000 residents and it is located in Dupage County. There are so many points of interest in Glen Ellyn and this is a family-friendly environment that anyone would enjoy and would love to raise their kids. The crime rate here is low and there are lots of parks, restaurants and shops in this neighbourhood.

8. Village of Glenview

Village of Glenview is located in Cook County with a population of over 45,000. The crime rate in Glenview is a bit low compared to others and the national average. There are so many points of interest in Glenview and many events that come up yearly to celebrate so many things in this neighbourhood.

9. Village of New Lenox

When it comes to a neighbourhood that is filled with quietness and very peaceful then the Village of New Lenox has it all. This neighbourhood is known as “The Home of the Proud Americans” and this is because of the quality of life that is being portrayed there. The homes here are a bit pricey but you are sure of being in a place that is peaceful and quiet and safe as well. New Lenox has schools like Lincoln-Way West High School, Providence Catholic High School, and Lincoln-Way Central High School.

10. Village of Libertyville

Village of Libertyville is an established residential neighbourhood that is perceived to be rich and filled up with rich residents. This neighbourhood has served as a major market and as a service centre for central Lake County. The crime rate here is very low, the locals are friendly and this is one of the best environments where you can raise your kids.


There are safe neighbourhoods in Illinois but this would take you time to start looking out for them. This is why we have compiled the top 10 safest neighbourhoods in Illinois as this will give you an insight into the neighbourhoods where you can settle down with your family. Though the homes might be a bit expensive safety comes first.