Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Charlotte NC (2023)

Charlotte NC is located in the Piedmont region and it is known as the most populous city to live in the U.S. state of North Carolina. This city is known to have numerous organizations and healthcare facilities that are top-notch. Charlotte NC has been recognized as one of the best places to live in the United States and this has brought about so many people and they are all coming for different reasons.

Homes/apartments in Charlotte NC are not very cheap, though some are a bit expensive the main issue is your safety. Online magazines have stated that the reason why Charlotte NC is one of the best is due to the city’s “own culture, culinary sophistication and unique feel” as the primary reasons people choose to settle down here.

Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Charlotte NC (2023)

1. Dilworth

This is an area that has a tree run-through line on all the streets with nice restaurants and loving people. Dilworth is known as the safest neighbourhood in Charlotte NC. It is connected to the city centre by the first electric streetcar. It is known for its twisted roads, oak trees, sidewalks, porches, bungalows, Queen Anne architecture and the city’s largest hospital. There is a lot for you to enjoy in Dilworth and it is very safe as well so you do not have anything to worry about.

2. Fourth Ward

In Fourth Ward, there are so many things that you could do nearby. This is one of the neighbourhoods in Charlotte NC that has charming walkable streets with cosy restaurants. There is so much that you would like Forth Ward for and it is a family-friendly environment. There are so many places you could visit in Fourth Ward that could serve as a source of outdoor recreation would include; the Music Factory complex which contains low-key bars, and comedy clubs. There is also the Filmore music venue which hosts so many interactive educational exhibits, IMAX theatre. There are gardens and peaceful pathways where one could sit around this neighbourhood.

3. Hermitage Court

Hermitage Court was developed in the 1920s and was designed by a nationally acclaimed architect at that time. It boasts some of the oldest homes in the neighbourhoods and over the years this place has improved with time. There are so many new houses in Hermitage Court though a bit expensive it is better because of the safety.

4. Plaza Midwood

Plaza Midwood is known as one of the most diverse neighbourhoods in Charlotte NC. It comprises people from different races and beliefs and the crime rate in this place is low compared to other neighbourhoods in North Carolina. There are funky shops, art galleries, tattoo parlours, vintage clothes shops and so much more. This is a neighbourhood that has a strong community feel and in this one place, many neighbours know each other by their names. A family-oriented environment that will make you feel safe and comfortable once you move in.

5. Wilmore Local Historic District

Wilmore Local Historic District is located in Southwest downtown Charlotte NC. This neighbourhood is representative of the classic bungalow style of home and it embraces the idea of single-family neighbourhoods. There are industrial buildings, churches, apartments and so many others that would make the neighbourhood unique and nice.

6. Cornelius

This is a suburban town that is located along Lake Norman in Charlotte NC. It has a population of over 20,000 with much-reduced crime rates compared to other neighbourhoods around. It is known as a destination for lake fun as there are so many activities that one can engage in like boat jets, lakeside parks, jet skis, paddle boats, waterfront restaurants and many more.

7. Davidson

Davidson is a very charming neighbourhood. It is a suburb in the Charlotte metropolitan area and this place is family oriented. The main street of Davidson offers a variety of shops, restaurants, wide sidewalks and a public library. The town is proud to be pedestrian and bicycle friendly.

8. Elizabeth

This neighbourhood is known as the harbour of hospitality. The Museum of the Albemarle, The Center at Arts of the Albemarle, Port Discover Hands-on Science Center and one of the largest U.S. Coast Guard air stations in the Continental United States. This city is making waves and has had an increasing population over the years, there are homes and apartments available that are suitable for single people or those with families. This is one of the best neighbourhoods in Charlotte NC and it is very safe. The homes are a bit expensive but every money spent is worth it.

9. Huntersville

Huntersville is a large neighbourhood in North Carolina with over 60,000 residents. It is home to diverse attractions and entertainment shopping and natural parks. Getting a home in this neighbourhood is one that you would enjoy and this is a very family-friendly environment with so much that you will be able to do. Most residents own their homes in Huntersville and there are lots of parks available and other points of interest.

10. Matthews

Matthews is known for its offering of events, first-rate parks and recreational amenities. You can fish, hike and bike in Matthews and there is so much that you can do there if you are a lover of arts and culture. There is something always happening in Matthews and you can use this opportunity to connect to those around you or even know about the neighbours and the environment you are in. getting a home or an apartment in Matthews is affordable.


The crime rate in Charlotte NC is a bit high and this is due to so many reasons as we all know it is a very big city. Some neighbourhoods are safe enough to raise a family or even live a good life over there though a bit pricey it is worth the money. We have given you the safest neighbourhoods in Charlotte NC and hope you will be able to find your dream home.