Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Houston (2023)

Houston is known to have an affordable cost of living and so many opportunities for young professionals which include the entertainment industry as well. Houston is a thriving city with lots of opportunities in any industry that you find yourself in, this is why so many people find themselves living in this city.

Not everywhere in Houston is safe as some neighbourhoods have some major crimes here and there. Houston is known as the most populous city in Texas, picking the right location for your move to Houston is not easy, this is why it is important you have an idea of the safest neighbourhoods in Houston.

Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Houston (2023)

1. Bunker Hill Village

The Bunker Hill Village was established in 1954 and it is known as the safest neighbourhood in Houston. This is an upscale neighbourhood and has a population of over 3,000 residents. It has a different collection of parks, greenspaces, gardens, art trails and diverse eateries.

There are so many entertainment options in this neighbourhood and the local police department is very active and makes sure to keep the street very secure and walkable at night. They have a much-reduced crime rate and this is known as one of the best neighbourhoods to live in Houston.

2. Hunters Creek Village

Hunters Creek Village has a population of over 4,000 and this is one of the neighbourhoods in Houston that is very safe. Hunter Creek Village community enjoy an affluent, laid-back lifestyle surrounded by exquisite architecture, hiking trails, biking paths, and some of the best schools in the state. With the local police and the fire department, the crime in this neighbourhood has been reduced to the barest minimum.

3. Midtown

If you are interested in a healthy environment and lifestyle then Midtown is the perfect neighbourhood for you. Midtown is one of the safest neighbourhoods that you can live in, it has a walkable layout and gives residents easy access to over 140 different restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, plus some of the best cultural art centres, parks, and other greenspaces in all of Houston. This is a walkable community and this is one place where you can raise your kids as there are lots of safe places for kids to play.

4. West University Place

West University Place is one of the safest neighbourhoods in Houston that has a place for young professionals and it provides residents with easy access to big city amenities while retaining a small-town atmosphere. There were lots of local boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops, there is local nightlife and lots of events that happens in this neighbourhood. This place is more ideal for young professionals than families and the crime rate is about 46% lower than the state average.

5. Sugar Land

The name implies Sugar Land is a place for entertainment and a place that has so many amenities including an abundance of shopping centres, golf courses, hiking trails, biking paths, cultural arts programs and natural history museums. Sugar Land has everything from fun and family outings, there is so much to do here in Sugar Land and this is one family-friendly place. Although little theft and burglary are happening in this neighbourhood the crime rate is still very low.

6. Galena Park

This is a walkable neighbourhood that is close to the riverfront. It is located roughly 16 minutes from the city centre and this is an ideal location for early-morning commuters. This neighbourhood has an abundance of museum and theatre districts and this gives this area a more cultural atmosphere. Most of the crimes in this neighbourhood involve burglary and theft but overall this neighbourhood is considered safe.

7. Kingwood

If you are a nature lover, then this is the best neighbourhood that is considered safe. Kingwood is considered peaceful and loving, there are local shade trees, including towering pines and beautiful magnolias that are available for residents of this community. Hiking and biking trails can be found all around the local woodland areas and lakes which makes it a perfect residence for folks who enjoy an active lifestyle. The crimes in this neighbourhood are very low and this place is known as one of the safest neighbourhoods in Houston.

8. Downtown Houston

Downtown Houston is one of those neighbourhoods that attracts residents from all walks of life. There are lots of restaurants, bars and shopping centres, theatre parks and so many more. There is always something new to taste and experience in this neighbourhood and there are many young vibrant professionals in this place as well. You can raise a family in this neighbourhood as it is safe and there is so much that one can do over here.

9. Friendswood

If you prefer to look a little further from downtown then Friendswood is the ideal location that one could stay in. Central to several major airports, deep water ports, main roads, and railways, Friendswood offers residents all the accessibility of Houston without that cramped, inner-city feel. There are so many educated residents in this neighbourhood and so many young person’s here as well.

When it comes to a thriving and booming community Friendswood is the perfect place for anyone to live. the overall crime rate is 75% lower than the Texas average and this is made possible through initiatives from local law enforcement.

10. Westbranch

Westbranch is one of those small neighbourhoods that is known to have so many points of interest and this is one of those places that is suitable for young people and families to stay. There is so much here that you can do and so much that you will enjoy in this neighbourhood.


In a very busy city like Houston, you don’t expect it to be all that safe. This is why it is important that you have an idea of the environment or the place that you have decided to settle in> it is advisable that you make adequate research on the neighbourhood before you move in.