Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Detroit (2023)

Detroit is a mixture of waterfront parks, food, shopping, cars and entertainment. If you are a lover of nightlife then this city is one that you will love to visit and live in. Detroit is the largest city in Michigan with a population of 632,464 residents. It has been nicknamed to be the “Motor City” and it is the best place for Motown Records.

There are so many things that are needed to know about this amazing city and although the crime rate is high due in part to financial and administrative challenges faced by public services in the recent past there are some neighbourhoods that are safe and family-friendly as well.

Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Detroit (2023)

1. Berkley

This neighbourhood that is located in Oakland County in the state of the U.S. it has a small population of about 15,085 and it is home to many budding artists. The crime rate in Berkley is very low and many of the residents in this neighbourhood own their homes. This neighbourhood is known to have a social support system which is very strong in community and many homeowners are known to have a good educational background.

Schools in Berkley are known to have a good rate of proficiency than the overall average of the state. If you are planning to raise a family in a good community then this is a nice neighbourhood that anyone can live in. it is family-friendly and the assurance of your kids attending good schools and growing up in a stable environment is sure.

2. Grosse Pointe

Grosse Pointe provides a quiet atmosphere and it is one of those neighbourhoods where the crime rate is very low. It has a reasonable commute to the city and anywhere and they are some of the best schools in the state. This neighbourhood is full of older colonial homes and the real estate is known as some of the most expensive in the city but this does not mean that there are no affordable homes for families who are interested to live in this neighbourhood. Some sidewalks are provided for kids and families to walk throughout the area and there are lots of club-only member establishments in this area.

3. Bloomfield Hills

This is an ideal location for young families. Bloomfield Hills is known as one of the safest neighbourhoods in Detroit and there are so many amazing schools in that environment. There is a local school system and quick access to outdoor fun. Bloomfield Hills is a perfect location for anyone ready this is a place that is very family-friendly that has all the basic facilities and outdoor fun.

4. Palmer Woods

Palmer Woods has a very small population compared to other neighbourhoods in Detroit. This neighbourhood has a greenspace and it is filled with big houses like mansions, some famous people have lived in Palmer Woods before and this neighbourhood is very safe compared to other parts of the city. There are approximately 295 homes in this neighbourhood and it is family-friendly.

5. Corktown

Corktown is known as the oldest extant neighbourhood in the city. This neighbourhood has lots of history as it has been in existence for a very long time now. Many Irish people are known to have lived in this neighbourhood in the early days and there are still tons of Irish business that has been available to date. There are many new homes in this neighbourhood and to date, it has been able to retain some Irish businesses.

6. Rivertown

This is known as one of the best neighbourhoods in the city and this is due to the beauty, the infrastructure and so many things that are added to it. Everything a neighbourhood need can be found in Rivertown and this is a result of the design. There are homes for families which are affordable, it has a river walk as a backyard, craft cock tail bars, food trucks, elegant restaurants, former warehouses that have been converted into chic lofts and so many more. There are so many things to do nearby and there are so many restaurants and outdoor fun activities that you can participate in.

7. Midtown

When it comes to elegant restaurants, bars and clubs Midtown has it all. This is a place that is known as Home to the majority of Detroit’s cultural gems, Wayne State University and a revitalized retail and restaurant district, Midtown has quickly grown into a stop for tourists and locals alike to grab a five-star meal before a show or spend the night bar-hopping between old dives and new patios. This is a very cool place for anyone to stay in and this is a neighbourhood that is filled with shopping and various food options.

8. Downtown

This is one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Detroit that supports lots of walking experiences. It is a family-friendly neighbourhood that has so many affordable homes and it is known for its automotive heritage. Detroit is also referred to as Motown, based on the recording label Motown Records. There is so much fun Downtown and there are so many places of interest that anyone would be interested in.

9. West Side Industrial

This neighbourhood in Detroit is known to have a low crime rate and various new homes are available for sale. Many points of interest are available in this place and there are restaurants, things to do nearby and so many activities that go on here.

10. Marina District

This is a neighbourhood in Detroit with a population of 658 residents. Many residents in this neighbourhood own their homes and living here gives you that suburban feel that is needed.


There are so many safe neighbourhoods that are located in Detroit and the homes here are affordable. Detroit is a city that is filled with crime and this does not mean that there are no safe neighbourhoods where you can raise a family.