Educate a man and you will be taking a criminal off the street. Education is a great tool for recreating a man’s mind into thinking rationally and making the right decisions. It builds people. Despite having this knowledge, there are a lot of problems facing education in Nigeria, bringing up this post on the problems of education in Nigeria and their solutions. Please note that the problems are vast, we would only try to touch on some key aspects, with the hope that if these areas are solved, it will soften all other areas of education in our glorious country.

Problems of Education In Nigeria And Their Solutions

  • Lack of Fund

One of the major problems facing education in Nigeria is funding. The finances that are injected into the educational system is relatively low. According to statistics from 1997 and 2000, the expenses of the government for education was below 10% of the government’s budget. They don’t give much concentration into the education sector. In order to witness real growth in the educational system, there has to change as regards funding. The government has to pump money into the educational sector to ensure the development and upgrade of the sector.

Educate a man and you will be taking a criminal off the street

  • Lack of Responsibility & Proper Management

Another problem the educational system is facing is the problem of responsibility and adequate management. Many of the primary and secondary schools in Nigeria are not fully being accounted for. None of the tiers of Government is ready to fully take up the duty of taking care of the schools. Therefore, for the educational sector to move on, the government has to take responsibility for these schools.

  • Knowledge Acquisition / Training & Instability of Teachers

Also, the other factor that is limiting the progress of the Nigerian education sector is the lack of continuous, periodical training and instability of teachers and lecturers. In many secondary and primary school, teachers are changed many times in a year. And in order to have a better educational system, there must be enough measures taken to ensure stability in the teaching staff and periodical training of teachers/lecturers is a must.

  • The Politicization of the System

Another challenge the educational sector is facing is the way some people politicize it. Many parents use their political office or influence to get students’ admission and even the teacher’s recruitment officers. This issue has crippled the development of the educational sector. So, unless people remain fair and stop politicizing the recruitment exercises the expected change will still be dangling in his face.

  • Indiscipline

Another problem that remains a canker-worm in the educational sector is indiscipline. Many students dabble in exam malpractice, others join secret cults. All these and a lot more should be eradicated because children are the leaders and future of Nigeria. When the future of Nigeria is not taken care of now, there won’t be any future at all.

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